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"I loathe perfection. If something is perfect, then there is nothing left. There is no room for imagination. No place left for a person to gain additional knowledge or abilities. Do you know what that means? For scientists such as ourselves, perfection only brings despair."

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Mukei Rakuin (lit. Spiritual Marksman) is the 3rd Seat of the 1st Division

Mukei Rakuin
[[File:Avatar for Mukei]]
Age Unknown, presumed to be around the same age as Shuhei
Birthdate February 11th
Height 5ft 8n
Weight 160 pounds
Gender Male
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Soul Society
Team 1st Division
Occupation Seated Officer
Previous Occupation(s) Unseated officer of the 13th Division



Mukei wears a black hyori and has lack hair that covers one eye. He has green eyes and a small mouth. He carries his Zanpakuto on his waist and wields it right handed.


Mukei is quite average. He is an Athiest, and likes to read books. He is quite peaceful, and sometimes tends to fall asleep. He has a meniacal outlook on life that he keeps hidden.


Master Swordsmanship Specialist- Mukei is skilled in fighting with his Zanpakuto. He wields it right handed and hasany years of training to master this ability.

Flash Step- Mukei is not as proficient with Flash Steps as most people. He has little training in this ability and has not yet mastered its true potential.

Immense Spiritual Pressure- Mukei has high amounts of Spiritual Pressure that shows its true colors in Shikai. This is literal as in Shikai, his Spiritual Energy forms around his head as a condesned ball.

Enhanced Durability- Mukei has shown to be very durable and is not as weak as he looks. He can take a Menos Grande's cero to the chest, and have nothing but a minor bruise.

Kido Master- Mukei is skilled at using Kido in battle and can use up to level 80 Kido with the incanations. He learned Kido at a young age.


Mukei's Zanpakuto's name is Tadai Kubokirite (lit. Heavy Neck Cutter). It is sealed as a normal katana with a sqaure shaped guard. The handle is wrapped in a silver colored fabric. The release command is Kirikuchi (lit. Slit).

Avatar Shikai

Tadai Kubokirite Shikai

Shikai- In Shikai, Tadai Kubokirite becomes a giant sword. The sword is extremly heavy and can only be wielded by Mukei. If someone else tried to pick it up, they couldn't. In Shikai, a condensed orb of Spiritual Energy floats above Mukei's head.

Shikai Abilities- In Shikai Tadai Kubokirite can mix the cutting and spirutal pressure for battl. The head cutter becomes extremly powerful in battle. The real abilties of Tadai Kubokirite is unknown.