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Kanji むじんのきょう
Notable Locations Idzumo Bridge

Mujinnoykō (むじんのきょう, Japanese for "uninhabited land") is a deserted land that is home to Idzumo and his partner, Fūma Kotarō. It is also presumed to possess a powerful stone.


Much like Hueco Mundo, Mujinnoykō is a desert wasteland with little to no life at all. At the center of the spiritual plane is a city known as De (で, Japanese for "rising (of the sun and moon)"), with Idzumo and Kotarō being it's only occupants. The plane is thought to be the location of where a special stone is, a stone that is said to bring back deceased shinigami, although Idzumo, nor Kotarō, have managed to locate such a stone.

Idzumo Seal

Kotarō unsealing Mujinnoykō.

Since it's a completely different realm, it requires a seal to be unlocked to access the spiritual plane. The seal takes the form of the insignia of the royal family of the use-to-be habited land. At the current time, Kotarō is the only being that knows how to unlock said seal.


Not much is known about Mujinnoykō before the duo's arrival. However, there was once a rumor that a sacred stone was placed in the city of De. This rumor soon spread to the Soul Society, and would soon enough reach the ears of Kūkaku Shiba, the younger sister of Kaien Shiba. In hopes of bringing back her deceased brother, she ventured out into the desert land, but found nothing. After Idzumo and Kotarō found the uninhabited, they also searched for said stone, but came up with nothing. As of now, they have given up hope on finding the rock, but they sometimes go out on savanger hunts to take a second or third search.