Okami (Wolf)


The blade turns into blade that resembles Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga.

Shikia Abilities

  • Kage Bakuha (Shadow Blast)

The Kage Bakuha is a charged blast(bakuha). It is powered by furry and anger. The more you are furious and angry, the stronger it is. Do to the fact that it is very hectic and wild, it can only be used in in open areas(deserts, beaches, plains, etc.). The attack can finish a hollow depending on the hollow's size and Hinote's anger and furry. Since he is angry all the time, it is at its full power.

  • Suterusu Tsuppari (Stealth Thrust)

The Suterusu Tsuppari is one of easiest ways to kill enemies. It can easily penetrate enemies flesh, armor, etc. Do to the speed of the attack, it is unseen. Though it has one backfire. If the enemy notices it before the blade hits them, the attack will go straight forward into any object at highs peed, and injure Hinote. The attack is used mostly for hollows, but may still be used on anyone.

  • Kiba Kujiku (Fang Crush)

Kiba Kujiku is a air attack. It is a powerful downward slash on the enemy. The blade turns black with energy, while hitting the enemy, its releases the energy, sending the enemy to the ground covered in black pressurized energy.

Kurai Unari (Dark Howl)

Kurai Unari, the strongest and last attack of the Shikia form of Okami. It is used purely from hatred, anger, and rage. WIth all of these elements, it can deliver a pain so hurtful, that it may seem as the hell is has decided to drop by. The blade turns black and glows with a purple aura. It pulsates red energy. It is released as soon as it hits the enemy. Once then, it fires out, breaking anything in its way. The attack slice's through the enemies soul and flesh(if they have flesh). A loud wolf howl is made as it release. The attack can not be stopped and will keep going until Hinote's energy is depleted. Do to its need of darkness, its massive power will be at its fullest at night. Though it can't be stopped, it still can be dodged. It is as the size of a bus. Dodging it would would be like dodging a bus at the speed of 50-90mph depending on Hinote's hatred, anger, and rage. The enemy has to be able to think quickly to evade the attack.


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