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Kanji 天国
Notable Locations Heavenly Realm

Paradiso (Italian for “Paradise” 天国, Tengoku; Japanese for “Kingdom of Heaven”)....... This is to be releaved by the end of the Valhalla Tournement.


Paradiso is a heavenly realm that serve as a paradise for souls. Unlike the Soul Society once as soul as been sent here they cannot be forced to leave and dying doesn't remove you from the realm. This means if a soul is killed in Paradiso the soul will be revive no matter how injuried.

Paradiso is one of the most divine places in all of creation. The Reishi that makes up all of the land is of the most divine kind and the water is made of natural Philosophy energy. The main reason it is called Paradiso is that it is nearly impossible to force one's way there. There are four main reasons. One being that a strong force of Reason flows around outside of this realm. The second reason is also part of the first one, creatures of Reason called the Yūreiyushi seem to live around it. However, due to a Philosophy ocean surrounding the land, they are unable to go there. The third reason is that like the Kyuuten no Souzou, it is not connected to the Dangai. The fourth and last reason is that due to the divine Reishi and Philosophy any demonic or evil being will be purified completely.

History and Nature[]

Unlike the heavenly world of the Kyuuten no Souzou which predates time, Paradiso was a natural creation at the Origins of time. Despite Kings like the King of the Kosumosukihakus able to go there, they all made an agreement. To never openly control this realm. The Kings can allow for others to be saved and sent there but may not remove anyone inside of it. As well they may not use it like a base for war unless all four Kings agree to it. Inside of Paradiso everyone is equal and has a right to live there.

Souls that are sent there can never leave by force. Even if a soul is killed or dies there, they will instantly revived. As well in Paradiso one can make themselves, look as they want. However that is only for residents not quests. Another thing is that anyone there can make the temperature as they want on their bodies only. Meaning if it too hot they can the temperature around them colder.

Locations Within Paradiso[]

Santuario: The most holy place in all of Paradiso. This place is the base for the Squadra Divino. Like the ocean of Philosophy Santuario is made of Philosophy. Only few species are allowed in Santuario, Amatsuotome Sōzōshin, Raifutenshi, and Kosumosukihaku. Even soul residents cannot go there. Certain people like Masanori Kawahiru have earned their right to stay and allow others in the Santuario.


Despite having mean similar aspects, Paradiso is not a perfect realm like "Heaven" in Catholic religion. Paradiso is one of many Heavenly realms one of the most gentle and protected.