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Umi is continuing her fight with 6th Espada Asesino. Asesino has barely sustained injury meanwhile Umi's left arm is broken and has a fractured rib. Asesino stares the girl down impressed by her will and courage.

"I must say girl for a lieutnant you fight like a captain, its rather impressive actually" said Asesino in a rather sincere voice. Without warning Asesino slammed his hammer at the ground resulting in a giant shockwave, Umi used her wings as a shiled to protect her self. When the sand cleared Umi was on one knee gasping for air but she got back to her feet almost instantly. "You truly are something to behold, even Isabella-sama would admire you". Umi looked at the Espada confused at why another woman was mentioned in his compliment. Asesino grabed his hammer and broke the top off of it revealing a sharp spear.

"My sister would have been proud to see a strong woman such as yourself..... Umi because you have shown such courage, I shall show you my power" said Asesino. He rushed in piercing Umi through the chest, "You were a brave fighter and for that you have my gratitude" he said. He pulled her off the spear and let her body drop to the ground. Asesino turned his back and started to walk away but he was quickly shot through his arm with a blast from Hado #4 Byakurai (White Lighting). Asesino looked over his shoulder to see Umi still on the ground with her finger in the air pointing straight at him. Asesino actually cracked a smile, "You just don't give up do you?" he asked. "Hell no" Umi said with confidence, she slowly rose to her feet again her wings began to glow. "I am the lieutenant of the 5th Division, I am not weak, and I will defeat those who opose my captain" she said now with tears flowing from her eyes. She looked at her sleeping captain, "Sir I will make you proud" said Umi as she glared at her opponent.


Octavio manages to take down 2nd Division captain Hide Yamatoro

Meanwhile back in the human world Hide Yamatoro layed on the ground in a pool of her own blood while 8th Espada Octavio stood over her barely breathing body.

"Damn babe you actaully made me use my release form" said Octavio as he wiped his forehead of blood and sweat. He then picked up her body and opened up Garganta to return to Hueco Mundo.

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