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This article, Muramasa's Army, was added by Seireitou who determines its usage on this wiki.

Muramasa's Army, otherwise officially reffed to as Muramasa's Assault Forces (突撃部隊, totsugeki butai) is the grand imperial army which took over the Seireitei in Bleach Nagareboshi - Hoiten'un Shirokami. It is known to have over millions upon millions of soldiers; hollow, vizard, shinigami, arrancar, and strange creatures make up their ranks. The force itself is not officially led by Muramasa; Muramasa acts as the Kyūkyoku Shireikan, or Ultimate Commander. The army is officially led my the eldest son of Muramasa, Ryuusei Takura.

Significant Officers & Subordinates[]

  • Ryūsei Takura
  • Ashura Takura
  • Jinkura Takura
  • Yōzei Kyūshū
  • Kyōtō Kaishō
  • Minamoto Hideyoshi
  • Taisa Sanshirō
  • Aoijiroi Kaījin
  • Shirayuki Ashara
  • Getsuga
  • Tenshō
  • Shōkai Kaminaze
  • Kamikaze Mikōtō
  • Zashiki Konoma
  • Hiroma Doma
  • Ilbon Kamakura
  • Kabuki Haiku