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Nawabi is a Shinigami only seen briefly in a fight against Ticky. He was the current 3rd seat of an unknown division in the Gotei 13. He was later killed and devoured by Greed.


Nawabi wears the standard Shinigami outfit, with an added hood. He also wears bandages on his neck and forehead, hiding his hair. He has quite sharp facial features, including cat-like eyes and sharp teeth. He also has purple markings running down his eyes.


Not much is known about Nawabi's background. He was first seen challenging Ticky for a match, as he thought eliminating a "betrayer" would upgrade him to Lieutenant. However, Nawabi quickly realized that he did not stand a chance against Ticky, even with his Shikai activated. Greed then appeared before the two battling Shinigami and devoured Nawabi.

Abilities and Powers:[]

Spiritual Pressure: As a 3rd seat officer, Nawabi has developed strong spiritual pressure. His Reiatsu is purple.


Kuchi Komi (Grapevine) is Nawabi's Zanpakuto. It takes the shape of a regular katana with a green hilt and a circular guard with three holes left to the blade.

Shikai: With the command "Climb", in which he thrusts his palm into the tip of the blade, flattening it. When his hand reaches the guard, he swiftly takes it away, and a tangle of a black rope is shown. The blade has thereby turned into a very long, black rope with a purple lozenge/diamond-shaped tip. Nawabi is extremely proficient at manipulating Kuchi Komi, using it as a whip, binding opponents with it or piercing them with the tip is only a few of his quirks.

Shikai Special Abilities: Aside from its very effective form, Kuchi Komi can turn its whip-like form into a rubber-like material to stretch with the command "Bend". Therefore, its strength and range can be enhanced, the former due to the contracting power of rubber, and the latter for its stretching properties.

Bankai: Not yet achieved.