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"Aim straight for the heart, and you shall recieve only compassion." - Achrones150

Mitsuki Yamamura
Mitsuki Yamamura
Age Unknown (Appears 27)
Height Unknown
Weight Refuses to Tell
Gender Male
Species Plus (Soul Society)
Affiliation Soul Society
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation *Female Head of the Yamamura Royal Family
Previous Occupation(s) None

Mitsuki Yamamura is the female head of the Yamamura Royal Family. She, like her husband Tora, is one of the oldest and most experienced members of Soul Society, as well as a close business associate to Soul Society.


Despite her age, Mitsuki holds the appearance of a relatively young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. In formal wear, she wears a long, purple dress with a shoulderless top, which is laced with a dim gold. Her arms, up to near the shoulder, have the same-fabric armbands that her dress does. Although she is also seen in casual clothing, she is commonly seen in this uniform. Unlike most, Mitsuki is seen carrying her sheathed Zanpakuto in her hands, over her shoulder, or has Tora to carry it for her out of courtesy.


Mitsuki has a warm, kind, and gentle personality relative of her appearance. She is commonly known to use honorifics when addressing other individuals, including her enemies. Even when addressing serious situations, she rarely loses composure and is able to retain a gentle composition. Despite this, many have come to fear her due to the immense power she carries, both politically and physically. She is one of the few people that is able to fight on even ground with Tora Yamamura, one of the strongest combatants in Soul Society.


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Ryūka Injiki Arc[]

Jiriki Hongan Arc[]

Shihai no Tsumi Arc[]

Powers & Abilities[]

Mitsuki's Stats[]

Offense: 100
Defense: 80
Agility: 70
Kido: 100
Intelligence: 100
Physical Stamina: 90
TOTAL: 540

Kidō Master: As female head of the Yamamura Royal Family, Mitsuki is an excellent Kidō user, particularly in the use of healing Kidō. she is able to heal multiple people at a time, though it takes longer depending on the number of people she's healing.[1]

Immense Spiritual Power: Although not as oppressive as her husband's, Mitsuki has incredible spiritual power. Although it can be immensely felt when unleashed to its true extent, Mitsuki's reiatsu is similar to the waters of a calm ocean - tranquil and peaceful.

Flash Steps Expert: Mitsuki is proficient enough in this skill to be the average level of speed possessed by an average Captain.

Keen Intellect: Simply by looking at the body movements of her opponent, Mitsuki is able to detect, analyze and predict weaknesses she can exploit.