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The Mark of Oblivion

Oblivion is a plane of Hell governed by Bael and his Demonic Empire. Bael governs it as a complete dictatorship, all resources and authority going directly to him. He can manipulate virtually everything within this realm, including it's atmosphere and very environmental conditions, which he keeps at hazardous as a testiment to his nature.


The one thing that Oblivion is noted for is it's laws, or lacking thereof. Bael makes chaos and torment Oblivion's only law, as well as his entertainment. It has a Patriarchal society in which women usually tend to be servants and slaves, and very rarely are noticed as more than mere objects to be used and shown off. Regardless, women are aloud to serve in Bael's Gladiatorial Arena since everyone is aloud to though these women tend to be very barbaric and masculine, not allowing any feminicity to give male combatants ideas. Bael personally surrounds himself with women as mere sex-slaves or trophies, his palace being filled with lustful, mindless dolls.

Regardless of authority, Bael does treat males worse when it comes to punishment as he does females. Because they can serve as sex slaves, females have a chance at escaping torture. Since Bael is heterosexual, men don't have the courtesy. However, Bael does give leniencies to particular, noteworthy people if they have impressed or entertained him enough. Some may even have the higher honour of becoming a Hell-Hunter or, in rarer cases, a Cardinal.


Residents of Oblivion generally speak Oblivios, the native Demonic language of the realm. While most note how mythological it sounds when spoken (like an Elf from Lord of the Rings, for instance), speakers tend to regard it as a refined form of speech. Bael himself is very fluent with it, though it is unknown if he himself created the language or not.


Bael, undisputedly, is the head of Oblivion's prided military (along with everything else.) Below him are the Cardinals, a group of seven enhanced Demons serving directly under Bael himself. These Cardinals command what Bael doesn't feel need to, such as the Hell-Hunter Corps, a division of warriors who have sold their souls to Bael or accepted his power. They wield the Hell-Blade Zanpakuto as well as other advanced technology devised by Oblivion's leading research facility and Bael himself. Below them are what most natives of Oblivion call "Rlifsz", or Grunts. Lower than that is Bael's most-used and personal favourite type of employment: Familiars. He summons forth a sea of himself, producing waves of Zombified servants, corpses who attack en masse. While they are easy to cut apart, they are not quick to be killed or dispatched and due to their large numbers, require a well-organized and powerful force to combat them.