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After the meeting of the 10, only Uso and Sydonay remained left.

"That was a bad lie, Sydonay." started Uso, walking up the stairs to Sydonay's throne-liek seat. Sydonay, who remained below, bent on one knee, looking up at Uso. "Yes, I am sorry, Uso-heika." he pleaded, as if afraid should any form of punishment follow. Uso sat on the throne, looking down. "Soon... Soon, all of our goals will come true. And when they do, everything will be as it should." he declared.

Elsewhere. Suneku, being led by Seireitou, are walking through the tunnel system in Reiji Maigo.

"Sei-saaaama~" called out Asaka, who was stopping. "Can we take a break yeeeeeet?" she asked, tired of the endless journeying. Seireitou paid no heed to her request, walking still. Asaka narrowed her eyes, as the others continued following the man who was considerd their leader. "Sei-sama... Ever since then... Your Reiatsu is always fierce... It's never mellow, like it once was..." she thought sadly, following the others.

They all soon arrived, to a small gold pond. The water, was strangely gold in color. "Sage-sempai. Are you there?" Sei asked hastefully. Suddenly, a being walked out slowly from the water, wearing a large silk robe. The being looked at the Suneku members, and then at Sei. "What is it, Seireitou-kohai?" the being asked lazily. "You know damn well why I am here, Sage. I demand the knowledge of the Yhvh Key." he demanded, as the Suneku members looked on, sweating at the name of such a heavenly being. The Sage left one eye open, "The Yhvh Key? Why would I tell you whe-" he was cut off as Seireitou grabbed him by the neck. He held him up high, cutting off the man's air. "Now then, does this answer your question?" he retorted calmly. He was soon let go, as a golden portal with white arches opened up slowly. "I happen to be the key, thank you very much... Do be more delicate with me..." the Sage proclaimed, rubbing his neck. Seireitou looked into the portal, "There we are... Now then... It is time to dethrone God." he declared, as Suneku entered the portal, as it closed instantly, shattering into small glitter.

Suneku is heading for Heaven! What does Sei mean by "dethroning God"?! And what of the Kinenbuke?! And even the mysterious Uso has set his plans into motion! The foundations of the universe will be shook, as three groups make their move. Next Time, Until my Eyes Open!

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