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"Fear is necessary for evolution. The fear that one could be destroyed at any moment. Thank you, Gin. Thanks to your efforts, I have finally risen to an existence that surpasses both Shinigami and Hollow."

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Onmyo jutsu
Notable Members Rihan Ishikawa
Primary Power Onmyōjutsu
Signature Techniques Shikigami

The Onmyōji (陰陽師, Shamans; literally meaning "Yin-Yang Masters") are spiritually active Humans who are able to utilize their Reiryoku to create barriers and seals to send Spirits to the afterlife, purify or completely destroy them. Due to their knowledge of astrology they can also predict the future. They use Reiryoku-enhanced talismans with spells and formulae written on them as well as animated guardians called Shikigami. Onmyōji are the polar opposites of Togabito.


The Onmyōji is the name for humans who use spiritual power to combat Spirits and Yōkai. They are known for summoning shikigami, chanting mantras, and utilizing various techniques called Onmyōjutsu. 




Abe no Seimei


The Onmyōji follow the teachings of Onmyōdō (陰陽道, Light-and-Shadow Path; literally meaning "The Way of Yin and Yang"), a traditional esoteric cosmology, a mixture of natural science and occultism. Onmyōdō is a spiritual path that triest of find a personal balance with the world. It deals with divination, astrology, alchemy, and exorcism. It states that there is no being purely good or purely evil; each living thing has a certain amound of light and darkness inside and only the person's way of life can determine which of those will prevail. 


To cleanse impure souls and perform exorcisms on people and objects, the Onmyōji use a large variety of techniques known as Onmyōjutsu (陰陽術, Light-and-Shadow Techniques; literally meaning "Yin-Yang Techniques"). This spells and techniques deals mostly with summoning and performing banishments on souls, rarely requiring the caster to participate in a fight.

Basic Onmyōjutsu Techniques

Metsu (全滅, Obliteration; literally meaning "Anihilation"): Basic Onmyōjutsu spell used to damage and destroy Hollows, Togabito and other negative Souls. It requires very little amount of Reiryoku, no chanting and one simple gesture so it's often a first step in Onmyōjutsu practice. It works perfectly on weaker souls and yōkai.

Baku (縛, Restriction; literally meaning "Binding"): Simple technique which influences target's Reiryoku, preventing them from moving.

Geki (撃退, Reflection; literally meaning "Repel"): Basic barrier spell, used to repel incoming attacks back to the opponent or absorb it completely. Similar to the previous techniques, this one also is perfect for the beginning of training as it requires very little Reiryoku and no chanting whatsoever.

Shikigami Creation: Every Onmyōji can create their own Shikigami familiars which have various purposes from becoming weapons, restricting targets or carrying messages and being household servants. More powerful Shikigami can look and act like humans or other beings.


Barriers & Seals Creation:

Advanced Onmyōjutsu Techniques

Talisman Creation:

Elemental Control:

Demon Weapon Creation:

Shikigami Conversion:

Rare Onmyōjutsu Techniques

Multiple Shikigami Control:

Shikigami Fusion:

Independent Shikigami Control:

Onmyōji Items

  • Ofuda: Paper talismans with formulae inscribed on them, used in various effects (i.e. forming barriers, sealing, summoning elements etc.).
  • Shakujō:
  • Shikigami:

Twelve Sacred Generals

Main article: Twelve Sacred Generals

The name given to twelve the most powerful Onmyōji in the country. 

Known Onmyōji


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