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The Nagakura Family (長倉家族, Nagakura Kazoku) is an an old, prestigious and high-ranking noble family well-known within the Soul Society for producing capable Shinigami. Some of its members are renowned for their incredible laziness, general poor attitude, over confidence in their own abilities and love for gambling and other social indulgences, namely alcohol. There are a select few, however, who are hard-working and helpful, breaking tradition. The 22nd Family Head is Shin Nagakura.

The bloodline of the Fōrun-juu run strongly in the clan, even though not all inherit the animalistic powers associated with the race, suggesting its a recessive trait. In fact of the current generation, only Riki Nagakura has shown the potential. In addition, two of the Families members have been Captains in the Gotei 13: Shin and his great-great-grandmother.



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