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"I'm sure you realize just how much of a burden it would be for raise the 'next you' up in the same way as the 'current you'."
—Mayuri Kurotsuchi to Nemuri Nanagō
Nemu Kurotsuchi
Name Nemu Kurotsuchi
Kanji 涅 ネム
Romaji Kurotsuchi Nemu
Race Enhanced Artificial Soul
Birthday September 17
Age 10
Gender Female
Height 4'6"
Weight 68 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Mayuri Kurotsuchi
Gotei 13
Twelfth Division
Department of Research and Development
Occupation Lieutenant of the Twelfth Division
Team Twelfth Division (Fanon)
Partner Mayuri Kurotsuchi
Base of Operations Twelfth Division Barracks
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Mayuri Kurotsuchi ('father'/genetic source)
Nemu Kurotsuchi ('older sister'/preceding unit)
Education Mayuri Kurotsuchi
Status Active
Shikai Not Yet Revealed
Bankai Not Yet Achieved

Nemu Kurotsuchi (涅 ネム, Kurotsuchi Nemu), official designation Nemuri Hachigō (眠八號, Sleeping Number Eight) is the eight edition in the Nemuri Project (眠企画, Nemuri Kikaku). She was the replacement constructed by Mayuri after the death of her previous incarnation, Nemuri Nanagō (眠七號, Sleeping Number 7), and was created shortly after the end of the war with the Wandenreich.

Despite her young age, the improvements Mayuri has made to the eighth model have already insured her position as his assistant within the Department of Research and Development, as well as Lieutenant of the Twelfth Division, making her the youngest to attain such a position.



Nemu Kurotsuchi.

As she was based on a much more complete model than her previous incarnations, Nemu retains the appearance the seventh incarnation had in her youth. She possesses a fair complexion with green eyes, and raven hair, cut short to her neck, with bangs hanging low to frame her face. While on active duty as a Shinigami, Nemu wears a standard Shihakushō with no real alterations. While working in the Department of Research and Development, her attire is vastly different, consisting of a simple white robe, as opposed to the normal lab coat worn by the other staff.

Despite being created using Mayuri's genetics, the same as the original Nemu, there is no real trace of Mayuri's physical features in Nemu.



End of the Past Life[]


The death of Nemu.

The current Nemu's life began when the previous incarnation of Nemu's life was extinguished. In a fierce battle with Pernida Parnkgjas, Nemu entered Slaughter Mode, utilizing an explosive burst of power by pushing her bodily systems to within 0.8% of its threshold. Determined to protect Mayuri, Nemu fought in his stead, much to her father's disgrace. In this enhanced state, she saved Mayuri from certain death, and destroyed two of Pernida's clones, however, the second one utilized the pieces of its own shattered form to pierce Nemu with its nerves. Nemu's body was then contorted and ripped to shreds, exploding into nothing but gore; her last thoughts were of Mayuri.

Pernida devoured the remains of Nemu; everything except the brain. This proved detrimental, as he consumed the Forced Accelerated Cellular Breakdown Organ within Nemu's pituitary gland, an organ which ensured Nemu's survival beyond the life exception of her previous incarnation. As he consumed Nemu's body without her cerebrum, the enhanced regeneration caused Pernida's death in an explosion of gore; an ironic but fitting it.

Utilizing the remains of her brain, Mayuri set about creating the 'next' Nemu after the end of the war with the Wandenreich, and the defeat of Yhwach.

The Cycle of Rebirth[]


The mental remnants of Nemuri Nanagō being incorporated into Nemuri Hachigō.


Nemuri Hachigō is born.

Powers and Abilities[]

Physical Abilities[]

Physical Attributes[]

Ways of Combat[]

Spiritual Abilities[]


Other Skills[]