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Omoiki (Mind Skill スキルマインド ) is a Shinigami technique, used by the Omnitsukido. It involves creating illusionary techniques and mind tricks to lure the target into a false sense of mind. The abilities each can have a different effect on the target, taking on different spiritual appearances.

Known Abilities[]

1.Mind Eye

  • Description- The user will cast a black misty illusion over the area, and cause the target to see multiple eyes glaring at them. The eyes reflect the targets life sins back at them, usually putting them into a state of depression or shock.
  • User- Most Omnitsukido members

2.Immortal Chains

  • Description- The user will cast this technique by first stabbing their Zanpakuto into the ground. Who ever watches this, will quickly believe they are in a world with a red sky and are bound by chains. Suddenly, multiple blades will shoot from the ground and rip through their abdomen.
  • Users- Unknown

3.Hanging Ambitions

  • Description- The user will stab their target, quickly putting him/her into the illusion. They will believe that a noose lays on their neck and that they stand on a chair. If they were to look around, they would see a white room with a single picture in the corner. The face of who is in the picture is covered by a glare. In reality, the user would behead his/her target.
  • Users- Koumori Hinpatsu


  • Description- The caster will press their palm against the target, putting them into the illusion. The one in the illusion will see a "wake" going on, followed by people crowding around a coffin. Inside the coffin, is the one being casted upon. They believe they are dead and watching their own funeral.
  • Users- Unknown