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Profundo Carteler (lit. Shallow Channel) is the E (Ae) Haciaparaje. He has blue hair and dark green eyes. He has a similar build to Grimmjow. Profundo wears a long sleeved coat with the letter E imprinted on the back. His mask remains lay as a necklace. He has sharp rows of teeth.


Cero- Like all Arrancar, Profundo is a master Cero user. He has an unusual dark green cero. He has the special ability to create animal shaped cero beasts.

Ressurection- Like all Arrancar, Profundo can use Ressurection, the Hollow version of Shikai

Sonido- Like all Arrancar Profundo can use, Sonido. He can move at super fast speeds. When using Sonido, he leaves a trail of green energy.

Hierro- He like all Arrancar, can use Hierro to harden his skin.

Zanpakuto Profundo's Zanpakutou has a black handle with two hooks on the hilt. The handle has a black thread fabric around it and a small blade. The release phrase is "Aflojar!" (Sink!).

Ressurection- In Ressurection, Profundo's arms are covered by long sleeves. His face is covered in a white mask with multiple holes in it. He gains a black garb with a cross on the back. He also has longer hair. His is much taller in ressurection, reaching at least 15 feet.

Ressurection Abilities- In Ressurection, he has the ability to fire streams of water from his mouth. He can also jump high and has an incredible strength. He is also super powerful with using Sonido, being one of the fastest Arrancar known to man, or Shingami.

Ressurection: Segunda Etapa- In his second state of Ressurection, his mask breaks and he gains half of a helmet with three eye holes. His hair grows extrmely long and changes to a black color. The long sleeves are gone and he just has long arms with three spiked fingers. His legs are as long as before and he has a thin boney tail.

Ressurection Segunda Etapa Abilities- In his second state, he is faster than the speed of light. He can no longer talk and justs gives off a high pitched moan which can send a chill down one's spine. He is at least 21 feet and has extreme fighting capabilities. He also can take most attacks due to his tought skin. His mouth cannot open and is stuck in a cynical smile.


.His personality is similar in many ways to Gin Ichimaru.

.He is the "E" Haciaparaje

.His only fraccion is his brother who's first name is unknown.


  • "Cynical..... no?"
  • "BLAAAAAH" (when looking at Renji's Bankai.
  • "Aflojar!"