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Otomori Kokoro
Age 18
Birthdate January 17th
Height 1.85 m
Weight 170 lbs
Gender Male
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Soul Society
Team Squad 11
Previous Team Squad 8
Occupation 4th Seat, Squad 11
Previous Occupation(s) 8th Seat, Squad 8

The Kokoro Family

Otomori Kokoro is a Shinigami of the Eleventh Division and holds it's Fourth Seat.


Gigai Otomori

Otomori's Gigai

Grey hair, blue eyes, the standard Soul Reaper outfit and is normally carrying his Zanpakuto in his hands.


Training arc

Academy Training

As all Soul Reapers, he went to the Soul Reaper Academy. He was quickly on the top of his class, thanks to his great talents as a Soul Reaper. During the training in killing Hollows, his teacher put him in command for a moment, when he had to find a missing student. As the teacher left, the group was attacked by a group of Hollows. Otomori tries to defend against them, like most other Soul Reaper there, but is easily cut down, leaving a great scar on his shoulder and upper-arm. Soon after, some other teachers arrives and saves them. Later, he ends up as 8th Seat of Squad 8. And later, as 4th Seat Squad 11.

Achieving Shikai

Powers & Abilities

Vast Spiritual Energy: His spiritual pressure is great enough to blow a really low-ranked officer away, as he on purpose lets it out to let Hollows come to him.

Flash Steps User: Otomori is a Flash Step user above average, and beneath Captain.

Swordsmanship Specialist: Otomori shows a great proficiency in wielding his zanpakuto. He is using his zanpakuto to solve every problem that hits him.


Sutorecchi is a melee-type zanpakuto that Otomori wields.


Otomori using Shikai

The spirit of Sutorecchi resembles a great black dragon, and Otomori calls him "blacky" as a result. Sutorecchi is portrayed as strong and very mysteriously. When Otomori first gains Sutorecchi, his zanpakutō is a standard Japanese long sword, with a standard sized blade and an equally normal sheathe on his side, with a black handle, and rectangular tsuba.

  • Shikai: When Surotecchi's in shikai form the blade is crystal and blue and and an orange handle. By simply saying "Kill", the blade stretches out, turning blue and crystal. As an attack, it starts gaining heat inside the crystal blade, burning whatever the blade touches.


  • Screw You!
  • Cut the Crap!
  • I didn't do it, so don't bother telling me!
  • Eat shit ass hole!
  • I can't do that because bye
  • You did not know what pain was until today!!!
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