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"We hypothesize that the members who went along with the spiritual detection squad died before they were able to send data..."

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Primer Consejo
Kanji 最初の評議会
English First Council
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
Headquarters Las Noches
Affiliation Hueco Mundo
Purpose Restoration of the old Hueco Mondo
Leadership of the Espada Afilado

The Primer Consejo (Spanish for "First Council"; 最初の評議会, Saisho no hyōgi-kai) are a faction of Vasto Lorde that wish to restore Hueco Mundo back to the dominant power it once was thousands of years ago. They are the leadership caste of the Espada Afilado, serving as the supreme commanders of the military forces. They also believe in the religion of Red Sun, but unlike cults who have shown rather extremist views, they show a more positive and humanistic approach to the culture. They are currently at ease with their former enemies, but it is unknown what relationships they have with other Arrancar factions within Hueco Mundo.


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