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Nekotsume (lit Cat Claw) is the Zanpakutou of Rika Koneko. It is a Melee-Type and Dual-Blade Type Zanpakutou.

Sealed State[]

Nekotsume doesn't have a Sealed State. However, it is not a Constant-Release Type Zanpakutou. It still has a Release Command, but the Shikai just appears when the Release Command is stated. However, with her cat mind, Rika says the Release Command with a cat noise, so the Release Command is unknown unless the listener can understand cats.


When Rika says the release command, which sounds just like a generic can meow due to her cat mind, a pair of red gloves appear on Rika's hands. The fingers of both gloves each have a long katana-like blade protruding from the end, each roughly a foot in length.

Shikai Abilities[]

Rika is able to make very fast and very rapid attacks. She can easily overwhelm the enemy with the sheer number and sheer speed of her strikes. But due to Rika speaking with cat noises, the names of her attacks are unknown.

  • Attack #1 - Rika dashes at the enemy and lets loose a flurry of claw strikes that come so rapidly and so quickly that the opponent is forced to remain on the defensive until the assault stops. And due to Rika's near limitless stamina, the assault often can only end when interrupted.
  • Attack #2 - Rika arranges her fingers so that all five blades are pointing forward and brings them close together. This turns the five blades into basically a club that deals minor cuts with each strike along with blunt damage.
  • Attack #3 - Similar to Attack #2, except she does not close the blades together, thereby equipping Rika with a five blades in a circle that she stabs into the enemy.
  • Attack #4 - Rika's special attack is where she slashes her claw blades to send a crescent-shaped wave of purple energy at the enemy. It deals burns to the enemy as well as cutting, suggesting it is related to her Violet Flame.
  • Attack #5 - Basically Rika coats her blades and hands in Violet Flame so as to burn the enemy as well as cut them. The heat of the flames will also tire out the enemy and drain their stamina by making them sweat from the radiated heat.


Rika has yet to learn Bankai. And she likely never will, since her Zanpakutou does not have a spirit.

Bankai Abilities[]


Zanpakutou Spirit[]

Rika's Zanpakutou doesn't have a spirit. It's believed that the spirit was consumed by Rika's inner Hollow.


  • Kuro, known as "Captain Kuro" and "Kuro of a Thousand Plans" is a villain from One Piece who wields a similar weapon to Rika's Shikai.