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Patch is a human, who -due to insane experiments and torture- have achieved the Daibutsu State. He is involved in the prison break-out of Hamano Takumi.


Patch was first revealed when he, along with his team of fellow Daibutsu State humans, forcibly entered the Soul Society by unknown measures, to find and summon the Sokyoku. Patch then reveales that their true goal was to free Hamano Takumi, an S-classed criminal who used to be a Captain of the Gotei 13. He leaves his team as guards at different points in the prison, while he personally freed Takumi.

Abilities and Weapons[]

Hand-to-hand Combatant: Patch is a very formidable opponent due to his skill in martial arts, which he use together with his Daibutsu Markings, making him a fearsome opponent.

Speed and Agility: One of the most agile and fastest of his team, Patch's nickname "The Demon" not only comes from his ability to seemingly turn into one, but also his adept physical skills -using his incredible skill while having the ultimate defense and claws of his Daibutsu Markings makes him an unstoppable force.

Daibutsu State

Patch is one of the five only humans capable of this "upgrade". It makes the subject more susceptible to Reiatsu, and then uses Reiatsu collected from Shinigami and Hollows to increase the inner power of the human, thus turning him or her into a Daibutsu State Human.

Reiatsu: As a Daibutsu State Human, Patch has an incredible amount of Reiatsu, shown to be the second greatest in his group. Due to it being a mix of Hollow- Shinigami and human-reiatsu, it is very frightening and strange, not following the same pattern as most do. Patch's Reiatsu has a dark red color, and behaves very much like light, creating large surges of energy to intimidate opponents, while seeming completely harmless at other times.

Daibutsu Marking[]


Patch's demon form

Patch's main power is focused in his eyes, which is usually unseen, but when agitated or emitting his ferocious Reiatsu, his eyes glow red, and the sclera darkens. While in this state, he seems to have ehanced eyesight, since he deliberately activated it to see far away.

  • "Demon Form": Patch has the ability to make his Reiatsu harden around him, creating an exterior layer of almost impenetratable skin which both greatly enhances his defensive skills but also allows him to make more powerful attacks. While in this form, he takes a very feral appearance, with large teeth, white, bright-glowing eyes and red markings over his whole body. He can use this on specific parts, such as his arms or legs, or on his whole body (though this requires more Reiatsu, and seems to require some kind of emotional activation). When used on his hands or feet, it also creates some kind of claws which allows him tor rip apart his opponents. Also, due to it being composed only out of Reiatsu, it does not weigh much at all, allowing Patch to fight as before (though with near-impenetratable armor).