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Kanji 六狩り
English Muigari
Technique Statistics
Type Zanjutsu
Users Shinigami

Muigari (六狩り, Sixth Hunting) is a Zanjutsu technique.


This technique makes use of an individual's continuous velocity in order to defeat multiple opponents at once. The technique is initiated with a high-speed slash towards any individual, normally going down their torso in a diagonal fashion. While most would normally retract their sword at this point, this particular technique is designed to make use of all of the force imbued in the first strike, specifically by changing the direction of the sword mid-swing and subsequently slashing in any other direction. This continuous slash boasts considerable power and can be used to eliminate multiple combatants from the fray in a single moment. Of course, for any ordinary user, the time it takes to readjust one's balance from the intensity of the rotation makes this impractical to use against stronger foes.

Known Practitioners

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