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The Movement of Venganza is an organization created by Yoshi. It's only objective is to get revenge against Soul Society, and it resides in the fortress known as Las Noches. Its is revealed that their goal is to merge Soul Society and Hueco Mundo and turn everyone into Hollows allowing Yoshi to rule them all. Yoshi has also created his own hoygyoku similiar to Aizen and Urahara.


  • Yoshi (creator and leader)(later killed by Muteki)
  • Yun ( Deceased killed by Muteki)
  • Muteki (Defected)
  • Shar (only female(s) in the organization)(Under hypnosis later becomes a fraccion)
  • Unknown new member(Later revealed to be Viento)
  • Viento (Imprisoned)
  • Maka (Under hypnosis later deceased)
  • Nou ( Defected after Yoshi's death)

New Movement[]

Recently a new group of arrancars have risen to power in Hueco Mundo. These arrancar are all exceptionally poweful. It is currently unknown their true goal or plan of attack on Soul Society. The members of the Movement are so far unknown but they do have in there possession a hogoku similiar to Aizen embedded in one of the members. This group is exceptional stronger than the former Movement and also very more organized and later found to be led by Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez who is much stronger than what he once was now leading a team of rebel arrancar who plan on dominating all of Soul Society.


Overall the Movements mission is to overrun, attack and successfully destroy all of Soul Society. It is unknown why or when this will occur but they have choosen to do this to seemingly get revenge for Aizen's death. On a side note they also have a goal to kill Seikatsu Okuri because they believe that he will affect and ruin their chances of destroying Seireitei. The reason for capturing Seikatsu companion and the creation of King was so that they might lure Seikatsu in and kill, or capture him with ease.

Grimmjows Goal[]

More to Come...

Daiki Goal[]

More to Come...

Momoiro Goal[]

More to Come...

Malla Goal[]

More to Come...



  • They're first and successful mission to capture Koibito and Chibusa and lure in Seikatsu is a success executed by Grimmjow. It is so far unknown why he has done this.

Teams & Partners[]