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"We hypothesize that the members who went along with the spiritual detection squad died before they were able to send data..."

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Rafael Montez
Rafael Montez
Age Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Gender Male
Species Fukkatsu
Affiliation Escudo
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Team Escudo
Occupation Novena Escudo
Previous Occupation(s) Unknown

"Yes, I want it all! I want to have the complete collection!!!"
— Rafael Montez

"Dialectical materialism is not of course an eternal and immutable philosophy. To think otherwise is to contradict the spirit of the dialectic. Further development of scientific thought will undoubtedly create a more profound doctrine into which dialectical materialism will enter merely as structural material"

Rafael Montez is the Novena (9th) Fukkatsu in the Escudo, in the past he was a young Shinigami whose fond of collecting different souls and putting them to his collection. When he fell on one of Aizen's traps, he like the rest of the Escudo, was experimented upon and turned to a Vizard, but the process was unsuccessful, therefore, the inner hollow took control, years later, the Escudo Leader found him and turned him to a Fukkatsu, like the rest of the Escudo.