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This is a Part Two of the RP: Newborn Disaster.

Bad Parents![]

Adalina was up in her room with Shiro; it was awfully noisy downstairs... what was going on? She was just about ready to go downstairs and investigate what the parents were doing...

Tristeza was on her way to help them avoid the horrid sight.

"How does it look now....?"

Shiro, in order to pass the time, had taken up on coloring and finishing up on the picture she had been so willing to start up before with so much passion. Her voice, even as she questioned the other girl, was quite dry and seemingly indifferent as she held it up for Adalina to see. It wasn't that she didn't care for her opinion - it was just that she was unwilling to put such an emotion into her voice. What was the point? It wasn't as if she was happy or anything....

However, she too had been curious of the noise downstairs. Last time she had checked.... all of the adults had been down there, before she had been taken out of it by Adalina. What could they possibly be doing now....?

Adalina smiled, "Your doing good." She made sure to take in the details, "You'll always get better with practice."

Tristeza used her Sonido, to vanish to the center of Adalina's room, "Hey Kids, Tereya and Nori are busy downstairs, and can't be disturbed, so get your drawing stuff, and you can finish in the library." Library being the other term for the off-set living room.

No surprise was shown in Tristeza's sudden appearance.

However, Shiro did turn her gaze towards the woman, her eyes partially being shadowed over by her appearance. At the moment, it seemed like a rather eerie stare to be looking into, and it emphasized what she was feeling at the moment. "Why can't we finish here....?" She asked quietly. "We like working in Adalina's room...." Her tone showed meekness.... but her words showed obvious defiance. It was even enhancing her curiosity....

"If your promise to stay in here. If you come out... let's just say it won't be preety." Tristeza pointed directly at Adalina, "That means you miss priss."

Bailarin glanced to Senkaku who was still sitting on the floor. "You ever punish your team?" "And I don't mean your corny jokes." It was an insult, and question to if he did. After all, she just punished Tristeza...

After a scoff to the supposed "insult" (yes, he could safely admit he wasn't that funny and would never amount to the comedians on TV), Senkaku gained a rather serene expression on his face, eyes half-lidding as he thought back to his "team". "Not at all." He answered. "I'm not one who would immediately go for declaring judgment on someone even if they were declared "guilty". And even if I did, there wasn't much reason to do so. Everyone cooperated with each other, so I didn't see the need. Why do you ask?"

"A question of philosophy I guess." "Not saying their kids, and nor would I ever. But, if you don't make judgements, do you atleast make the calls? Or do others do of their own accord?" Another question, after all... if he was leader, he should act like it. Otherwise...

If his group kept growing, they'd walk all over him like a worn-out rug.

However, this seemed to make Senkaku a little bit more irritated, his arms folding across his chest. "Does it matter?" He asked - though unknowingly to him, a little bit more forcefully then he should have. "I'm no leader anymore. There is no team. Now we're just a bunch of ragtag wanderers sticking together for the hell of it. That's all there is to it."

"No need to get so defensive, I'm just warning you." "Your group's been growing... they'll look to somebody, and that somebody is you, just saying, sometimes you have to play the leader so others won't lose that respect." Bailarin finished, "Otherwise, I like the sound of the way your doing things."

Tristeza vanished back into the room with a Sonido... leaving Adalina to draw. She trusted them not to go downstairs, but this was... iffy.

It was times like this that Senkaku disliked having himself being put on the spot. "With all due respect, they don't need me to be their eyes." He retorted firmly, with a slight chopping motion of the hand in order to emphasize his point. "Each and everyone of them has proven themselves capable of handling themselves in such situations. They don't need a leader for that."

"Alright, alright. No need to get your panties in wad, Senny-boy." She offered the condoning tone just for effect. "My days of fighting are long gone, I don't think I've trained or had a battle since the Tournament... give or take a whole chunk of years." She rubbed the back of her neck, "So forgive me if I forgot about the ethic of leading a Team or such."

Tristeza glanced to Bailarin; yet again, the thought hit her mind, it had been too long since she had fought! She was growing restless from this mundane life. She wanted to move, she wanted to fight!

She wanted to live like a warrior again! But, Tristeza knew it was over with the years gone. She had a wife; and a child. Commitments. "Ah."

Senkaku remained silent at that statement - at least for a moment. Then, with a mutter of "Hmph...." He pulled his legs closer to himself, resting his arms on top of his knees. He thought about it - had he shown some leadership? When Nnoitra had acted rogue and assaulted Ggio, Loly, and Menoly, he had allowed it because he believed Nnoitra would simply get himself in trouble for his actions. Had that been some form of "punishment"? Did they actually see to him as a leader....?

Hermosa, on the other hand, was in thought of her own. The ripples in Tristeza's own spiritual energy were proving to be results of her restlessness. She placed the tip of her thumb to her bottom lip in thought. She wanted to help... but, how? The only way she could see was push Tristeza to leave her family life, and the consequences for such were very clear. If not that... then, perhaps a bit of an escape? She decided to try it out.

"Say, Desgaste-san...."

It took a few moments before the words caught her attention. "Huh? Oh, yes, Hermosa-chan?" Her eyes going directly to the blind girl. What was she wanting to ask? Anything from the past to the future came to mind... maybe clothes... she honsetly didn't know what the blind Arrancar would ask.

Bailarin took her seat on her love-seat once again, grasping a small book to read. Atleast she had good eye-sight. But, Tristeza had always said she looked hotter in glasses. Typical, she knew what Tristeza really meant by that.

"Would you care if we had a chance for a rematch later on?" Hermosa asked carefully, as if what she was asking was an everyday thing. However, she wasn't feeling nervous about it - if the woman said no, then fair enough. If she said yes, she'd say yes. However, this immediately caused Senkaku to look up, eyes widened slightly as if what she had just asked was insane.

Wishing You Good Luck, and Preparations[]

She'd love to.

Tristeza nodded, if not excitedly, "That sounds fantastic!" A grin on her face, one could easily confuse themselves wondering why she got gleeful at the sound of bloodshed or combat.

Batalla was getting ready at the Serenata household, dressing up for the Restuarant, and for Mitsune. As she put the dark red hair-band in her hair, she frowned at the way it restrained all the length of her locks and bangs... Even the black lipgloss and black masquera was gone... after all, she wanted to look pretty for Mitsune.

Maybe... just this once.

"Wonderful...." Hermosa commented, allowing a small smile of her own to cross her countenance. "When would be most appropriate?"

"Anytime sounds fair, how about as soon as possible, say... today?" She offered a still smile, waiting for her future-combatant's response.

Bailarin was surprised at the offer... just as Senkaku was.

"That would be good." Hermosa confirmed, closing her eyes and giving a nod in the woman's direction.

Mitsune looked nervously at all of Batalla's clothing. The girl was a little... older than she was, so naturally, most of her clothing wouldn't fit Mitsune... If she could just find some clothes from when she was younger! Pushing her way into the back of her closet, she found clothes Batalla no longer wore, and, like she expected, found a dress her size.

Simple purple with black highlights, the dress'd compliment her nicely. Though, she would have preferred something with a flower, or smiley face on it... But, then again, Mitsune didn't expect Batalla to have such clothing.

Batalla was almost finished, did she look good? Yes... Junto's voice popped her opinion in. Batalla took it as her own courage... She was now finished dressing, a black dress, with two horizontal dark orange stripes going across the frill. Panty hoes, along with some boots topped it off, she looked decent... after all, it wasn't like she was going to a wedding or a funeral.

Tristeza smiled to Hermosa, "Let's head outwards to the river or sea for our little display, with a quick Sonido, we could both be there in a few minutes..."

Mitsune finished immediately. She didn't really care much about her appearance... But she looked good enough, didn't she? Exited the room, she leaned against the door, waiting for Batalla to get there so they could leave.

"Very well...." The last of that sentence ended in a bit of a grunt, as Hermosa had lifted herself up out of the chair to stretch a little. It was both to awaken her muscles out of sitting in the chair for so long, and to prepare herself for what was to come. "But, of course, you will have to lead the wa--"

However, that was when Senkaku got up, walked behind her, and placed a hand on her shoulder, stopping her words in her tracks. However, when he allowed a firm squeeze to grasp that hand, she was aware it wasn't just something of encouragement. "A-actually, Tristeza-san..." He said, slightly sheepish. "Could you go on ahead? I'd like to speak with my partner here before I set her loose on ya."

Tristeza nodded, "Just follow my signature when your both done chit-chattin'." Looking to the ceiling she grinned... before vanishing with a Sonido, "Ciao!"

Bailarin looked to the two, she'd stay unless they stated otherwise...

Batalla exited her room, going to the living room, she glanced to Mitsune, she looked really... preety. Batalla stopped in her step, but, she was going to be smooth with her first date! "You look really good." A smile of her own forming.

"Th-thank you... You look pretty, too!... Without all the make-up on, I hardly recognize you." Mitsune replied, smiling a little from the compliment. If Batalla was expecting her to blush, it wouldn't be as easy as that.

"Bailarin-san...." Senkaku turned towards her direction, as well. "I'd prefer it if you could leave, as well. This is a private matter."

She offered the same lazy wave, appearing to vanish from her sitting position with a Sonido, the same good-bye given. "Ciao." She'd go to the guest room or something... she didn't know. Just -not- downstairs. The wild animals...

Batalla smiled to her, extending her hand to the girl, "Ready to go?" "We'll use Kogeru." She had demon blood in her as well; just like Mitsune. It was odd actually... the both of them.

Mitsune's smile grew wider. "I'm ready." With no hesitation, Mitsune took Batalla's hand, and held it tight. Her eyes stared at the older girl expectantly. She should have used it already.

Hermosa gave the man a quizzical glance, even as she allowed herself to turn towards him. "What seems to be the problem, Se--"

"What do you think you're doing?"

His tone surprised her, expressing nothing but annoyance and disapproval. "Aren't you aware of what happened last time?" He asked, in more of a demanding manner than anything. "Y'know, where Tristeza went all Segunda Etapa and you were like all "Aaaaah!" This immediately made Hermosa close her eyes and scowl at him, turning her head away for a moment. However, she was immediately forced to snap his gaze to him again when he raised his hands and grasped the sides of her shoulders (much to her surprise).

"Look, I just don't have it in me to see you get injured like that!" He hissed. "I already nearly lost you before I had the chance of meeting you.... and I thought Tristeza was going to kill you the first time! Couldn't you sense it! She's not going to let up on you just because of...whatever! If I have to witness the same thing happen again--"

This was where he was silenced - by a finger to his lips.

"Calm yourself, Senkaku...." Hermosa spoke, keeping a rather calm, but also a rather firm tone to her voice.... and even a hint of annoyance? "Rest assured, I am not one to make the same mistakes twice. Besides... things have changed. Desgaste is not under anyone's leadership.... particularly not of Isabella's. She had only done so because her leader had expected her to. Now that bond has been broken...."


"No buts. I know what I'm doing.... please trust me on this."

"...." Senkaku couldn't say anymore, but only let out a sigh of frustration. "Ugh, fine! Do whatever you want...." He relented in aggravation, letting go of her and turning away from her. Now, he was rendered helpless on the matter. Hermosa had decided her fate again... but what was he to do now? Keep away from the fight and be guilty of not showing encouragement, or go and risk temptation of interference? It was so frustrating to think about.... why, oh why, did this have to happen--

His thoughts were once again cut off.

His eyes widened, as a set of arms wrapped around his upper torso, giving him a tight squeeze. "Thank you." Hermosa whispered, smiling gently before letting go of him. "I promise not to fail you again...."

Her words were like flaming arrows to his stone cold heart. He relaxed a little, a bit more assured that Hermosa knew what she was doing. She was smart! She was able to handle her own in a fight! She didn't need him to hold her hand at all times! Though.... that would be great... "All right. I'm coming with you." He said finally, turning to face her and giving his own nod.

With that, they Sonido'd to the spot where Tristeza was.


Tristeza waited, rubbing the back of her head, she stood on the water, pacing herself. Counting the steps, measuring the field of the river... how far they could go, the amount of time. And noises could be heard much quicker over water... so Hermosa would have the advantage.

But, Tristeza compensated with speed. You used to... She hadn't trained in a long time, but, she had faith in her skills. After all, doubt got you nowhere; besides being killed. "Ah... come on now... what's got me so rattled?"

Unsheathing her Zanpakuto, she messed with it, playing with it as a toy in her hands. She knew what exactly to do in her last fight with the Blind Arrancar. Your the Hierro-Angel, show no fear, feel no doubt. Smiling, she had calmed herself... this would be perfect. Tristeza planned to let her instincts take control.

It was not so sooner that Senkaku and Hermosa stepped onto the scene.

As Hermosa set foot onto the waters, she grimaced slightly. The water was, at least upon the first touch, cold! She hoped movement would stimulate warmth... it would be a bit aggravating to fight and focus on the temperature of her footsoles at the same time. "You just had to pick this place, out of all places...." She noted in a slightly complaining manner, putting a hand onto her hip. "But, I suppose I can cope, at least for the moment...." She took note of the slight waves being made when the wind blew, the ripples she felt whenever she moved her feet evevn in the slightest manner. It would be to her advantage... and depending on the situation, she might not have to use her spiritual senses at all.


Tristeza grinned to her foe. "Are you ready?" She asked. She'd attack the moment she Hermosa said any of the 'yes' phrases. Training was meant to be intense, and Tristeza wouldn't hold back... Getting in a front stance, she perpared her sword infront of her, held vertically upward. The ripples underneath her feet signified her tense body... the wind barely blowing at all.

Hermosa's blind eyes gazed in the direction of Tristeza. As the bare winds blew, her hair billowed slightly, presenting a rather dramatic atmosphere in the stand-off. One of her hands came to rest on the hilt of her sheathed sword, and she allowed herself to slowly unsheath her weapon, the steel sparking slightly as it created friction against the sheath. Once it was completely out, she leveled the killing edge towards her foe with one hand, eyes in concentration. This would be a fight to see whether she had learned from her past mistakes or not. The outcome would ensure her progress.

Therefore, she couldn't lose this time.

"Ready when you are."

The First Moves[]

Snapping her Zanpakuto, a bladed steel fan open, serrated tips instead of folded paper... she grinned. "So, your ready, are y-" She vanished, stopping mid-sentence to appear directly behind the girl, a Sonido in use, she would test the noise and effectiveness of the girl first, what a thrill!

She was enjoying the rush.

Swiping the fan in a horizontal strike, she planned to sever the girl's muscles near the spine, or eat through the spine itself. A smile on her face, she grinned.

Fortunately, the blind Arrancar was prepared for it.

She allowed her ankles and legs to twist her body around in a pivot, her whole figure spinning in a total of two times. The first was out of the simple desire to dodge Tristeza's attack, avoiding immediately paralyzation or death by the ferocious blow made by her opponent. However, in the second time, her sword blade was flashing, the cutting edge racing towards Tristeza's face. If staying where she was, the blade would slice neatly through - and give the other woman some unwanted facial surgery. However, it was doubtful to say it would be that easy, even considering the speed of her turning.

Tristeza watched, curving her body, she allowed the strong blow to slam down the side of her arm, generating sparks as Zanpakuto met Hierro. As Hermosa's blade did so, she brought up her leg, sending it outward to crush into the rushing figure of her Blind friend's face. "Hehehe!"

It seemed as if the woman's Hierro still remained as strong as ever.

That would prove to be a problem - yet, she was confident it wasn't unsolvable.

Leaning to the side, Hermosa narrowly avoided her opponent's leg as it executed the kick, the wind the force behind it brought causing her hair to fly up slightly. Pulling one hand off of her sword in order to free it, she reached out and shoved the offending limb away from her in order to keep her opponent off-balance. Then, with her hand still on her sword, she swung upwards in order to once again attempt to slice through Tristeza's armor.

Tristeza watched nervously as her leg was tossed aside, off balance, she stumbled back, falling on her back and rear, she watched as the blade neared her indefensible position. Tristeza knew she had to move, but how?! A thought came to mind; she would propel herself. Grasping her fan, she charged it full of spiritual pressure, and blasted it in a wind-wave. Shoving her back across the water, and hopefully damaging Hermosa.


Once again, the slap of water against Hermosa's skin was a cruel reminder of what environment she was fighting under.

The wind wave slammed into her body, prompting the gasp from her as she fell back. She hit the water, causing mild splashes to erupt from the lake they were standing on. Now, she was completely soaked! Her expression was one of slight annoyance, and she found herself shivering a little (just a little!), as the cold air hit her. Slowly, she pulled herself up to a standing position once more, hair hanging over her face in a drenched position.

Once again, another positive trait of being blind was that your vision couldn't be obscured by your own hair.

Tristeza twirled her fan around again and again, spinning in a figure-eight form, sending a contineous funnel of wind around her, causing waves to form, she was going to distort the field of sound for her foe... after all; if she was relying on noise, and the noises around her were like a storm at sea, she'd be metaphorically blind!

A tactical move.

Once again, Tristeza seemed to be intent on cutting off her senses, just as she did in their last fight. She braced herself, the intense winds and waves starting to get around her. It was surprising - even through her instinctual level of fighting, Tristeza could still think tactically. That would make it a bit harder to gain an advantage over her. However... although the effort was good, Hermosa had long ago prepared for such. Settling into a defensive stance, she closed her eyes and calmed her mind.

The wind....

The water....

It's not what I'm looking for.... what I'm looking for.... is the sounds not of the storm....

She waited patiently, for she knew Tristeza would not hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity.

Tristeza would take the chance, but it wouldn't be physically. Grinning, she smirked as she began to charge a Cero behind the waves of wind and crashing, soon, she unleashed it, funneling the turqoise pressure to pummel through the waves, further causing crashing noise, the screaming sound of the Cero piercing through the river and in the air, ready to destroy her foe's Hierro and flesh.

It was that very irregularity.... the sudden change in the noises.... that was all that was needed to tip Hermosa off.

Well.... that, as well as the energy.

As soon as her legs could take flight, Hermosa allowed herself to leap up in the air just before the Cero came to where she was, narrowly avoiding being incinerated completely by its power. Soon, she was into the air, though she would willingly descend back down to the storm to keep her hearing sense in check. An idea came to her - Tristeza had said herself one of her traits - pride! She took pride in her Hollow nature, seemingly to an extremist degree... so, why not try to fight in that manner? She had succeeded once before.

She decided to try.

"It's disappointing!" She allowed herself to speak to her opponent, her voice carrying over the storm brewing down below. "To think that one like you would have to hide yourself from me in order to gain an advantage.... am I really that stronger than you?"

"As if, I'm the stronger of us two!" Rushing towards her foe, she grit her teeth in a mix of fury and bravodo, she vanished infront of her foe with a flare of Sonido, charging a Cero, as she rushed, Tristeza poured her pressure into her hand, and upon getting close to Hermosa, was going to unleash it.

Hermosa, however, was prepared.

Freeing up one of her hands, the blind Arrancar summoned up the energy of her own Cero in her palm. Making sure that it was equal to Tristeza's, she slammed it into the other incomplete Cero. As a result, they both canceled out, leaving their palms to clasp together. Hermosa gripped Tristeza's hand tightly in order to keep her escaping. "You can still say that, even after your lack of adapting the ways of the Hollow?" She questioned even more, lowering her sword blade for a moment.

"Most impressive!"

Then, she brought the blade upward, aiming to slice through her opponent's chest....

Tristeza watched as the action took place. First unbelief, then fear, then rage. Smirking, "I can, and will." Tristeza opened her mouth, her body after all; was so close to Hermosa, it was a perfect time to show her the little secret of her Cero...

Tristeza could also fire it from her tongue. The cyan pressure began harvesting to her mouth, and then, with a sharp spike; she shot the small explosive bolt, hopefully into either Hermosa's arm, or her face.

"Just like Nnoitra!"

That was the first thought that Hermosa allowed into her head, her eyes widening in surprise at the surge of spiritual energy. Pinpointing where it was proved a simple task; all it took was a mere sensing where the energy was built up in order to figure out where it was. But where her coordinate landed? She hadn't known Tristeza had been able to fire it from different locations of the body like that! Regardless, if she didn't allow herself freedom to move.... she would be rewarded with the freedom of death.

And thus, she chose.

Immediately, releasing Tristeza's hand, Hermosa jerked to the side and narrowly avoided the blast. It was a mixture of heat, light, and overall energy racing past her, the tongue of it so close to her, it was licking the skin of the arm nearest to it. However, her Hierro, tough as solid steel, was able to hold up against it, and was able to do so when it faded out of existence, leaving nothing more than a mild burn. It would not be enough to affect her.... but the next move she chose had to be fluid and swift. At this moment, Tristeza could easily use an attempt to escape.

The blind one could not have that.

Immediately, in her dodge of the energy, she twisted around, completely pivoting around her enemy like a ballerina until she was positioned back to back with Tristeza. Then, with another spin, she swung the blade in a horizontal arc, aiming to cleave the other Arrancar in half.

Tristeza waited, the girl had done as suspected, this was to her advantage! Tristeza's body was sliced in two... blood splurched over the water, but soon, vanished... as the swift use of Sonido had created a temporary-replica of her body... even giving it the effects of a real person. Momentarily.

Tristeza's hand grasped Hermosa's heel from underneath the wafting waves of the river... enough force in the tug to cause anyone to lose balance; or keep Hermosa where she was.

Not only would her hearing be inaccesible. Her sight would be non-existant. Her smell would be as well... all she would retain would be touch and taste. That wouldn't be enough to escape Tristeza easily...

Only a gasp was forced from Hermosa...

...before she was pulled under the depths.

The one who had been watching could only stare with widened eyes, taken off-guard by the sudden move that Tristeza had pulled. Silently, he prayed that Hermosa knew what she was doing.... everytime she was in this situation, he couldn't help but doubt her.... and he knew she wouldn't have wanted that!

Immediately, a cold shock ran over her body as the water rushed over her head, all hearing sealed off by the sound of liquid in her ears. In realizing that she was submerged, her breath immediately began to cease, her windpipe forcefully closed off for the time being. Confusion was on her expression, even as she was pulled deeper into the depths. What was Tristeza trying to accomplish by doing this....? It would only be a contest to see who could hold their breath longer. She was only going to drown herself--

Then it hit her.

Maybe she didn't have to hold her breath.

Maybe she was using those oxygen abilities of hers.

Maybe.... Hermosa herself was the only one drowning here.

Eyes widening in horror, the blind Arrancar jerked her head down in order to face the spot where she felt the hand grasp her heel, pointing a finger. The resulting Cero in formation was like a torpedo pointed from a submarine barrel; it would tear through the water, straight to her target.... and that target was seemingly so close in range. WIthout hesitation, she fired, in the attempt to at least free herself to get back to the surface.

Tristeza hadn't known the blind Arrancar's thoughts... but they were astute and correct. Tristeza didn't even need to breath if she wanted, and at the moment, she was filtering the oxygen from the H2O water to give her the thrill of real air.

But this was stopped...

Tristeza had to let go, but her speed was cut in half under the water! The blast collided with her body, charring the Hierro, and piercing to the flesh... she hadn't been perpared!

Tristeza could only do one last movement, and that was to let go, and wince.

And, at that moment, Hermosa had been free.

Immediately, she forced herself to swim upwards, arms and legs pushing towards the sky in an effort to reach the surface once more. Though it really didn't matter if she opened her eyes or not, the fear of the stinging sensation of water getting in them kept her from opening them. Other than Tristeza, who had still been underneath with her, the only other signature she could sense was that of her other half's, standing on the surface of the water. Using it as a guide, she managed to climb deeper and deeper, further to the top of the watery prison...

Until she finally broke free.

With a PLOOSH!, Hermosa allowed her head, shoulders, and partially her upper torso to burst free from the water, taking in a big, greedy gasp of air as she did so. She knew one thing for sure; she was never going to be fighting on water again! If anyone wanted a spar from her, it would be onto the land instead!

As he watched Hermosa re-surface, a sigh of relief escaped Senkaku's lips. "Thank the Lord...." He thought to himself, a small smile crossing his lips. He folded his arms across his chest. He had been sure Hermosa would pull through! He only doubted her a little! Honest!

Tristeza knew what she had to do.

"Desfibradora, Cry!" She echoed the words in her mind, and Tristeza released her Resurreccion... the energy swaying, hidden beneath the deeps, the water began to becoe pressurized, and the color of a bright sea-green glowing beneath the waves.

Grasping the weapon off her back, she frowned, she wasn't going to drown, nor was she going to lose this match! Gripping the blade, she smiled, forming a large bladed Cero, then launching the enhanced Cero into the air, attempting to burn a hole in the sky, the size of her pressurized attack enough to cleave two buildings in half.

Senkaku (or at least he had thought at the moment) was the first to sense the growing energy. His eyes widened, shooting towards a standing Hermosa. She didn't seem to be yet aware of it! How was that possible, considering how obvious it was?! Either way, she was going to get killed if she didn't move out of the way! Immediately, the male Arrancar cupped his hands around his mouth in order to make his voice clearer. "Hermo--"

"I told you...."

However, her reply cut it off, as she knew what he was going to say. All she had to do was use a Sonido...


...right before the Cero erupted from under the spot where she had been. However, she was now standing a distance away, in a crouched position. "I know what I'm doing." She finished, smiling at his worry. Even when she had assured him, he was still fretting over her injury? However, at the moment, she was focusing on the massive water wave that had just been created out of the blast. Against the winds, she used an arm to shield her face, disliking the cold as it stung her wet skin even more.

The Mistake of the Enchanted[]

Tristeza rose out of the water like a corpse from the grave. The water being pushed away from her body, her new form was now shown. A hooded cowl over her face, a large crescent moon chakram in her left hand. Abdomen shown... thighs as well, the rest of her body clothed in tight-fitting cloth. Snapping her neck, blood dribbled from the corner of her lips. "I'm glad you got the hang of yourself this time..."

Holding her right hand opened wide, the grasp held upward, but the arm by her waist. The air began to gather into the center of her five-finger tips. The air began to constrict, and more pressure exerted from her body, "Your senses have kept you alive, but you ever wonder what it's like... to be spiritually blind? It's a cruel feeling, I can assure you..."

The constricted air in her hand was actually pressure merged with the air molecules. Squeezing, she smiled. "I'll be just as blind; but... you'll be crippled." Chuckling, the orb divided into two... then with a flick of her wrist, one was sent to the sky.

The other one exploded in her hand, creating a mist of invisible energy. The energy would make everything it touched afflicted with spiritual energy.

The one sent to the sky, would create a rainy shower of energy as well; only to fill the river bed and area with more energy; further drowning the senses of them both. The double-edged technique would cripple their senses...

She sure loved "crippling" Hermosa even further...

Either way, Hermosa knew not to fool around anymore. Her blade raised up into the air. She closed her eyes, and her own energy was summoned to her. Her long hair billowed in the air, her energy causing the water around her to be blown into deep ripples that extended outward for her feet. "It's nice to see an enemy sacrifice themselves in order to defeat their own foe... if that's what it takes for you to fight, then so be it." She answered. "Escape your prison, and drive mankind into darkness....Automata!"

Immediately, the energy around her reacted violently, resulting in a water pillar rising above her. However, there was another effect; underneath their feet, the water slowly began to shift chemicals, gaining more heat, more earth.... more liquid fire. It seemed to bubble from the ocean floor, glowing a bright orange-red as it surfaced. The process actually took mere seconds, and soon, the lake of water was nothing but a lake of magma. Hermosa's Resurrected form was now shown freely, the elegant katana blade shining against the light of the sun.

Tristeza smiled, "Your technique is very flashy." "But easy to evade." "Try to think how much worse your spiritual senses will become now? Your own pressure... My pressure... the pressure from the technique... it might as well be a flood of energy."

With a wave of her hand, she sent the first of many bolstering wind-funnels towards her enemy.

This time, Hermosa decided not to allow herself to respond.

Instead, her eyes widened in surprise - her spiritual sense.... it wasn't working!

This allowed the wind-funnel to slam into her, eliciting a yelp from the blind Arrancar. Her body was thrown back as if she had got knocked down a flight of stairs, tumbling violently across the lava's surface. When she hit the surface a final time, she hit it hard, a geyser of molten rock exploding up in the air. When it cleared, she was seen in a near-crouched, near-prostrate position on it, having managed to balance herself before the hit. Though the lava was dripping off of her, it didn't seem to have any effect on her - a possible trait of her own Resurrecion.

"I guess that's what she meant by "crippled"." She thought to herself.

"So your finally catching on?" Tristeza knew the girl relied too heavily on her senses. "Being on the down-hill is what you have to stop, if your so ready to win, then nothing should surprise you."

Tristeza smiled, with a wave of her hand, she began throwing several slices of her chakram, each wind blade capable of cutting through an oak tree. "I'm not here to lose, despite my lack of training."


Then the first wind blade scratched her cheek and left a red scar, Hermosa knew she had to move. Immediately, she used a Sonido first to avoid the rest of them, her moves instinctual. Then, she used a few more in order to get nearer to Tristeza, a finger pointed towards her opponent and charging energy from the tip. A Cero was fired.... but instead of hitting Tristeza, it descended into the lava a few ways off in front of her. The blast uprooted the heated liquid, sending it upward in the air in the form of a massive wave. Unlike Hermosa, if the lava touched Tristeza, it would incinerate her completely.

Tristeza watched, frowning as the wave of lava coursed towards her, she decided her next trick. Disappearing into multiple clones, some of them immediately incinirated, she grimaced as the Lava could have easily taken her down...

Having to use sight; now that spiritual means were gone; to find Hermosa, she pointed at her, and began firing off a series of Bala.

Once again, Hermosa couldn't see it coming without the first one hitting her.

Only this time, the attacks had come to her in a speed doubled from the first attack.

Her blindness, at the moment, was the most glaring weakness she had now that Tristeza's technique was under effect. She could only bare herself as the Bala collided into her, sending her once again tumbling through the lava lake. However, this time, she didn't travel as far before her body finally came to rest onto the surface once more. Due to the lack of power put into it, she was able to get back up into a crouched position once more, her breathing slightly hitched.

Her only way of "seeing" the opponent was now rendered useless.

What was she to do?

Gathering air to her arms, she fused the pressure around her wrist, then howling, "Codorniz!" The air then funelled itself, forming a layer of ammuntion to her wrists and forearms, those of explosive needles. Letting out another roar, she thrust her fists forward, firing the needles off 'round after round' as a machine gun in war, her wrists the mounts where the turrets sat.

The problem with the spiritual energy was this... the more Tristeza used, was not that of her own reserves. She was unknowningly draining the pressure that she had just exerted previously...

A slight cloak of pressure would be in the air, but Tristeza was too busy being engrossed in battle to notice the energy was fading...

A flicker of spiritual energy could be felt.


However, Hermosa didn't allow herself to ponder on it. If she stood there, the needles would take the opportnity of wiping her out completely. Immediately, she threw her legs out in a side-leap, barely managing to avoid the first round. Then, she made a rush to her left, the machine-gun needles being fired right after her path.

Tristeza didn't stop, "Hold still so this can be over!" Firing off more and more of the needles, she grit her teeth, this woman was dodging?! How could she dodge when there was no single energy output that could be tracked? How could she when she was blind?!

This woman was relying solely on her hearing! Or so Tristeza assumes....

Frowning, she watched as the last needles flung themselves off her finger-tips. Her next move would be more ferocious indeed...

"The spiritual energy of the projectiles coming at me.... it's getting clearer and clearer to me."

Planting her feet in a standing position, Hermosa simply leaned her body to one side while keeping herself faced towards Tristeza. The needles had missed by a millimeter, the heat from their friction against the wind shooting through the nerves on her skin surface. Once they passed, she shifted back to a normal standing position, eyes focusing on her opponent for a moment. Then, she allowed herself to slide into a stance, legs spread apart, her arm nearest to Tristeza extended out towards her, and her sword arm positioned back over her head, the sword tip pointing straight at its target.

"Though... she said she too would be affected by this... so, if I'm going to take any advantage of her situation, it has to be quickly. The question is, though.... how do I do it?" She pondered.

Tristeza frowned, "You think your capable of taking me on, blind in all manners?! Ha! Eat this youngling!" Opening her mouth, the tongue ignited the fuse to her cyan Cero, the bright color glowing brighter and brighter, then... the charging stopped, and she fired it...

She had an ulterior motive. Hermosa was barely dodging... Tristeza doubted the girl could dodge consecutively... with the aid of two Bala in the palms of her hands, both in lance shape... she'd extinguish the fight of the blind girl.

"And yet, she still doesn't know about it...."

Immediately, Hermosa boosted herself up from the lava lake, avoiding the Cero blast with newfound quickness. However, she remained careful to keep Tristeza in the dark for now, timing it so that it would seem like she would've had barely enough room to dodge it at. Dimly, she could now sense the two Bala in her opponent's hands, though she could not fully sense the opponent itself. But if she got a little closer....

Tristeza frowned, "Game over." Mumbled to herself, she had expected for Hermosa to surprise her... but she guessed she had thought wrong. Gripping both of the spears, she lunged them forward... then, a flicker of realization hit her...

The field was becoming clear... and the rain was gone... her eyes opened in shock, she had forgotten it had a duration... and she noticed all to soon the moments before that the energy siphoned into her Bala's were not hers... but the pressure from before.

"I agree."

Her opponent's voice was right over her head. What Tristeza had focused on was nothing more than an after-image, a clone left behind by the Sonido that Hermosa had used. Now, her real body descended to the lava lake, one hand bringing down the sword blade upon her head. Her eyes were wide in concentration, and her teeth were gritted slightly, a side effect of the adrenaline rushing through her body. She wanted to take advantage of the situation?

This was her only chance.

Tristeza stopped her train of thought, her senses were on the frits, and before she knew it, her body turned upward, grasping the chakram off her shoulder to pull it up in a manner of defense; all too close. And almost too late...

Blood splurched from her chest and shoulder, Tristeza immediately paused to think as her body was being shoved down; still blood pouring from the continous push of Hermosa's Katana... looking directly into the Blind Arrancars eyes... despite the hair that might be in the way, she knew the fight was over...

"Nngh." Blood began dripping from her mouth, more to add to the falling blow... Tristeza was falling, and she was too in shock and losing too much blood to gain her senses back. Dropping her Chakram... her eyes held an empty and glazed stare.

She'd die if she hit the lava.

Fortunately, there was a set of arms who were there to catch her and keep her from falling to her demise.

However, it was not that of Hermosa's.

Senkaku had been watching with tension nearly the whole time, having been nervous of both of their safety. However, as soon as he knew the final blow was being declared, he knew he had to act to save the one who had lost. With a Sonido, he re-appeared behind Tristeza, extending his arms to catch her in a hug. However, in a belief that it would minimize damage, he shifted one of his arms to bring her up in a bridal-style position. In that manner, he could easily lay her down onto the coasthead when they headed back.

Hermosa closed her eyes, sheathing her sword. "I had expected to see your Segunda Etapa again...." She muttered, after a moment of silence. "But, I supposed that this time, luck was on my side."

To think... I thought I could defeat her... Here I am saved by her partner... So dizzy... I-I just want to... sleep.

Tristeza's body began to feel less tensed and limp, her eyes attempting to hold open, but soon the flickering stopped and she fell asleep. Too much blood loss... She had wanted to use her Segunda... but the woman had cut her to the chase before she got the chance.

"....Tristeza?" Upon her fainting, Senkaku immediately began to show a bit of panic in his expression. Around him, the effects of Hermosa's Ressurecion began to fade away as she re-sealed her power, the world immediately returning to it once was. As she looked upon her defeated foe with serenity, they both knew that she was going to die soon if they didn't get medical attention. If he wanted to heal her, Senkaku would have to hurry to the coast and perform his work there. "C'mon. Thankfully, we didn't go that far away from the coasthead...."

Immediately, they vanished and re-appeared at the coasthead. Gently, Senkaku set Tristeza down onto her back so that the wound would be fully exposed. However, there was another problem. As he reached for her, he noticed that her shirt was in the way, possibly obscuring the full visual of the wound. In order to change that, he would have to remove the shirt and touch her-- ugh, why was he thinking like that?! One of his comrades was dying here!!! Gritting his teeth, he ignored the red tint that crossed his face as he set himself to work.

But when Hermosa heard the fabric rip.

"....what if she....?"

"Then I will certainly have to start praying."


Tristeza's world was a blur... she didn't know what was going on. Conciousness was void... a glimpse into her mind had began... the first time Bailarin and her met.

"Hey...?" Tristeza at the time had shorter hair, and a more toned physique. "What's your name?" The woman in response was Bailarin, holding a more muscular body, and a sullen expression on her face... depressed from the events of what had occured with Ardiente...

"Bailarin Mareado." The woman was acting odd to her... no one had bothered to even chat with her, but, that was easily recognized due to Bailarin having spent most of her time either drinking her worries away, or hiding away in the library. Which she was doing the latter at the moment...

"You look kinda sad, somethin' a matter?" Tristeza raised her brow... she sensed the fellow Arrancar was having some issues, so she might as well help her. At the time; just pity.

"Yeah, relationship problems..." Bailarin mumbled, she was huddled lonely in the chair, a small foot-table infront of her, the basic for a reading area in a Book store. Tristeza took a seat next to her... "Those are the worst, care to talk about it?"

Bailarin didn't know why... but she felt better around this woman. And talking about it sounded like a way to release emotions...

Stay alive...

Senkaku's hands pressed themselves onto the wound, careful not to aggravate the bleeding of the wound. It was so laughable.... the representation of death.... what the souls of the world had virtualy feared.... was now on the verge of death itself! It was so ironic... and even as he sealed the wound, he couldn't help but wonder but envy her. She herself had been close to suffering the death that he himself had always wanted, considering that he would never die in the manner that the humans would.

It would be a curse that would live him with him the rest of his eternal life.

Another memory came forward...

"Ardiente Serenata, eh?" Tristeza raised her fan open, expanding the blades on it's form. "I suggest you turn back, it's already too late for take backs." This was the memory of when Ardiente had first engaged in combat with Tristeza...

Gritting her teeth, Ardiente shot the bolt of light towards her foe off her one-handed sword... the light sizzling through the air, Tristeza parried it off, allowing the light to blast into the lows of a dirt hill. "Oh come on now... if you want her back, you got to really try..." Ardiente tried harder, this time vanishing behind her foe, delivering two repeated blows, an elbow to Tristeza's rib cage, effectively cracking two... and a jab from her knee brought a crack in the Hierro around Tristeza's neck...

Faltering back, Tristeza winced, "Clev-ugh..." her throat was feeling horrible... and her sides were aching as the regeneration took over, albeit slowly. Ardiente grinned, "That all you got?"

Can't give up...

Senkaku's eyebrows furrowed, and he continued to use his water-based abilities to seal blood vessels, as well as the majority of the wound. Natural healing would take care of the rest. Nevertheless, if Tristeza died, all of it would now be on his head because he had failed to save her. It was stressful - the fear of Bailarin's wrath would never be forgotten, and she would never forgive him if she died. He shut his eyes and grit his teeth. He had to save her, for the sake of Bailarin!

"What's this...?" The sound of a crying child echoed through the forest... Tristeza's feet raced... the cries louder and louder... and at last. The image of her future child was there, a tiny 4 year old girl, short peach colored hair, tears dropping down her face.

Tristeza's heart melted...

Bailarin soon followed, and her gaze went down to her kneeling next to her. "Oh my..." Immediately, without anything but a maternal instinct, Bailarin hugged the child, and picked her up, cooing and offering solace... whispers of comfort.

Bailarin turned to her, "Can we keep her?" She knew it wasn't a lost dog... it wasn't some animal. Bailarin was smart...

Tristeza nodded, "I wouldn't say no." The cease of crying signified the start of a new life for the two. Forever...

Gone too far...

Tristeza's eyes fluttered open, the world turning and tossing, "W-wh..." Her will the only thing keeping her concious, her voice was weak... " on?"

"She's awaking!"

Immediately, upon Tristeza's voice sounding, Senkaku called out to Hermosa, causing the blind Arrancar to move over to their side. She kneeled over, blind eyes studying the woman carefully. A slightly worried expression crossed her face, nervous of how Tristeza might fully react to the situation. For now, Senkaku fought down his fear and held a calm and formal tone about him. "Easy. Unless I can finish this, I doubt that moving with the wound not fully healed will be good...." He warned Tristeza.

Tristeza eyes turned to the blind woman, staying there... "I-I lost..." She was too injured and exhausted to form too complex a train of thought. It was a statement... declaring what she didn't want, but would submit to. "A-am I dying...?" The loss of blood was apparent... it was close to all she saw before falling... and then darkness...

Am I dying...?

Tristeza prayed not... she loved Bailarin too much. Adalina too much... her friends too much...

"No." Senkaku shook his head calmly, a small smile crossing his face. "At least, not in my care, you're not. Right now, I'm sealing up the wound that Hermosa delivered. Natural healing will do the rest, so try to take it easy for a while.... unless, you're the type of Arrancar who possesses high-speed regeneration or something of that nature...."

Hermosa frowned slightly, though it was of good nature. "You wound me, Desgaste." She chided. "To think that I would attempt to kill you? I'm not that cruel to leave a child without one of their parents, or a woman without their lover...." Upon that, a small smile crossed her face. It was just in her nature to show mercy - a testament to her defection from the true Hollow principles.

Tristeza frowned, "I'm not the type to heal fast..." Groaning lightly, she let out a light exhale. "And... t-thank you for letting me fight again Hermosa-san..." A moment's break, she was tiring herself just talking, "And for not killing me... I trully don't want to think what my family would do without me."

Tristeza tried to sit up, her pride and stubbornness kicking in, "P-plus, I'd haunt you if you did..."


However, Senkaku was immediate to shove her down, though as less roughly as possible. "I'm not doing this for my health, and I'd like to be as quick as possible healing this wound. I...." He hesitated a little, a slight blush creeping over his face. "In order to see the full severity of the wound, I kinda had to open up your shirt and.... yeah." He was so sure Tristeza was going to kill him now, he winced a little, preparing for a slap or punch to the face. Maybe a kick to his nuts if he was lucky enough....

Tristeza frowned, "It's fine... just as long as you didn't do anything funny." Closing her eyes a moment to rest them. She wasn't mad... but she could easily be. And luckily, she couldn't see his blush...

This made Senkaku cock an eyebrow. "Funny? The very least I could do is start squeez--"

However, an abrupt cough from Hermosa stopped what would've possibly been a provocatory sentence. Quickly, he raised his head up just enough to see her pass a rather annoyed glare in his direction. Immediately, he took the hint and shut up - the least he wanted was the woman tearing his chest open when he hadn't even fully healed hers yet. Sadly, a bit of reality set in, and he wondered to himself idly if this was the closest he would ever get to actually screwing a woman--

....Nori was getting to him.

"Ha..." She rolled her eyes, the pain she was feeling could be described, but what she wanted was rest... that and some how regain lost pride, but, that was out of the question at the moment.

As Senkaku grimaced at the thought, he waited only a few minutes more, then lifted his hands off of her chest. Seeing her exhaustion, he took the liberty of fixing her shirt back to where it was (at least, as much as a shirt with a slash wound could be fixed). "All right. Natural healing will take care of the rest." He quirked an eyebrow to the side, looking at her curiously for a moment. Then, after a moment or two, he reached down to lift her up. Once again, it was out of notice of her exhaustion.... but, he silently admitted to himself that this was getting somewhat annoying! How many times would he have to help this woman before--

However, a hand stopped him.

"I'll do it...." Hermosa offered, before he could say a word about it.

Surprised, the Arrancar doctor allowed himself to step aside, and the woman to take his place. Gently, she scooted her arms undearneath Tristeza to pick her up. "Sorry, but it's my fault, if not a portion of it, that she's like this...." She explained softly, looking a bit sullen. It would give her at least a little time to rest herself.... as well as save work off of her first half.... after all, it's what a comrade did, right?

Tristeza felt herself pulled in the blind woman's eyes, "Thanks..." Her tone dry, but true, her body relaxed easily due to her exhaustion. And she really didn't want anymore pain... so she mentioned it. "T-try not to trip please." Wounds reopening didn't sound good...

This caused Hermosa to puff one of her cheeks in slight indignation. "Me? Trip? You've lost your senses, Desgaste!" She chided, but putting on a smile nonetheless. She turned her blind gaze towards Senkaku, who stood silently with his hands behind his back. "C'mon.... let's hurry back.... Moreado might get nervous if we stay out too long...."

With that, they vanished, on the path to the household.

Tristeza would guess Bailarin would panic...

Unbeknownst to her... the Haruo lover's spat was going on... and what was Bailarin and Adalina doing in all of this?

Date Night[]

Batalla grasped her hand, and they vanished infront of the restuarant, "Let's eat!"

"... Oh, no. Let's go play some baseball. That's why we dressed up so nice and came to a restaurant, right?" Mitsune replied sarcastically, giving Batalla an estranged looked. Captain Obvious is obvious.

"No need for sarcasm, Mitsune-chan." She offered a smile despite the crack shot. Her hand still in hers, they entered the restuarant. It wasn't super classy... but who didn't like Italian? Getting to their seats, Batalla pulled out a chair for her date, and took her own seat.

"Thank you." Mitsune chimed. "What are we going to do after this, again? Go to a movie? Is it really okay to go to a movie dressed like... this? Everyone else there would be dressed casually, wouldn't they? Or was the movie just a cover for something else?"

"Movie was just a cover yeah, nice guess." She smiled, looking at the menu, "I decided to take us some place more expensive instead, you don't mind do you?" A brow raised, she wanted to know if that was what Mitsune perferred.

"I won't be able to say until we go there... But, I can tell you, if its a nightclub or something, I won't like it." Mitsune replied, frowning profusely. She didn't really like being lied to, particularly when the person lying admitted they were lying.

"Well, the place that I said was more expensive was here." "The other place is free." She looked to Mitsune for a moment, it was going to be a romantic spot, after all, wasn't that what dates were intended to be? Memorable and Romantic?

Batalla hoped she was getting this whole relationship thing right.

"Oh..." Mitsune nodded in reply, then picked up one of the menues. If Batalla tried to ask a question while she was looking through the food, she would only be met with an onslaught of absent-minded positive replies. Should I get steak and fries..? But I like the steak pretty raw(r)... I wonder what she's getting.

Batalla decided to wait... she was clearly in the menu, and not in the conversation. Looking to the Menu, she knew what she wanted... Lasagna, that was so good! Watching the waiter place the Italian garlic bread on the center of the table, she nodded to him.

This is going to be so expensive, and I'm paying.

But it's worth it! After all, I'm with Mitsune now. Not Adalina.

"I... I'll just have what you're having." Immediately, Mitsune lunged for the garlic bread, picking off a piece and chewing on it thoroughly before going in for another. She was so hungry...! She wanted more! If Batalla didn't stop her, she'd fill up on this before they had their dinner.

"Hey now! Don't chow down." Looking to the waiter, she nodded, "We'll go for the Lasagna and Spaghetti special." The waiter nodded, taking the menu's as he placed their drinks down, two sodas. "I'll see you ladies in a bit."

"Thank you." Mitsune added as the waiter walked away. Slowly, she sipped at her soda. "So... What do you like to do...?" She asked uneasily. They'd never really gotten to know eachother...

"I like to take walks, watch movies, spend time on the beach, and read horror novels." Batalla perpared herself, looking to Mitsune, "And you?"

"I usually just play with Adalina...." Suddenly, Mitsune's tone was overcome with sadness. Why had she just backed away from Adalina, so suddenly..? It wasn't right of her to sick Shiro after Mitsune, but Mitsune shouldn't have been wierded out in the first place! She hated this...

Mitsune would just apologize after the date with Batalla tonight.

Or... Right now. "Look, Batalla, I'm sorry... but... You're not my type. I've made Adalina sad... I've got to go apologize... Thank you for taking me out, and I'll pay you back for the dinner and everything... Could we just go back to your house so I can get my clothes, then call it a night?"

Placing her hand on Mitsune's hand, "Can't you stay?" After all, she wanted Mitsune to stay, she didn't just want to be left alone so fast! Her gaze firm, she peered directly into Mitsune's eyes, hoping to find the answer. Every flicker of her pupil signified she really wanted Mitsune to stay.

"No... I mean... I shouldn't have really accepted your invitation to a date in the first place." An apologetic smile was directed towards Batalla. She would understand, hopefully?

"Please stay... you can't say that for sure yet." It was a moment of reassurance. "Stay." Her gaze still looked to Mitsune... the apologetic smile was cracking into her heart, but, Batalla wanted to be selfish for once; she wanted love.

"I can... I mean, it's not like you'll never find somebody else! And I'm not really that much of a catch... I really need to go apologize. Could you let go, please?" Mitsune attempted to draw her hand back from Batalla's. "I really... really like Adalina, and it wasn't right for me to go on a date with you when I do. I'm sorry... Really. But let me go."

"Your parents already kicked you out! And if Adalina felt the same, wouldn't she be here apologizing? Or apologize for what happened before?" She didn't let go, Batalla didn't plan to. "You don't know about us, until you try." Batalla could be Mitsune's total support...

Junto gave her laugh, she was enjoying the mind-games going on between her host and the possible future-mate, "You got to try harder then that... or she'll just leave."

"Adalina won't apologize because she didn't do anything wrong! And my parents will let me back in once I apologize to Adalina..! I don't want to try! Just let go!" Mitsune was tugging at her arm now. Did she get weaker, or was Batalla just this strong?

Batalla kept it firm, Mitsune would have a better chance prying a bear off her. "Why can't you try it?" "If you got hurt, then Adalina's the one who caused it." Trying to think of scenarios to make Mitsune's all hers.

"She already tried to hurt you, she did hurt you." Batalla hoped this would work, "Give me a chance, Mitsune, I won't do the same, and no-one will hurt you again."

"Not your parents, not your so-called friends, not anybody."

"... How... How are you going to keep them from hurting me...?"

Mitsune stopped tugging. Her eyes, full of doubt, found Batalla's, and she was overcome by an eerie calmness. Did Batalla really like her this much...? Why shouldn't Mitsune give her a chance! If she didn't, Mitsune would just be hurting another person like she did Adalina...

Batalla knew she had a chance now. "I'll protect you, if they try to hurt you, I would fight them off. If you wanted, I'd never let them get close to you again." "Anyone who threatened you, I'd stop them." Batalla let her hand stay where it was, just to make sure Mitsune wouldn't leave.

"Oh... So you meant physically..." Mitsune frowned. She thought Batalla was talking about emotional trauma, which is why she found it so hard to believe. How would you stop someone from hurting someone else emotionally? It didn't really make sense.

"And Emotionally..." she input, "I mean in all ways, if they tried to hurt you in any shape or form, I'd go to any lengths to stop them. And if you were hurt or afraid, I'd help heal that." Batalla let a comforting motion come from her hand to caress Mitsune's.

"I'd be your guardian in every way, Mitsune-chan." This time, her gaze was fixed, to see every emotion in her friend's eyes.

But Mitsune looked away, biting her lip, her own gaze sinking to the floor. "... Fine... I'll stay for the rest of the night... But I'm still going to apologize to Adalina." She replied, slowly pulling her own hand from Batalla's. She wouldn't leave. Batalla could have her date.

"Thank you." Batalla gave a smile. She was very glad that it had worked.

The waiter brought the lasagna and spaghetti... the food enough in quantity for the two of them; even Mitsune's verocious appetite. The waiter gave a nod, and quoted the usual, "Have a good meal." With that, he walked away.

And Batalla began her meal, swirling the spaghetti around the fork.

Coincidentally, MItsune did the same thing, turning her fork until the spaghetti was collected in a good baseball-sized sphere around the prongs. Then, she lifted it into her mouth, chewed on it for a few seconds, before finally swallowing the entire thing in one huge gulp. She could eat civily, for once! She wouldn't just dive into the food like she usually did!

This was so good! It was worth the money! That and other atmosphere affects of this place was good. And she was with Mitsune! Nothing could ruin it. Sipping some more of her drink, she asked calmly, "So what do you want to do Mitsune, as a career? If you want one, that is."

"Why would I need a job? I'm not a human... I could just do what my Dad does, and put a mod-soul in a gigai and set that to work for me while I sit around the house all day." Mitsune replied. She knew how to read and wrtie, add and subtract, all of her basics. What else could she need?

"Yeah, your Dad is preety cool." Batalla had alot of respect for the man... he had became something important to her. To fill in a gap she so needed to be filled. That of a father... but she was still un-trusting, she didn't want another figure to just dissappear or not be there when she needed it most.

"I plan to do the same, but I always could try out that pit-matches or gambling fights. I could make alot of money suckering punks like those men." Batalla smirked as she took another bite.

"I know my Dad is pretty cool. But he lets that bitch Tereya boss him around, and it's not fair..." She grumbled. "Sasha should be the only one to boss him around... Tereya's just a weak host for Sasha. I miss Sasha..." Frowning, she took another bite. Now only half of the plate was left, and they were only in their first five minutes of eating!

"Who's Sasha?" A thought crossed Batalla's mind, the word Host was odd... was it a parasite? A figment? Or some sort of spiritual object?

Junto on the other hand, already guessed it. "Tereya... I knew that woman was... off; somehow... I guess it's time to meet my 'sister'..."

"She's no one. Forget it." Mitsune allowed herself to calm down for a moment. "I think you should've kept the make-up on... You look... kind of weird? Without it."

"Really?" She parted her hair momentarily, her dress wrinkling as she moved slightly to get comfortable, the hairband in her hear keeping her black bangs refined. "I decided to appear more... 'normal', I guess. Didn't want you to be ashamed of me here because of the way I looked." Batalla muttered slightly.

"What...? I wouldn't have accepted the invitation for a date if I thought you looked funny..." Mitsune mumbled. This was getting to be awkward, and it was obvious that this line of conversation was making Batalla uncomfortable.

"Oh, well, that's reassuring." She smiled, Batalla was always unsure of the way she looked. She dressed like a rebel and goth for the sole reason of because it suited her.

"I'll put it on when we get back." She smirked, Batalla wasn't offended, just a tad odd to talk about the previous topic.

"Goody. It's kind of weird, though... this setting... We've been alive for so long because we're not human, that kids like us are able to talk like adults." Mitsune mumbled mirthfully. It was true... In fact, she was a bit more mature than her father was! Or her mother.

"Yeah, but, that's what you get when your a Shinigami, althought, having Hell-Hunter blood in your veins is good, makes you different then the norm." Batalla added, her thoughts weren't the same about her parents.

Ardiente was a mature woman, disciplenary, freedom-loving, and not overly humorous or child-like. Calmante was just a fill-in for another parent, quiet, ambitious, but to the rest of what she didn't care about, aloof.

Batalla did not like Calmante Serenata...

"Ooooh, tell me about Ardiente! Daddy seems to like her a little... Or maybe he used to. After he met her again, he talked about her for a while." Mitsune chirped. She was having fun! This was great! They broke the ice!

"Mom? She's cool, let's me do alot of things most wouldn't. Oh, and she's great to talk to, or have fun with. I wouldn't want anyone else as my mother." She offered a smile, this was fun! "Oh, and she kicked the mail-man's butt two weeks ago for him ogling her, she's 'leet' that way." A chuckle formed.

Mitsune chuckled as well. "You know, she kissed my father..." Mitsune drawled. Maybe they should switch parents! Ardiente could get Nori, and the crab could get Batalla's other parent! While Mitsune highly doubted Nori would let go of Tereya so easily, it was nice to pretend~...

Batalla laughed, "Oh wow, she probably did that to tease him, that's what she does when she wants something anyways." Continueing to eat her food, this was a great way to talk!

"So what happened after breakfast with Bailarin, and the rest of the Mothers?"

"Nothing really interesting... Had a conversation with my Dad that Shiro overheard, and then she tried to kill me because it made Adalina sad which is why I want to go apologize because I made her sad and I really shouldn't be on a date with you right now...!" Mitsune gasped for breath. Maybe she should've put in a few periods here and there...

Batalla nodded, "Oh, yeah."

"My parents are probably back at the house by now... stupid Anniversary..." Batalla pouted, and placed another bite of Lasagna in her mouth, "Calmante's being an attention whore at the house."

"How is she being an attention whore?" Mitsune asked, frowning. Batalla's overly-negetive opinion of her step-mother was getting annoying. Was it even founded on anything?

"When Mom stops giving me any thought, or when the two start showing off just for eachother, it get's annoying. Not to mention she keeps on trying to get in my life... to fill my whole; fatherless position." She rolled her eyes, "It's getting harder and harder to avoid her."

Another drink taken.

"Well, that's only natural! She loves your mother (not to mention that it's their anniversery, so of course she wants attention from her wife), and she loves you, so she'll want to be there for you! What happened to your father, anyway?" Mitsune hoped Batalla wouldn't think she was taking a side...

"Maybe... maybe not, I don't know, maybe she is just trying to fill in a position and be apart of my life." Batalla shrugged, then smiled, it was a naive but cherished thought.

"My dad?" She shrugged, "Who knows... maybe off with some other woman, maybe dead, maybe alive. I don't know..." "He was a one-night stand, and I was the result of that little incident." Batalla frowned, "I both want him to be around... and hate him for never showing up in my life."

"Oh..." Her date felt bad for asking. "I know! We can both share my Daddy! Sounds good, right? I see how you look at him. You're like a fangirl. It's okay." Mitsune felt a little cheeky! Would Batalla be happy?

"I am not a fan-girl!" She mocked playfully back, "And sharing sounds nice." She offered another warm smile. A true one. Mitsune had obtained the rarity most didn't.

Mitsune giggled. "You're not a fan-girl, but you accepted anyway~." She taunted, laughing even more. Her food was finished. Somehow, she had devoured her entire plate during the course of the conversation.

Batalla let out her own snicker back. The waiter had a ticket in his pocket for the two, "Any dessert before you go?" Batalla glanced to Mitsune to see if she was still hungry.

"No thank you." The girl replied cheerily, smiling at them both. It was a toothy smile, filled with the sharp teeth Mitsune had been known for as a child... And it was the first time in a while she'd smiled like that, since it seemed to frighten people.

The waiter was acting freightened... thanks to Mitsune's teeth, and Batalla's own sinister grin back. Placing the ticket on the table, and she placed the money in it. "Thanks for the meal." They could chat some more, or getting going.

Mitsune shut her mouth. The waiter could have nightmares later. "So, let's go to that place you wanted to go to... Wherever the hell it was. I forget. Let's go already." Patience was not something that came to Mitsune easily. She wanted to go, now!

Batalla nodded, "Alrighty, ciao chump, enjoy your tip." Grasping Mitsune's hand, she ran to the front of the restuarant, after all, it had taken her forever to make this place... it was... Batalla's special place.

Taking Mitsune there meant alot of trust.

"So... where are we going?" Mitsune asked carefully. Batalla looked nervous. Maybe this was somewhere important...? If Batalla didn't want Mitsune to know where it was, she could just use kogeru to bring her there!

Batalla nodded, "Can you close your eyes?" She asked, Batalla's only spot to have peace was where they were going. She loved it.

A place of serenity, where she could think. To live forever if she wanted. It was out of the urban areas, secluded, and unharmed.

Mitsune nodded, and closed her eyes. "Ready when you are, Batalla." She chirped, holding out one of her hands for Batalla to grab.

Batalla smiled, this was going to be perfect...

Grasping Mitsune's hand, she vanished into energy, both she and Mitsune were now at the entry. This place was unique in the way; it would go untouched by time, seperated from the realms by Batalla's own creation. It was her own personal world...

The Garden by Gustavs

The entry to the Batalla's personal world...

Vanishing infront of the entry, she still asked, "Keep them closed." The entry point was an overgrown brick wall, behind a run down building near a park, a bench below the entry.

"You know what...?"

Mitsune didn't open her eyes, but he drew her hand back from Batalla's. "If you're going to make me walk around with my eyes closed, then it shouldn't be any trouble for you to carry me. C'mon. Hop to it."

"Fine." She did so, placing her arms underneath the girl's legs, carrying her bridal style. While Mitsune's eyes were closed... she opened the portal; a type of Garganta...

Entering, the portal closed. And the world of Batalla was revealed... a perfect place. Green all around, a forest, a garden, a small stream. It was intended to be calming and a place think, and here it was. Standing just in the middle of the garden, she offered, "You can open your eyes now." The sun was out... the shadows danced on the ground, the wind blew gently in the leaves. Petals of certain cherry blossams a distance off scattered themselves to the skies.

"Not... Not what I imagined from you, Batalla..."

While she wouldn't comment on it, Mitsune couldn't help but feel the need to point out that Batalla, who ordinarily dressed as a punk, or goth, had a beautiful garden-ish secret place. Mitsune had expected a nightclub, or a dungeon. Maybe a castle. But this seemed a bit out-of-character.

"I love this place." She said as if in a day dream, "Here, I'm not afraid of what others think, because their not here." Listening to all the noises was intoxicating. "The world won't drag you down and drown you in it's own immorality and opinions."

Taking in a deep-breath, "What do you think?"

Japanese Garden by rudeboyskunk

A piece of the world itself...

"It reminds me of the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It's pretty, though. Seems like a nice place to just hang out." Mitsune replied. She was starting to lose herself here... "Can we sit down somewhere...?"

"Yeah, there's a gazebo over there." She smiled, a small wooden bridge over the stream lead to it. "Glad you like it." The energy itself of the world was odd and different. A more... manovelent and calming feel, not quite to be placed by words.

"Well, come on... Don't be lazy. Bring me over there already." Mitsune growled. She wanted to go to sleep... The place made her feel drowsy, like she was secure and could rest peacefully. And Mitsune needed somewhere to sit to do that! What was Batalla waiting for?!

Batalla took her over to the place, laying her down to the gazebo's long-chair. "So... do you like how things have gone so far?" She offered a smile to her after she had laid Mitsune down.

Junto on the other hand... had sensed the entrance of these two. In her Inner World.

"I... I like it." Mitsune responded. She hugged her date's arm and snuggled into it, closing her eyes as she prepared to fall asleep. Batalla's inner world was comfortable. Mitsune wanted to stay here.

Batalla was growing tired... her eyes were drooping. "I l-like it too..." Her head fell back against the guided hand-rail of the gazebo.

Junto was making her appearance; and her voice sounded as a sweet whisper in the world. "Hello... Mitsune-chan."

Mitsune smiled. "Hello..." She responded semi-consciously. It was like she was talking to a voice in her head...!

Junto continued, chimes in the wind was the sound of comfort. Slowly, her figure appeared and disappeared in the petals and wind that blowed by, seeming to go from walking to sitting, to simply inspecting the grounds...

"How are you....?"

"I'm fine, thank you... Who are you...?" At this point, Mitsune was able to stir herself enough to see the figure. She looked kind of like a demon... And, even though Mitsune wanted to go meet her, she couldn't pry herself from Batalla's arm...

Junto finally reappaered infront of the gazebo. "I am Junto, thanks for asking how I am." It was some sarcasm with the taint of gentleness.

"Thanks for introducing yourself before you started a fucking conversation..." If Mitsune's voice could be dripping with anymore sarcasm, she would've drowned. Frowning, she was completely awake now. "Now what the fuck do you want? I'm on a date here."

"Says the girl who is invading my home." Her eyes stared directly into the hell-hunter child. "And it looks like your date is knocked out of it." It was true... but it was Junto's doing.

"Said the bitch who's intruding on my date." Mitsune retorted haughtily, though it was obvious she was being slightly intimidated by the Hollow's stare. Instinctively, she held onto Batalla's arm tighter. She needed to wake up..!

"Oh, that's why I like you, you got spunk and a mouth to boot." Junto leaned against the beam, she didn't need to move any closer.

"You can't wake her up, unless I want her to. She's dreaming... or having nightmares." She shrugged, "I could tell if I tried harder, but I'm focusing on you right now."

Instead of sitting her, subjective to an involuntary interview...

... Mitsune chose the easy route!

Launching herself off of the chair she was sitting in, Mitsune tackled Junto in a hug, intent on using the force to break her spine. Or her ribs! Either would work! As a supplementary attack, Mitsune would bit into her arm... And with her sharp teeth, it'd pierce quite easily!

The attempt was well planned, but it was naive. She was phased through a few moments after, and Junto soon reappeared beside the girl, sitting on the tip of her toes as she watched Mitsune on the ground. "My world... my rules."

Mitsune frowned for the umpteenth time. Unfair! Unfair, unfair, unfair! "This is bullshit! You're just scared to fight me on your own, right? I thought so! You are! Wow!" Spinning suddenly on the ground, she performed a leg-sweep, hoping to catch the hollow off-guard...

"I'm not afraid." She let this next attack go through her. Then drawing up her wrists, she pulled down her sleeves, and held her knuckles in boxing form.

"But, if it's a whoopin' your a wantin'." She grinned, waiting for the next feeble attempt.

"... Nevermind. I'm lazy." Mitsune groaned. Instead of attempting another attack, she just laid on the ground where she was... What would be the point of fighting against someone who you couldn't hurt at all? "I'm just going to nap here until Batalla wakes up. Bye~!"

"That's right... surrendering is about your speed..."

"Oh really?" "Sleep? Why would you do that?" The moment Mitsune closed her eyes would give her a fright... she ruled the land of sleep and insomnia.

But before she'd do that...

"Why not talk a little bit?"

Mitsune smirked. "Who's going to make me...? It's not as if you could enchant me into wanting to have a conversation with you. Frankly, I don't like you, so I refuse to talk to you any longer! Night now." Mitsune closed her eyes tight. She wouldn't fall asleep soon... With Junto still nearby, she'd have trouble focusing on anything else.

"Why not talk with me?" Junto crooked her head to the side, "I could tell you anything about Batalla... Ardiente... Calmante... or even Batalla's father if you wanted." "In return for some information back." A grin formed on the Inner Hollow's lips.

"Make me talk to you." Mitsune repeated. She wanted to see if Junto could make her do what she wanted.

"Fine." A smirk formed on Junto's lips... as her control of the subconcious mind of Mitsune worked, she would make Mitsune want to talk with her... forging the thought was easy.

"Now, do you want to talk with me?"


"What do you want to know..?" Mitsune asked slowly. Both of her eyes opened immediately. She would tell Junto anything she wanted to know... That was in her ability to answer, anyway... She was an open book for Junto to read! Mitsune wanted Junto...!

"It'll be simple." "Who's Sasha? Tell me more about her... then... you can ask me anything you want to know. Whether it be out of intrest... for your sake, or for your date's."

"Sasha is Tereya's inner hollow... she was in control of Tereya's body while she was pregnant with me... She controlled Nori easily, with a kind of drug made out of her salive charged with reiatsu, along with physical discipline... Tereya won back control a little bit after, but Nori is still afraid of her reiatsu..."

Mitsune crawled up to Junto. Had she pleased her...? Mitsune hoped so! She really, really did...! Maybe Junto would let Mitsune smell her...

"Good pet." She grinned maliciously, offering a pet to Mitsune. Junto was pleased, "Now your turn..."

Pregnant with her? That meant Batalla was closely intune with that of a Hollow... she was worth keeping around. And she had control over the Haruo family... this boasted very well for her desires. "I'm pleased."

"Now your turn to ask anything."

"Will you marry me?"

It seemed that a psycholigical need for conversation quickly grew to other needs as well. Mitsune wrapped her arms around Junto's legs, and nuzzled them slowly, easily showing that Junto was now the object of her affections. "I want you..."

"Not today..." she petted once more, Junto shook her head, loosening the control... she'd place it back after the questions were sated, "Tell me what you want to know about Ardiente, Calmante, or Batalla's father." Her gaze peered directly into Mitsune's soul.

Mitsune smiled... She was being pet! It felt nice... "Does... Does Ardiente like my father...? Or does she just toy with him...?" Mitsune asked carefully. She wanted to know if the woman was going to start drama.

"Not in a romantic way, that one kiss was a ruse to get her way. But... she does retain respect and honor for the man." "Anything else? If not for, but, someone else?" Junto asked again, her petting continueing.

"Do you like me?" It was unlikely that Junto would get any form of questioning not concerning herself and Mitsune... "Would you go on a date with me...? Can I stay here, forever...?" The questions would be endless.

"Oh, child, I do." She continued to pet her, "You'd be an excellent pet. But..." "Your too young for me right now." Junto chimed... truth be told, she was younger then Mitsune. Only 11 years old.

But maturity was a funny thing.

"Maybe later, right now... you have to finish your date, and then head home. But you can come back anytime, I promise." A smile given to her. Batalla would need to awake soon.

"Mitsune would love to be your pet..." The girl purred. "When's anytime...? This is Batalla's place... I don't think I could come here anytime...."

"I know you do." Ruffling her hair lightly, Junto looked to Mitsune lightly, "Whenever Batalla wants to come, just go with her. After all, if you enjoy your date, you may be an 'item' after this."

Junto would need to go soon... being a younger Inner Hollow meant she was easily drained from using her powers as she previously did.

Just using her Plane Walk technique 2 times wasted her energy... using it 20 times would waste all her supply. And keeping control of Mitsune was tiring her as well.

"... N... No!" Mitsune held on tighter. "Mitsune wants to stay! Mitsune doesn't want to leave! Don't leave Mitsune... Mitsune doesn't want to be all alone! Mitsune will do anything for Junto. Mitsune says just don't go!" For some reason, the girl had begun referring to herself in the third person again... The hollow reiatsu was bringing back old habits!

Junto allowed a smile to form, "Shh..." "Just be calm, Mitsune-chan." Lowering herself to the girl's level, she petted her head softly. "I won't be gone forever..."

Slowly, Junto began to remove the feeling of Mitsune having this intense desire to please her, to be with her. "Just calm down..." Mitsune should... Junto ruled this world.

Batalla on the other hand, was beginning to rouse, and her immediate thought was of violence... Batalla's subconcious mind wasn't the most friendly.

The effects were apparent. Mitsune, slowly, stopped looking feverishly up at Junto as obsessively as she did. However, slowly was slowly! "Mitsune... Mitsune will pretend to like Batalla, and be happy until next time, if Junto gives Mitsune a kiss..." Happily, Mitsune closed her eyes, and puckered her lips.

Junto placed a kiss on the girl's lips, "Happy now?" She cooed, "Now, you be good until next time." Junto vanished from sight, giving a sarcastic salute. "Ciao, little Hell-Spawn."

Batalla awoke, rubbing her eyes, "W-what's gooooing.... on?" "My head hurts..." she began to rub her temples in irritation.


The girl stood there, blushing. Her fingers gently touched the tips of her lips, as if she could mimick the feeling of Junto's own being there... Mitsune liked Junto... And she couldn't wait until they met again.

But for now, she'd uphold her end of the bargan.

Walking back up to the Gondola, she leaned over her, and welcomed her awake. "Hey... Wake up! You fell asleep during our date, you stupid...." She chastised her, frowning all the way.

"I am now..." Batalla looked to her, "I'm sorry, I don't know why I got so drowsy..." She rubbed her eyes and smiled to her date, un aware of what had occured just recently...

It was luck that the blush was gone by then.

"What'd you do while I was... sleeping?"

"Mitsune explored Batalla's happy place. It's boring. Want to go back to your house now?" Mitsune asked happily, helping her friend sit up. "Let's go back to your house. Sleepy."

"Boring, tch." Batalla rolled her eyes, getting up, ripping open a portal infront of them, she yawned... "I'm still tired..." The gateway lead to the front of the Serenata household...

The girl smiled. Slinging Batalla over her shoulder like a backpack, she shot through the portal, skidded as she came to an abrupt halt, and began knocking loudly on the Serenata's door. Mitsune was still staying over! She'd take a guest room. Daddy should've came over and discussed this with the parents...

Ardiente opened the door, and the the more-beautiful-then-normal appearance of Mitsune and Batalla shocked her. Not to mention that her daughter was either unconcious or sleeping on her shoulder.

"Ummm... what's going on?" Ardiente raised her brow in confusion, her wife Calmante was sitting at the table, a glass of sake in her hands, "Oi, Who's this?"

Mitsune nodded politely. "Mitsune Haruo... My Dad said that I should stay here for a while..." She mumbled. This was embarassing. What if she said no, and Mitsune had to go all the way back home?

Staying The Night[]

Ardiente nodded, "Of course, come in, that's fine if you stay." Of course that was what she would say... she wouldn't say any different to Adalina and of course; her own daughter. She wasn't very strict or surprised often.

Calmante looked to the girl, "Greetings then." Her gaze looked Mitsune up and down, Ardiente had said some stuff about her... but not much.

"Hello..." Mitsune said, awkwardly shifting her feet. She wasn't good with meeting new people... "Mitsune... Mitsune wants to go upstairs with Batalla... Could you show her where Batalla's room is..?" She asked.

Ardiente pointed, "It's up the stairs, take the hall, it's at the very end." Watching as Mitsune did so... Calmante on the other hand kept silent, an empty and bored gaze; you'd get used to it over time.

"Ah, Mitsune says thank you!" Mitsune chirped, leaving the room as soon as she possibly could. The moment she reached Batalla's room, she locked the door, threw Batalla on the bed (rather roughly), and then pulled the sheets over her. Where was Junto..? When would Mitsune see her again? Could she come to this room?

Junto wouldn't be out for awhile... Hnhnhn... I guess it's going to be time to meet my dear... sister very soon. It'll be most fun... dear Sasha...

Calmante glanced towards Ardiente, "You sure that was Batalla?" Ardiente nodded, "Without make-up... wierd."

Mitsune sighed. She guessed not... The girl climbed into the bed with her date after slipping out of the dress, snuggling into the nook between her neck and shoulder... Batalla was surprisingly warm. Mitsune liked that.

Batalla eyes opened, "Did... you see anything in my secret place?" She raised her brow, only slightly awake... it was a simple question.

"I only saw what you showed me... I really only woke up a little bit before you did. Why?" Mitsune asked, snuggling harder. Batalla should just go to sleep and stop asking stupid questions. Mitsune could make Batalla fall asleep if she persisted.

"Oh... are you sure? You said you looked around... and I got tired really fast... I could of sworn I heard voices..." Batalla wasn't going to just let it go that easily.

Mitsune frowned, though Batalla wouldn't be able to see it. "You heard wrong." She replied, hugging the girl tighter. She should fall asleep. Mitsune would smother her with a pillow until she passed out.

"Are you positive...?" Batalla muttered again... and the hug felt nice. Plus she was already tired... "Huh...?"

Did it really have to come to this for Mitsune to get her to shut up..?

Straddling the girl's waist, Mitsune planted a chaste kiss on her lips. "Shhh...." She whispered, in a soothing tone, careful to keep her face close to Batalla's ear to maximize the effect. "Just go to sleep, and stop asking stupid fucking questions already..."

"F-Fine..." A blush came to the girl's face, Batalla had never been kissed before... it heated her up fast. But she only got it because Mitsune wanted her to be quiet... so she would.

"Good girl." Mitsune hummed, patting Batalla's head. After a moment's hesitation, she gave the girl another kiss, to show that she was happy Batalla had obeyed. Then, she finally layed her head under Batalla's chin, snuggling into where her second chin would be when she got old and ugly. "Now go to sleep..."

Batalla let out a slight groan slash sigh, but a content one. Batalla fell asleep dreaming good thoughts. And... Junto knew the next years... were going to be extra fun.

Minority Problems[]

"... And I told you, I'M IN CHARGE OF THE MONEY."


A vase full of magenta-colored flowers crashed into the wall as Nori flung them at her wife. He was mad. When they came to this issue, Tereya was too-fucking-lazy to be in charge of the money. But now that she wanted to buy something, all of a sudden it wasn't okay for him to be in control.

No. That's not how it works.


Dissapointed to see that the first thing he threw didn't have the effect he wanted, Nori threw a plate. He'd hurt her. Badly.

Tereya, however, was not one to be swayed away so easily.

With the reflexes matching that of her own personal training, she simply side-stepped the plate.


As it shattered into nothing but fragments and descended onto the floor, Tereya had a rather annoyed glare directed towards her husband. "Charge?" She snapped, advancing towards Nori with a brisk walk. "You do nothing but keep it all to your greedy fucking self!! Not once have I seen a single dollar spent for anything around here!! Especially for anything that gets wrecked and FUBAR!!" However, she did allow herself to stop for a moment, a rather uppity look on her face. She placed one hand on her hip, an upside-down finger pointed at Nori.

"Oh, and that's just more to pay up for. NOW QUIT FUCKING AROUND AND HAND IT OVER!!!"

With that, she advanced towards Nori again. By now, she was ready to beat the everloving crap out of the guy, then swipe whatever coins and dollars he had on him before leaving the scene... mugger style.


For the first time since... a long time ago, Nori drew his Zanpakuto. It still glistened like it had only been used the day before to lacerate somebody... "Get the fuck away from me, or I'm going to rip you an new asshole." Her husband growled. Already, blue wisps of spirtual energy surrounded the man's body as he became angrier and angier.

A woman in charge of the money? She might as well just burn it all.

Was that fighting intent....?

Yes, yes it was.

Immediately, her look faded to one of surprise. Was Nori actually gathering up the courage and raising a weapon towards her? Her skin shivered under the growing spiritual energy, and all she allowed herself to do was stand still. Of course, she wasn't afraid - there had been worse times that she had been facing down such threats to her person. No, she was far from scared.... and that was made clear by the smile that crossed her face. She felt Sasha's influence (the Hollow clearly excited) rise in her, a bit of black slowly taking over her left eye. Her tongue stuck out, tracing her lips slowly. Already, the part of her that wanted to fight tasted the possible bloodbath. However, she was still willing to be rational.

"Oh, Princess...." She said mockingly, taking slow steps towards him and actually daring him to come cut her. "Put that away, or that's gonna be more shit we're gonna have to pay for....."

Nori could survive this. If she won, she wouldn't kill him.

But who said she would win?

Taking the initiative, her husband dashed foward. His arms retrated with the sword in hand, then shot foward in a lunging motion. If she didn't moved out of the way, or block -- which he was sure she would -- the sword would pierce through her abdo--

Oh, but it was a feint!

Using Kogeru, Nori allowed himself to warp to the woman's unguarded (he hoped) back, and swing downwards in a diagnol motion that he hoped would win him an easy victory.

On one hand, Tereya was determined not to be caught off guard and defeated.

On the other, as she simply side-stepped and maneuvered backward, moving past Nori as naturally as a raven could take flight, she was tempted to toy with him. He was already pissed off, desperate to protect a sack of money. She'd probably make fun of him for how pathetic he was because of it... but right now, she'd just toy with him like she had started to do in their first fight. But, of course, she had to jack the necessaries in the process.

"Wait... what am I doing?"

Nori stopped. Just, stopped. Turning, and looking to Tereya, he smiled. "Nami, if you really want the money, you're going to have to take it from me. I'm not going to make the mistake of tiring myself out so all you have to do is tap me on the head to defeat me.

Nori held his sword in front of him and spread his legs apart, in a defensive stance. Readying himself for whatever it was she was going to do, he wondered how long it would take her to truly be on the offensive. "If you really want it, come and get it."

It was one thing to stop himself and switch tactics.

But to stop and talk in the midst of combat? That was just a move that only a novice would make. And as far as Nori was concerned, he was facing a veteran of combat, having slaughtered many in her childhood. It was just something that she loved doing, hindered only by the life that she was living now. Had Nori's skill faded so much, his arrogance having grown? It was such a shame.... and to think that she was looking forward to this....

Nevertheless, she would have to move onto the offense.

With a raise of her leg and a spin of her body, she struck Nori in the face with a spinning kick, turning his professional stance into a spinning and flailing body. With a follow-up kick, she knocked him aside, smashing him into the wall with a display of brute force. Then, she folded her hands behind her back, remaining silent as she continued to step towards him. That dangerous smile was still on her face.

There was a purpose to a defensive stance. As Tereya launched her supplementary kick, even with himself disoriented and disarrayed, Nori was able to raise his arm in defense, preventing himself from suffering a concussion. As he crashed into the war, Nori learned from his mistake.

He stood.

And he readied himself a second time, licking the drop of blood that slipped out of his nostril and moistened his upper-lip.

This time, he was ready.

And that meant she could draw her sword.

As she came close enough, her hand swiftly grabbed the hilt of her own sword, unsheathing it with a hiss. With a move made towards Nori, the unsheathing her blade was swiftly followed by a connected uppercutting swing. First things first - it was time to test if Nori could still use his sword!

Nori blocked swiftly, using his unoccupied hand to press itself into the black of his blade to fortify the defense, preventing her from simply overpowering him and slicing through. Next, he raise his leg, and thrust it foward, using enough force to throw Tereya back several feet so he could once again get his bearings.


Tereya winced at the kick, the blow managing to force her skidding back the destinated amount of feet. She felt her back being pressed against the wall, instinctively placing her hands on it in order to balance herself. So the man hadn't lost any of his strength over the years.... that would make the fight all the more fun. Calmly, she pushed off the wall and twirled her sword around idly, thinking of a way to attack him again.

At this, the small head of Shiro was now peeking around the corner, now curious to what was going on.

Daddy had already settled himself into the same defensive stance. It looked like there were a lot of openings... But a lot of strength meant a lot of swinging speed. If Tereya attempted to exploit any such opening, she'd be met by his blade deflecting her's while his foot collided with her stomach.

The same repetitive feat?

It would be a matter of deciding how to deal with such a threat. In this scenario, Tereya would have to force him to actually attack this time. Her footsteps walked forward, and she tilted her head to the side. Then, she rushed forward, her sword raising once again. His movements were his plan - the blocking of the swords, and the raising of the sword. However, when that foot rushed forward, she performed a side-step to avoid it, sliding her blade under Nori's guard in the process. In that swift movement, she had gotten under him again, his blade threatening to slice open his chest cavity.

It was impossible to back Nori into a corner.

Because he hadn't made contact, and she wasn't actually touching him, Nori enabled the use of kogeru to bring himself back to the other side of the living room, into the same defensive stance. However, this time he allowed himself the pleasure of a little room behind himself. If she tried the same thing again, he'd just backstep to avoid it.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me...."

Tereya's eyebrows furrowed, and a scowl crossed her face. She lowered her blade for a moment, fingers tapping on the hilt of her sword rather impatiently. Was this all this man was going to do? Defend himself until she finally started attacking recklessly? Then again, all he had to do was defend himself from her, and that was exactly what he was doing. "I thought you would've been a lot more eager to prove me wrong this time, Hime." She commented dryly. "Or did you like all of those times I kicked your ass?"


Just what Nori had been looking for!

A chance to make Tereya look like a stupid, cum-guzzling retarded hoe!

Apparently, the woman didn't remember when she had struck him as he was speaking. Dashing towards her, he launched a right hook, aiming for her face. However, lacking the aerobic elegance that Tereya had, and being somewhat weaker than the woman herself (who earned her muscle, instead of obtaining it as a side-effect), it could be argued that there was less surprise to Nori's strike, and that it wouldn't be capable of rendering Tereya as misconstrued as she had made Nori.

And on that very fact, Tereya managed to avoid being struck, the fist brushing up against her nose. She crouched low for a moment before "jumping" in that crouched position, sword poised in what would've been a lunge attack. However, it was pointing upwards, straight towards Nori's face. "Much better...." She thought to herself, satisfied that Nori had finally allowed himself to open up.

Nori was surprised. And angry.

Pushing off of his right foot, which was more foward than his left, Nori allowed himself to flip over Tereya's crouched figure in order to avoid her lunge. But he didn't! The tip of her blade caught his sneaker, and skewered his foot, making her husband squeal in pain.

But he wasn't dead yet.

Hanging upside down, he went for a horizontal strike against Tereya's exposed back.


What a position to put herself in.

Instinctively, she was forced to lunge forward, barely avoiding Nori's strike. However, the tip of the blade managed to cut across her back, causing her to hiss in pain. However, considering it was her, it was nothing more than a mere scratch. But that wasn't her main concern at the moment. As she fell forward, she was forced onto her stomach, eyes widening for a split second at how vulnerable she was at the moment.

It had been a mistake to stay crouched.

"SHIT!" The next move had be a roll.... and it had to be crucial. Would Nori take the time to attack? Or would he stay there and watch her (which would've been a psychological intimidation move on his part)? Whatever it was, she would have to think quickly in order to keep herself from being skewered.

Unfortunately, Nori's reaction to the develouping fight would do neither.


All of Nori's attention became focused on his impaled foot, which was seeping blood. How was he supposed to stand with his foot like this!? With his sword, he swung haphazardly at her, though at this point she had already completed the roll that brought her out of range. "I'm going to fucking kill you Nami, really, I am, and then I'm going to take a shit all over your fucking corpse."

And the only spectator, Shiro, almost ran out of the room with those words.

Instead, at her father's enraged words, she placed her hands to her mouth, paralyzed into her spot out of intimidation. Never before had she seen her father so angry.... and at Mommy, too! Why was Daddy angry at Mommy, now?! She started to shake a little, fearing the worst. What if Daddy killed Mommy....?! What if Mommy killed Daddy....?! Her immature mind jumbled these thoughts in her head, even as her parents fought.


That was the intelligent response Tereya managed to put out, even as she rolled in order to avoid to strike. With an elegant movement, she flipped herself back onto her feet, unable to contain the grin on her face. She had not expected that - and that was what made it funnier! "Oh, I'm sorry...." She drawled mockingly. "Did I do that?" But, she had expected him to act a little bit tougher than that.... it was just his foot! At least it wasn't his entire leg that was lost....

Nori balanced Nasuka on his palm, aimed, then threw it at her like a spear. The moment it missed (if it actually hit, he'd piss his pants in astonishment), he'd use kogeru to appear behind her and catch it, then swing in a vertical supplementary strike. Though, he'd be in for a rough landing...

It would hit.

But not in the way Nori would expect.

With a swing of her sword, Tereya knocked aside the projectile, deflecting it back up into the air. Then, just to increase the time Nori would be seperated from his sword, she lifted a finger to point at him. "Shō!" With the Kidō spell, she unleashed a force that would repulse her opponent back, but not enough to blow him back against the wall.


"Ow.... ow... Fucking kido. If I could use Kido, you'd be dead already..." Nori grumbled. Punching through the wall to create a handhold, he pulled himself into a standing position. It actually didn't hurt as bad as he thought it would! He'd be capable of ignoring the pain to a degree, only registering it when stomping, or landing from a jump...

But he didn't have time to pay attention to trivial things like that.

Nori needed his sword.

Step by step, he slowly advanced towards Tereya. He had a plan. All she'd need to do to make it work was lunge at him.

Nori's sword was caught by the hilt, courtesy of Tereya's free hand.

"You love me too much to kill me, hime...." She answered back coyly, holding each sword in each hand defensively. As long as she was holding this thing, he couldn't release! After all, it did need to impale into his arm in order to work! She was still grinning, though her expression was now a bit comical in nature.

"You're right... I'll just have to train you like a dog. And then you'll be all submissive, and apologizing and shit." Nori allowed himself to laugh a little. "M-Master... Did... Did I please you, Master?" He mocked in a high-pitched voice. But rather than give Tereya the oppurtunity, he'd attack first.

Dashing at her (while wincing a bit from the pain), he did the incredibly absurd thing that was charging at Tereya, who was armed, with no sword. His expression held confidence. All she had to do was pierce him with Nasuka, and then he'd be able to release it, and heal himself before she could incapacitate him.

And it would appear as if Tereya would fall right into such a trap. The Nasuka blade was swung forward, and she appeared to be pretty eager to wound him with his own weapon. Nasuka was positioned in a manner to decapitate Nori as soon as he came close enough. That would show the moron--

However, she wasn't going to simply allow it to be so simple.

Instead of Nasuka meeting Nori, a lunge strike from her own blade was thrust towards her husband, ready to pierce through his chest again.


Nori leaned to the left, folding his right bicep against his fore-arm to take the blow. Like a shiskebab, the blade skewered both parts of the arm, leaving Nori with no right limb... But he was still in fighting condition!

Reeling back his left arm, he launch a devastating punch to her face. If she used Nasuka to block it, he'd release! If she didn't, she may very well suffer a concussion. Why he had been so stupid to let her have his Zanpakuto in the first place...

He'd figure that out later.

But for now, his only concern was taking it back from Tereya and getting healed.

It would only serve to encourage Tereya's toying even more.

With a natural movement, she tilted her head to the side, narrowly managing to avoid being struck with a broken face. With a lift of her leg, she thrust it forward with her own primal strength. Not only would it throw Nori back, but it would also cause the sword embedded in his arm to dig deeper, to cut even more through the flesh. A feral grin decked her face at the thoughts. Oh, yes.... there would be blood! And her husband was going to give it to her, whether he liked it or not!

"Nnngh...! Gah!"

The bloody, mangled mess that was now Nori's body fell backwards, and he screamed in pain as the sword was torn from his arm. Crippled, he fell to the floor, now helplessly crawling away from Tereya. However, the determination hadn't disappeared from his face. He still intended to win. He just needed to figure out how.

Grunting, he ripped the chairleg from a nearby by chair. It would prove to be a sturdy, long, bludgeoning object... One he'd use to full effect. While he knew that Tereya would be able to slice through it effortlessly (her swordsmanship so far proved she'd be capable of doing so), Nori hoped it would at least give him some leverage in terms of armed combat. As his right armed laid useless from his body, he gripped the 'sword' with his left, and turned back to her, propped up on the wall.

Defeated, useless, broken? Was Tereya capable of ending the battle before it even got started? Possibly. But he wouldn't give up! "Having fun, Nami..?" He choked, laughing a little. The 'sword' trembled in his hand as he spoke. "I see your friend would like to join in on the battle too..."

Tereya merely smirked, allowing herself to stand up straight. "Fuck her. What you should be worryin' about is me...." She answered simply, lowering her own sword and lifting up Nasuka to point it straight at Nori. So far, he was on the losing end of this fight, simply by losing his only weapon to her. Unbeknowgnst to her, Sasha's influence was starting to take her over bit-by-bit. By now, her left eye was encased in the black-and-yellow theme of the Hollow, and her reiatsu was beginning to become overtaken by Sasha's own partially.

But, truthfully, if she wanted to get anything more out of this fight, she would need to give her victim much more of a chance to fight. With an arm movement that signaled boredom, she simply tossed the man his weapon, the sword sliding convieniently into his reach. Then, she waited idly, twirling her sword around and waiting patiently for him to ready himself.


"Swear to god, Nami, this is worse than a pity-fuck."

However reluctant he was to go so, Nori picked up the blade. He wouldn't release yet. He wanted Tereya to release before he did. Doing so first would be a sign of weakness, and he didn't want that! He stood shakily, still wounded, and charged her for the umpteenth time, a tribal battlecry emerging from his throat as he did so.

As he came in range a simple horizontal strike was directed towards her, coupled with a right boot to her stomach should she choose to block.

With a smile directed towards Nori's remark, Tereya allowed herself to lean back, the blade whizzing past the spot where it would've cut her. Blocking the blow would simply serve to increase the time she was left standing there, even if it was only for milli-seconds.... and the goal was to keep herself closed off from him as much as possible while delivering as much damage as possible. As soon as his strike neared its end, she swung her own counter; a side-swipe back at him.

He seemed to utilize his feet quite annoyingly. She had noted this to herself as he witnessed one of his legs move closer to her during his own strike. Perhaps she could cut them off first.... but then, he would be stuck on the ground, unable to move. Unless he released.... then, it would just be splattering more blood everywhere, in the chance that he would explode one of his own limbs.

If that happened, he was so coughing up every fucking penny he had.

As this was happening, Shiro could only look on in astonishment, watching every movement that her mother and father made.... the swords flashing.... the blades swinging.... the brief lights that flashed off of them, the effect of the wind trails as they fought.... it was strangely.... beautiful? Her fear was beginning to lessen, and she stared on, observing the fight. She wondered if she could go fetch Adalina to watch!

Nori grinned.

"Weed out, Nasuka."

Almost instantly, Nori's blade extended to the barbed quarter-staff it was known for, the end that was located where the hilt of his Zanpakuto had been long enough to block Tereya's strike. The barbs on Nasuka were big enough... and for the first time, Nori would utilize them effectively.

As Tereya's Zanpakuto hit Nasuka, Nori turned the opposite end, putting the blade of Tereya's sword behind one of the barbs. Now she couldn't pull it back! The end that was facing her, he willed to extend into her upper chest, so she couldn't simply move her head to avoid it, or lean back. If the barbs hit her, she'd probably be sluggish for the remainder of the fight...

And then the fight would be in Nori's advantage.

A growl escaped Tereya's throat, signaling an irritation as her weapon was captured.

It was no longer a matter of dodging anymore. She couldn't free her weapon at the moment, nor could she step aside in order to evade his blade. It seeemed like this time, Nori had a chance for a blow on her. There was no way in hell she could allow him to get an advantage on her! But what was she to do? The only way to escape being hurt--

....Ah, what the hell. It was worth a shot.

With a free hand, Tereya managed to catch the butt of Nasuka's staff, but found her arm being pushed back. She had to quickly lunge to grab the pole while the spikes ended up slicing the skin of her arm - a small victory on Nori's part. However, with that being said, that hand grasped onto the pole and pulled him inwards. Her sword hand parted with its weapon, balling into a fist and sending itself towards Nori's face.


Nori's mind raced, withing the few seconds that he had to consider his options, for a way to avoid Tereya's punch. While her husband could see it coming, he couldn't really do anything to dodge; the best he could do would be to move his head backwards as the punch struck, somewhat making it seem a little bit slower.

But it still hurt like hell. Fortunately -- even though it hurt like a bitch -- demons were built of sturdier stuff than most people.

"O-ow..." Nori groaned, rubbing the spot she had struck. Blood dripped from it, making Nori's hand a light red color. "Anyway... Now I'm going to do you the cliche of explaining... uhm... the poison... Is it poison? Your body's going to get lazy because you got cut by the Zanpakuto. There."

But it still hurt.


And now she was poisoned.

"That's great, and all, Hime...." She drawled, taking on a rather uncaring tone as she gripped Nasuka tighter. Her hands stung with pain over the barbs stabbing through the flesh, but she could've cared less. She allowed herself to take a step back, her body abruptly twisting. Her arm forcefully pulled the staff (with her opponent still with it), and she yanked Nori to her side before letting go, intending to toss him away like a ball. "But I really don't give a shit right now!!!!"


Ok, maybe that was a bit of a lie. She should've been giving a shit, now that her nerves were going to get impaired....

Guess she would have to accept the challenge, then....

"Y'know, Nami..."

Now laying face-up on the floor (such was the outcome of Tereya's throw), Nori sat there boredly, staring up at his wife with a little disdain. This was boring. He could feel the boredom in the air. True: at first, he only wanted to keep the money safe. But now this was a rematch! Now he could prove that when he won all those years ago (and he did win), it wasn't a fluke! Now he could prove to Tereya that she couldn't just do whatever she wanted to him, and not expect retaliation!

"Fuck the polite tone. Release now, or I'll kill you."

Her husband was upon her in an instant.

At point-blank range (where he brought himself immediately from his position on the floor with the use of kogeru), Nori unleashed a flurry of strikes and lunges at her, each one fueled by newfound determination. Not the old stuff. And he would actually kill her... Unless she chose to surrender.

Bailarin had long sinced not known of the fight... sitting in her room, she was too tired to take note. And one thing was worrying her, what was everyone doing...?

And why wasn't Senkaku, Hermosa, and Tristeza back?!

Adalina on the other hand was looking for Shiro... about ready to peak downstairs to see what the ruckus was. Even though Tristeza had told her not to.

The white-named girl was still looking on. Now, as Daddy fought furiously, Mommy fought just as hard, although being forced to resort to one hand. Sparks flew, and the swords flashed like wild lightning! However, there were signs of the woman slowing down - occasionally, Nori'd land a cut or two at a time on her body, mostly the arms and chest. However, they proved to be minor at the very least. In reality, the poison was simply being countered by her own adrenaline - a testament that was made by the ferally amused smile on her face.

At that moment, Senkaku and Hermosa ended up opening the door and stepping in.

"We're hooooooo....oooooooh, what the hell.....?!"

Immediately, the male Arrancar's cry was stopped, and he stared, stunned at husband and wife crossing swords so violently. Hermosa just slapped a hand to her forehead. What was with these two?!

"I...! told...! you...! to...! Release!"

During one of their sword clashes (whatever they were called), Nori parried Tereya's sword to her right. Then, to his right, he moved the opposite end of his staff, gripping the other end tightly with both hands (he didn't seem to register the pain from the barbs). Grinning, he swung it sideways in something of a mix between kendo and the swinging of a baseball bat. The resulting force would be enough to break any normal human in two and send him flying several miles over the city -- or, if there were buildings in the way, propel him through several of it's hard, stone walls before finally losing momentum!

It was Tereya's turn to grin.

"Tear It Up, Nokogiri."

And so, as she both avoided the strike by stepping back, as well as initiating a powerful two-handed vertical strike of her own, the power of the aura came to life. The enhanced blade's aura, ripping the very air with its presence, increased the cutting power of the weapon as it was swung. All it would take was one solid blow to gut and rip Nori's chest cavity from his body... it wasn't the flashiest of powers.... but it was damn well effective when put to good use.

As the two Arrancar looked on, Senkaku folded his arms across his chest and quirked an eyebrow, not yet looking at Hermosa. "Hermosa? You go on ahead...." He decided, looking on at the fight with mild intrest. "I'll stay back and watch this...."


With that, Hermosa allowed herself to walk briskly to the upstairs room, hoping that Bailarin would not react too much....

Bailarin was sitting in the same guest room as earlier, eyes in a book, dubbed, -How to age gracefully.-

Blasted Senkaku had got to her head, but she soon placed the book down and began to pace... "Where are they...?" Frowning, she placed her fingers to her lips pondering...

Tristeza only knew the reaction would be bad.

It didn't take long for Hermosa to reach the door.

Moving one of her containing arms close to the door, she grabbed the knob and twisted it open. She used her foot to push the door completely open. Mentally, she was preparing herself for what would happen, as well as the most likely questions: Why was Tristeza in such a condition? What had happened? What had Hermosa done to her....? She was too reluctant to think of that last question, as she knew it would be inferring that it was her fault.

Which it was.

But, still. All she had wanted was to give Tristeza a chance of feeling her old self once again! Maybe, if she awoke, she could help defend Tristeza's case! Maybe...

This time, Nori allowed himself to dodge. For the first time in the match! A quick side-step allowed him to avoid Tereya's strike, and he watched in horror as it hit the floor... And proceeded to rip it into a million pieces. "Seiiku!" He shouted, nevertheless.

From behind Tereya, a large growth in the shape of a giant arm ripped itself up from the floorboards, and tried to smash her in the back of the head. Maybe he could catch her off-guard...?

Tristeza was luckily; waking up.

Bailarin noticed the door opening, and the surprise insued. at a loss of words, she rushed directly infront of Hermosa. "W-wha---?!" "Why is her shirt bloody and torn?!" The first of the inquisition.

It was time to remain calm.

"It...." However, Hermosa was a bit hesitant to explain, wincing at the sudden intrusion of her personal space. "It was a sword wound I had delivered to her in the sparring match..." She had just blatantly said it was her fault for Tristeza's condition. "But, I assure you, she's fine...."

Tristeza was slowly turning her head to look to her wife's eyes.

Bailarin decided to take a step back, "Then why is she unconcious... what happened?" The last and most harsh question (that Hermosa knew was coming) would soon be out.

Tristeza mentally sighed... she loved her wife, but she was worrying too much.

As soon as Bailarin took a step back, Hermosa allowed herself to step into the room. "The fight got a little intense..." She admitted, her expression only showing apprehension in a minor manner. "She was just about to release her Segunda Etapa before I struck her. Before Senkaku managed to heal her, the wound was much worse, and she would've died if not for his intervention."

Back below...

With a simple flip, Tereya jumped over the massive fist, her blade swinging with her in order to deliver a deep gash in the large protrusion that came from the ground. She landed on her feet, performing another flip off of the fist.... before she used another Flash Step to rush at Nori in order to put him on the defensive. Little by little, she was once again beginning to feel Sasha's influence take over her....

"So you caus-..." The sentence was broke short with Tristeza's interruption. "It's fine Bailarin-koi... I'm okay now." Tristeza hoped this would be a suffecient answer...

Bailarin nodded, "Sorry... I w-was just worried..." She looked down in some shame. She had nearly gotten angry with Hermosa all over nothing.

"It's fine...." Hermosa was quick to forgive Bailarin, however. "Just allow me to rest her on the bed. All she needs is just that...."

Nori raised Nasuka in front of himself, barely able to react in time in order to defend against Tereya. He was too absorbed in the battle to notice Tereya's prediciment... "Is that really all you have, Nami..? I'm going to win~..." He taunted.

Bailarin nodded, "Okay..." Watching as her wife would be layed down. Bailarin herself removed the objects off the couch nearby, "You can place her here, I can watch her."

Tristeza muttered, "Think you can check up on Adalina and Shiro...?" Asking Hermosa, she could tell Bailarin would want a moment of privacy to talk.

Hermosa nodded, giving her a smile. She was no fool to such clear emotions, and would gladly grant both of the women some privacy. Inwardly, she hoped Bailarin wouldn't be too harsh on her.... "Yes...." She turned back around, walking around and leaving the room calmly, but in a brisk manner. As she left the room to go downstairs, she noticed Shiro sitting and eyeing what would be the fight taking place. She quirked an eyebrow. The child was seriously interested in watching her parents attempting to kill each other?

Another sword swing....


A loud scream tore through Tereya's head, and her eyes widened completely, her expression one of surprise. Then, it faded to one of pain, and she shut her eyes tight for a moment. Her mind had went from a state of battle-induced adrenaline to one of infectious madness. In the pain that was shooting through her head like a bullet, she was swinging wildly at Nori, recklessly as if he was the source of her pain. It was agonizing!!!

And the sad part was....

....she knew what it was.


What was happening?

Tereya's strikes... Were getting sloppy. What had first been an effort was now becoming easier. As she became more reckless, he was easily able to block her strikes more easily, though it required more strength because of the power she was putting into it.

Was something wrong?

Return of Sasha[]

"Nami..." Nori began, frowning. As he made conversation, he jabbed at her absent-mindedly, in order to keep the fight going. "If something's wrong... and you want to just stop and call it a draw, I won't mind." He wouldn't even joke about him winning it afterwards!


With one last swipe, Tereya couldn't maintain her attacks anymore. She hadn't even registered Nori's voice, as she dropped her sword to the ground. Her hands went to her face, and her vision began spinning around uncontrollably. She staggered, her once normal breaths becoming audible, ragged, and pained. Sweat was going down her arms at a rapid rate, and her internal organs were functioning at a demonic rate, their heat burning the very nerves of her body. But the worst of it all was the painful, dark, and twisted energy tearing its way through her soul.... ripping at its very threads....

She couldn't hold it in anymore.

She screamed.

It was a loud, inhuman, and bone-curdling sound that went throughout the entire household. She fell to her knees, shaking her head violently. From the heat, she could feel blood pooling from the mouth and onto the floor. Oh, God, everything fucking hurt!!! What was going on?!

Nori flinched.

The gasped.

Hurrying to his wife, he threw his sword away, holding her dearly. He shouldn't have asked to fight her. He could feel it now, that bitch was going to try and take his wife away from him again... He wouldn't have it. He hugged her tight, in spite of her struggling, and pressed her head against his chest.

Nori could tell he would regret getting this close while she was turning.

"It's okay, Nami... It's okay... You can beat her.. you can bear it... everything's going to be okay..." He lied.

Adalina stayed well behind the stairs. She had seen glimpses of the fight... and it was horrible, all she wanted to do was shut out the noise, screams, and sound of battle...

Then the energy was felt...

Adalina's mind was on the fritz. Everything seemed so wrong... the pressure...

"U-ugn..." She wanted to puke, all she wanted to do was run. Gripping her arms, the pressure felt like it would crush her bones in half...

On the other hand, the other child spectator stayed silent, watching every bit of it without the slightest bit of emotion. Her blank eyes observed her mother even through the pained screams that she was emitting. Her hands were pressed against his chest, fingers digging into his shirt in instinctively blind actions. Her face was buried in his shoulder, muffling the screams as she fought to rip back the control she had, but quickly found it slipping away. It only got worse.... muscles were constricting, her heart beat was racing, and, in a general sense, the woman's organs were like an engine running on overtime. The fight was simply ravaging her body too quickly to be simply quelled down.

And, as Nori held her....

....the sensation of claws grasping themselves on his shoulder could be felt.

And that's when Shiro's eyes changed to give off a look of fear.

Immediately, without acknowledging the girl's own sickness, she went into a panic attack of her own. Blindly, she rushed at Adalina, arms immediately wrapping around the girl's waist and tightening. She needed something to hold onto, something that would shut out the screams that were going on!! SOmething that would shut out....


Her husband winced. "N-Nami..." He muttered reassuringly, hoping both to convince himself that the person he was holding was still his wife, and that his voice would comfort her. One of his hands rubbed the back of his head... He could feel her saliva soaking through his shirt... And as she screamed and struggled, he held her tighter than ever.

Adalina held on to Shiro as well, her breathing hitched. All she wanted was to stop it all... and Shiro would be the only comfort she had.

Tristeza looked to Bailarin, "I know your not happy..." Bailarin didn't take any time to retort, "Unhappy? I was scared to death for you! I thought you were dead when she carried you in like that!"

A slow hissing noise could be heard from behind Nori.... animalistic.... low.... and close.

....and Hermosa was just managing to come down the stairs and take note of it.

"What the....?" Was all she could mutter, too astonished by the spiritual pressure in order to move for a moment. What in the world was this? For a moment, her spiritual senses were impeded by what she would've called a fog, a dense pressure that was seeping throughout the entire room. It was chilling.... frightening..... she even shuddered a little, her expression showing her surprise for a moment.

What was this?

Nori didn't want to look...

... But ended up doing so anyway; instictively; reflexively; out of fear and confusion and horror. His wife was still in front of him, so it couldn't be her. It couldn't... She had to take over Tereya's body to exist. So what was it...? Some animal? Probably an illusion...

The annoying bitch was going to mindfuck him again.

It happened as soon as he did.

Her canine fangs sank right into his face. Her claws sank deeper into her shoulder, forcing him to stay still While she did so. There was no words spoken, no taunts, and no promises. Only the actions of one seeking to kill, one seeking to feast. His attacker would not show mercy on Nori anymore. He had proved himself to be worthless and pointless in her hands, far too weak for her tastes. As she did so, Tereya seemed to go limp, having long fallen unconscious due to the agonizing pain.


Now, Nori was screaming. Futiley, he attempted to push her off of him... then to bite back... then to kick her... All of his attempts were reduced to nothing. Tears streamed down his facde. What would she do to Tereya, his guests; his family, once she was done with him..?

Adalina was scared, she was holding Shiro tighter... she wanted it all to end!

Bailarin noticed the second scream and vanished, "I'll be back..." Tristeza wanted to help... but she knew she couldn't in this condition. Vanishing beside Hermosa, she looked to Tereya. "It's her." Bailarin remembered the last time they had seen Sasha. And that was back when she could care less about the two Haruo lovers. Charging her hand full of Reishi, Bailarin would burn a hole through the woman's back...

Even if Sasha wasn't tired. Didn't mean the fight from eariler hadn't worn out her host's body.

That was when Hermosa had snapped out of it.


Then, Nori's screams came to her ears. Sasha had not paid any mind to any of this, her full concentration on hacking viciously at her target's face. She nagged at him like a worrying dog on a bone, creating as much pain as possible for the trapped man. However, Hermosa's eyes seemed to snap back to an alert position, and she now could sense the foreign presence directly behind Nori. Immediately, she ran forth with a yell. "Haruo-san!"

If Bailarin didn't act soon....

Nori would be killed.

Bailarin did act.

Twin Bala sizzled through the air, and carved their beings directly into the target's body. The pressure would be enough to burn a hole in her shoulder and area over her heart... and enough pressure to snap the bones of her shoulder or the ribs that she had uninjured. "Sorry about this Tereya."

She prayed it didn't hit the heart or lungs.

The Bala blasts slammed into Sasha's back, making her stop immediately. For a moment, she stared at Nori with widened eyes. Then, without hesitation, she reared up and stumbled away from the body, before dissipating completely. At this moment, Tereya was now sweating heavily, her cheeks lined with a red blush as she slept unwillingly. Her breathing was still heavy, although it was no longer erratic. But it was clear that something was seriously wrong with the woman.

"Moreado...what was that....?" Hermosa managed to finally gasp out.

Nori collasped.

The blood leaking from his face; his gouged eyes, torn lips; his cheeks, which now had holes in them, leaving him with several mouths instead of just one; all of it was quickly pooling on the floor in a thick, gooey, crimson pile. It was going to stain the floor!

"O... Ohhh..." Nori moaned, signaling consciousness. He stirred slightly, but each movement only provoked another groan, as well as more blood spurting from his wounds.

"Sasha... it's the little problem most Vizard go through, an Inner Hollow." "And she's Tereya's..." Bailarin sighed as she walked over to both Nori and Tereya.

Adalina on the other hand noticed the lack of dark energy, "I-it's over?"


It was here that Shiro finally allowed herself to snap out of her own frightened mania, her vicious hold on Adalina finally releasing itself. The young black-haired girl ran towards both of her incapacitated parents, a clearly worried expression on her face. "Mommy?" She spoke up once again, her voice cracking bit-by-bit as she said the word. That bad woman had hurt both of them! But.... she couldn't do anything about it, and that was the thing that was tearing at her heart. Her parents had done so much for her....

....why couldn't she do the same?

Bailarin looked down at them both. She couldn't heal... but she expected Sasha would be giving some self-regeneration... Nori would be fine. It was only a few slashes... not an artery slashed off or anything too serious. "She's asleep right now Shiro... she needs some rest."

Adalina just listened, it was so odd... that feeling. It was horrifying and as if it were sheer hate... Adalina had never felt that much hate. If hate could be felt...

Which it was near the end of the screams...

"Sen." This was where Hermosa turned over towards the said Arrancar's direction. He had been the first one to take notice of the entire situation. It was strange; why had he not moved at all, or even spoke? "Nori-san's face has been gashed... you mind helping him out?" It was a shame she had such blind eyes.... for she would've seen the Arrancar fully and how he was reacting. Taken from what she could, she heard nothing but silence on the other end of her question. She quirked an eyebrow.


He had been frozen.

His eyes had gone blank, pupils shrunken out of intimidation and fear. His skin seemed to have gotten a bit paler, and his body was shivering slightly. For a moment, he could've sworn his own heart had stopped beating. It had been the very effect of the spiritual pressure that he had just escaped from.... and his mind was now riddled with sheer terror, rationality and mobility having been stripped away from him.

Bailarin walked over to Tereya, glancing at her, she removed both Nori and Tereya's body, seperating them both, and lining them side by side. Examining the wounds dealt to Tereya... she sighed, this wasn't good.

It was lucky that Bailarin was the calm one of the group, and Tristeza wouldn't have been so merciful to Sasha...

Adalina rushed up to her room, this was too much to handle. She knew tonight there would be nightmares a plenty.


Immediately, Hermosa's hand ran across Senkaku's face with a hurtful intent, and he staggered back, clutching his cheek. He stared at his other half with what seemed like anger and shock. However, this faded away quickly, and he realized what she had just said. "O...oh, right....I...I'm on it...." He muttered, immediately rushing over to Nori's side and kneeling down. A hand pressed to the man's face carefully, and he concentrated his own healing powers in order to restore at least the majority of the face.

Bailarin moved out of the way, and stayed silent. Sitting directly to the side of Tereya. She looked down at the closed eyes of the woman, as if trying to read the woman's inner mind.

Bailarin didn't take kindly to some inner demon attacking her family and friends. Giving a small signal into the mind of Tereya through the touch of her hand, she hoped Sasha would get the message of war.

Next time you won't be so lucky...

Inner Hollows weren't immortal... nothing was.

She was holding his face.

Kill it. Kill her. Kill it.

Nori couldn't see. The blood was running over his eyes. But she was holding his face.

Kill her. Do it. Kill her. Get up. Kill her.


Senkaku was launched up into the air and pinned to the ceiling by a wall of massive flesh. No skin, no muscle, no bone; just the flesh that Nori was continously generating from his arm. The sheer magnitude of it filled up the room quickly, leaving a red liquid that looked like watered-down blood to soak the floor. He'd crush her! Kill her, then rip her body limb from limb before devouring her in a fit of triumph.

Nori's face would be able to heal on it's own while he was in his Demon Form.


Of course, Senkaku wasn't so happy to be on the recieving end on such a blow. His Hierro was more than enough to withstand such pressure to his person. However, the fact that Nori attacked him jarred a big nerve. His hands and knees were pressed against the flesh pinning him, his back against the ceiling wall. And, had he still was on the fact that Nori was an ally, he would've unleashed a Cero to destroy the man right then and there.

"Nori-san, take it easy!" Hermosa insisted, raising her arms up. "It's just Senkaku! Sasha's gone now!" At least, for now....

At her father's display of force, Shiro immediately re-coiled back, hands pressed to mouth in horror. Her eyes shone with fear, and she immediately started to retreat. Going with Adalina seemed like a good choice right now.... at this area, it was much too hostile, and way too hectic....

Bailarin didn't hesitate, letting go of Tereya's face, she used her most effecient method to take him out. With a flick of her wrist, her Hell-Blade was now out, and made it's way into the place where the flesh was starting from, hoping to decapitate the attack into a mere nub.

Bailarin knew something like this would happen... she just didn't think so quickly.

It had been a long time since she had seen or experienced the Demon Form...


Nori appeared in front of her that very instant. She attacked, so she must be Sasha. She hurt him. She cut a piece of him. She tried to eat him. Nori's ribcage burst from his chest and opened like a giant, deranged mouth, as it attempted to eat Bailarin whole. His eyes were a milk color... Was he blind at the moment?

This allowed Senkaku to fall from the ceiling, eyes staring on in dumbfounded shock as he watched Nori indiscriminately attack Bailarin. "What the hell is wrong with him?!" As he landed on his feet, his gaze drifted towards the young girl who had now fallen to her knees, completely paralyzed with fear. She couldn't run now.... she was far too close, and he would catch her in an instant... all she could do was lay on her side, curl into a ball, and silently sob to herself.

Bailarin frowned, using her free fist, she used a swift display of Sonido to crash into the nearly opened mouth coming from Nori's chest...

Her strength was well known to Hell Hunters. Bael and various other Cardinals would remember quite distinctly. It would obliterate his attack, and snap his chest bone into tiny pieces...

Apparently, the woman had forgotten Nori's abilities.

It was true, Bailarin's punch shattered most of the bones in Nori's chest... But he was able to recover quickly. Pounds and pounds of muscle mass collected beneath his skin, and after a few miliseconds, he was able simply toss Bailarin off of him, before dashing at her again, shattering the very floorboards as he did so.

Nori would kill Sasha, no matter how she resisted, or whatever way she was using to disguise herself. He owed his family that much.

Bailarin waited, and didn't stop as he was coming closer. He could regenerate, but burnt wounds wouldn't heal. Gripping her Hell-Blade, she applied pressure to it's jagged serrated teeth, and used it to make a ferocious attack, a horizontal blow meant to strike from one shoulder to his chest, and to the other shoulder.

Nori took it like a man. As the blade slashed through him, the momentum was enough to keep him moving towards Bailarin, as well as crash into her. Nori growled... He wanted to move... but couldn't? The wounds weren't healing fast enough... Or, at least, not as fast as they usually would. Was he running out of reiatsu?

Bailarin smirked, "You forgot dear Nori..." Pulling the blade off her hip with a free hand, was her Zanpakuto. Charging it with equel burning energy, she gave various cuts and slashes to his form, the moment his body kept trying to heal him would be futile... his body would waste it's own reserves on energy for something that it could not heal...

"Stay down!"

Further attacks would provoke Nori even more. Therefore, Hermosa was quick to stay out of the two combatant's way, instead deciding to focus on Senkaku. At the loss of focus in his direction, he had managed on his feet safely, staring at Nori with newfound surprise. "Has he gone nuts?!" He managed to whisper. Furthermore.... he was idly wondering why Bailarin had not hesitated to attack Nori instead of trying to snap him out of it. They could only observe the fight, fearing the worst if they attempted to assist Bailarin. After all, the woman could handle herself, right? There was no doubt about tha--


One final scream cut through the tense atmosphere.


Finally having the last of her rationality snapped, she clutched her head, shut her eyes, and let out a loud scream straight from her rapid heart. Then, without hesitation, she turned and started running blindly up the steps, tears running down her eyes in her panic. She wanted to get away from it all.... the violence, the mania, the hysteria.... it was too much! Where was Adalina? She needed Adalina....

Nori whimpered. Had Sasha tamed him again...? She did... Didn't she...? But, if she was subduing him, it meant that he was useful to her again! She wasn't going to kill him, and she'd keep his family alive in order to keep him submissive...

Keeping his head down, Nori deactivated his Demon Form, and didn't move. Sasha could do what she wanted with him.

Bailarin placed her hand on him, she knew how this worked. She had to place more power into her stance, to appear in control. And Nori believed it... even if in a distorted sense.

"Stay down... and go to sleep..."

Adalina on the other hand, was rushing downstairs, that was the scream of Shiro. She knew it, looking to the girl, she instantly grasped both arms around the girl, "S'okay!" she hugged even tighter, closing her eyes. There was too much chaos for one day...

Adalina had came out of her own fear to help someone else.

This would be the same for most people in her life for the future.

Shiro fell into Adalina's arms, sobbing as she held on for dear life. "A....adalina.....!!!!" She could only manage to stutter out in her tears, embracing the older girl as tight as she could. It was such a saddening sight... a rather emotional burden having to watch such things unfold in front of her eyes. She refused to let go, as the only thing that was keeping her from losing mind was the person that was embracing her.

Nori calmed himself.

Almost immediately, he passed out in obedience, the body that had been so tense, agile, and fearsome before now reduced to a pathetic stillness. His cuts has healed themselves. He was leaking no more fluids. But, if they were allowed the heal this way, not only would Nori's face be scarred beyond recognition, the clumped together tissue would make it difficult for him to move, due to how they had healed.

Adalina held the girl, stroking the back of her head, "You'll be okay... everything's fine now..." The fear had to be washed away... it had to be peeled off...

Bailarin looked to Senkaku, "Heal him... now." She was firm, "Now." He couldn't be left to be so disfigured... and with that said, she made her way back over to Tereya... and placed her hands once more to the woman's temples...

Hoping to find out if the call to Sasha was received...

Did you hear me...?

"Y...yes...." Senkaku was quick to acknowledge her, running over to the man (after he was sure the guy wouldn't attack again). Pressing a hand to the man's face, he once again began to summon up the necessary water to his aid, doing his best to fix whatever was needed.

And through Bailarin's own head.... a chill was forced down the woman's spine. Through what only Bailarin could hear, a feminine, yet sinister chuckle rang through her mind. "Such a threat, coming from you.... I would've expected something better than empty promises." Her tone was as menacing as it was taunting, enjoying to jeer the woman as much as possible.

Empty...? You attempted to harm my family and friends... You come near my wife or daughter... and I assure you, a physical body won't keep me from you, witch.

Bailarin wasn't going to back down despite the chill that echoed through her spine. It felt... nervewracking to feel it so directly.

"Ah....feisty....!!" If anything, Sasha's tone grew more amused by the second. At that instant, the feeling of nails digging and scratching slowly across Bailarin's spine could be felt. And despite the voice being only into the head, one would've sworn it was right behind her. "I like that within my quarry.... that oh-so-ridiculous desire to protect their precious loved ones...." Her voice took on an alluring tone, though still retaining mockery. "It brings the blood to boil and every muscle in their body. The emotion brings out the delicacy in you, Bailarin-chan...."

That was followed by another chuckle, expressing Sasha's real lack of concern towards the threats.

The feeling was growing out of control, "Y-you... stop..." she was growing chilled, and that tone was breaking down mental defenses... "I'm not yours to play with..." "And neither is my personal family..."

"You Hollows are so cocky... but remember, your the one living in someone, being a parasite rather then the true host... If you were trully powerful... you'd be out here, and all of us would be dead, wouldn't we?"

This made the claws dig into her back out of an indignant nature. "Wench!!" She growled, her voice taking on a slightly vicious tone at the insulting remark. "I would not put myself into a position of ease just yet. Do not worry...." One of her hands found its way around Bailarin's neck, the fingernails acting like a knife pressed up against the flesh of her throat. "We will meet face-to-face soon enough.... and I'll give you the honor of making that empty promise full...."

L-let go! Nnnngh! The hand around her throat was causing her to lose her tract of air. Hissing, she pulled back, and let the connection go...

She knew the woman was not one to mess with... but Bailarin would do anything to protect her family. No matter what the parasite thought of it all...

Little did she know... Sasha's freedom would most likely be sooner then planned... and their problems would be joined by another's aid... her host being Batalla Serenata...

"Bailarin! There's something up with Tereya-san...."

Immediately, Senkaku's voice was the first one to reach her, his figure leaning over the woman as well as her husband's. He nodded his head in the direction, for the beads of sweat on the skin showing on her body was quite prominent. She was still unconscious, but was now uttering low moans and twisting about. Hermosa crouched over her figure, one hand on her head. "A fever.... she's burning up!" She remarked.

Looking back to her, Bailarin prayed this wasn't her fault. "Adalina... Shiro, go upstairs with Tristeza, okay?" She looked to them, she knew Adalina would take the lead for neccesary.

Placing her hand on her head, "There has to be a way to cool her off..."

There was no good response from Shiro, only silent sobs as she continued to rest in the other girl's arms. So, it would be up to Adalina to decide whatever.

Senkaku quirked an eyebrow. "Are you kidding me? What it sounds like is a fever." He stated confidently. "There's nothing serious to worry about....yet.... just use whatever methods that would help a fever in order to help her out."

Adalina picked up Shiro, despite the weight, and walked off to the stairway, as Bailarin had said. It would be safer with an adult... and they wouldn't have to be in the chaos anymore.

"Whether it is or not... everything that happened just now with Sasha, means that later problems are also not good." Bailarin looked to him, "Get a wet rag, we'll keep it cool so that she won't burn up."

Indignantly, Senkaku growled, giving her a rather annoyed glare. "Do I look like I can do two things at once? Get it yourself!" Currently, he was in the process of trying to "fix" Nori's healing so that the damage wouldn't be too long-lasting. If he left now, all of that work would be all for naught. Plus, the after-tension was getting to him.... nearly being crushed, having the crap scared out of him, and now worrying about saving them was not helping at all.

"Tch." Bailarin wasn't in the mood for the sass, using Sonido to gather a cloth, she placed it under the sink, getting ice cold water on the cloth. Without another thought, she was back... placing the cloth on Tereya's head, and holding it there.

"And on a Friday..." "Ugh...."

"N... Nngh..."

Nori was making it easy for Senkaku. His body didn't move at all during the healing process, aside from the occassional twitch or limb switching positions to make it more comfortable. However, the man's expression wasn't a very happy one... Or, at least, whatever expression that could be derived from under the facial damage.

"God damn it...." Senkaku cursed softly. "Why does this shit always have to happen? Ugh...." He continued to work as quickly as he could, moving his hands once the previous spots were healed well enough. "I wonder how'd the gang back in Hueco Mundo would react to this...."

Bailarin knew at this point, that things were going to stay bad. After Nori and Tereya were healed of their respective injuries... it'd be a long road to emotional and mental recovery.

Would Senkaku and Hermosa be staying to help? Or would they return to their group? Most likely the latter...

Sure enough....

"Bailarin.... this might not be the best time, but...." Senkaku hesitated as he said the words, continuing to focus. "After we finish up with these two, Hermosa and I will have to leave. The gang back in Hueco Mundo'll wonder where the hell have we ran off to if we stay in the Living Realm for too long." At this, Hermosa gave a rather quizzical look, but a look over his shoulder stopped her from asking any questions.

Truthfully, he felt now he shouldn't have been sticking his nose into their business in the first place....

"I see..." Bailarin kept her mouth shut. Whether they left or not didn't matter... they'd of course have to leave. But these were 'family' matters anyhow... kinda. Sighing, she switched the side of the rag that lay on Tereya's head, providing further cooling...

I need to be the freaking medic apparently... Bailarin couldn't really rely on anyone at the moment. And that only increased her tense nature.


With the last finishing touches, Senkaku stepped away from his patient and flexed his hands a little. "As of normal, his regeneration will take care of the rest. The only side effects'd be a few aches and pains when he wakes up...." He concluded, giving a brief nod to Bailarin. "And.... I do hope this situation gets taken care of quickly. The next time I'm here, I'll try to help as best as I can." Hermosa, having understood the silent message given to her, walked over to Bailarin and gave her a polite bow.

"Thank you for letting us stay here, even if it was for a brief moment...."

"Good..." Bailarin muttered, and then glanced back to Senkaku and Hermosa, giving an attempt to lighten the mood. "Maybe you'll be holding hands next time, eh?" It was a sad attempt, and all Mareado could think about was trying to figure out Sasha...

Tristeza lay upstairs, watching the kids... these next weeks would suck horribly.

Oh so horrible... Tristeza assumed this took back her punishment from Bailarin. But due to her condition, she doubted that anything would happen.