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Mysterious Woman Profile 2
Name ?
Kanji ?
Romaji ?
Race Arrancar(?)
Birthday ?
Age ?
Gender Female
Height 180 cm (6'0" feet)
Weight ?
Blood Type ?
Professional Status
Affiliation ?
Previous Affiliation ?
Occupation ?
Previous Occupation ?
Team ?
Previous Team ?
Partner ?
Previous Partner ?
Base of Operations Hueco Mundo
Personal Status
Marital Status ?
Relatives ?
Education ?
Status Active
Resurrección ?

This mysterious woman has been observed by the Arrancar Army in the depths of Hueco Mundo. It is unknown if she is an Arrancar at all, or something entirely different. It is assumed that she possess enormous power, as even the Espada has been given the order to flee on sight if they spot her.


Full body Mysterious woman

The Mysterious Woman's General Appearance

The mysterious woman takes on the appearance of a rather youthful, tall female with black hair reaching the middle of her back. She has pale skin, dark-brown eyes and a rather distinctive nose. Oddly enough, she does not seem to possess a Hollow Mask remnants nor a Hollow Hole. She has a rather small face and quite large eyes. Though a female, she easily dwarfs many males with her 183 centimeters (6'0" feet). She wears a black v-neck top with a zipper running along the entire length of the top. The zipper is often dragged over halfway down, exposing her cleavage. Her lower body is covered by a rather long sarong, which almost reaches her feet. She also seems to constantly carry a bag over her left shoulder. The Mysterious Woman apparently likes flowers, judging the flower pattern on her shirt and skirt.


Not much is known about the Mysterious Woman's personality, but she is apparently a very cunning, cool individual. Judging the way she's referred to by The Leader, the mysterious woman is very cruel and discompassionate, willing to harm anyone that get in her way. However, judging what's been seen so far, the Mysterious Woman is polite, serious and fairly realistic.