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Misuzu Sayama
Name Misuzu Sayama
Kanji 美鈴=佐山
Romaji Misuzu Sayama
Race Shinigami
Birthday March 18
Age 17 (150)
Gender Female
Height 154 cm
Weight 21 kg
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Ayano Kisaragi
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation None
Previous Occupation None
Team None
Previous Team None
Partner Ayano Kisaragi
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Rukongai
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Unknown
Education Limited
Status Alive
Shikai Murasame

Misuzu Sayama is a young Shinigami living in Rukongai. Under the tutelage of Ayano Kisaragi, she is learning to control her powers better.


Misuzu is a young woman of average height and petite build. She has blonde hair, held up in a ragged ponytail that balloons out at the back. The bangs that frame the side of her face are held up in loops. The remainder of her bangs stick out the front of her face, and they cover her eyes with thin strands. Misuzu has blue eyes. She wears a white track jacket with black raglan sleeves with orange stripes down the middle. This jacket has a zipper that reaches down to her cleavage. The sleeves' cuffs have orange concentric rings in the middle, as does the collar. She also wears black tracksuit pants, with orange stripes down the middle, as well as black sandals.

Personality and Traits[]


Recent History[]

Powers and Abilities[]


Murasame (村雨 lit. "Passing Rain") is the name of Misuzu's Zanpakutō. When sealed, it takes the form of a giant handled blade. As stated by the other characters, it is difficult to describe; Gai describes it as "a giant razor", and Hizashi calls it "a blade-like weapon".