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Evil group
Kanji メートル私はのキュウ
English MisQ
Romaji Emuaiesu Kyū
Founder(s) Yūga Shikizaki, Yūbi Shikizaki
Headquarters Rider City, America
Leader(s) Yūga Shikizaki
Senior Member(s) Yūbi Shikizaki
Other Members Bachi, Jacqueline, Kōhei, Shakumei
Affiliation None
Purpose To defeat Setsuna Kōmei

MisQ (メートル私はのキュウ, Emuaiesu Kyū) is a secretive organization of Fullbring and Naturehold users based in the Human World.


MisQ is a group of Fullbringers whose goals are to stop Meiga Kuiarasu, formerly known as Setsuna Kōmei, from obtaining and absorbing the power of the Jinki Fragments. Though they are all Humans, they have intimate knowledge of Soul Society and its workings, via Yūbi Shikizaki, and even knew of the Akujin Crisis.

According to Bachi, all of the members of MisQ distrust Shinigami because they've all been hurt by one in some form or another. Furthermore, all members of MisQ have been impacted negatively by Setsuna in some way.

Following the onset of the War of the Worlds, MisQ begins recruiting any Human with spiritual abilities; not just those with a Fullbring.


MisQ is based out of a small apartment complex in Rider City, which is owned by Yūga and Yūbi. The headquarters have protective Kidō placed around it, allowing the group to practice and develop their abilities without regular Humans seeing their activities as well as preventing Hollows from interfering.

Notable Members[]

(† = confirmed death)

Name Membership Species Status
Yūga Shikizaki Leader Shinigami Deceased †
Yūbi Shikizaki Leader (current) Fullbringer Deceased †
Jacqueline Member Natureholder Active
Bachi Member Fullbringer Deceased †
Kōhei Member Fullbringer Deceased †
Shakumei Member Fullbringer Deceased †
Raian Getsueikirite Member Shinigami Left Service


  • MisQ is similar to Xcution, in that both have recruited former Substitute Shinigami, despite their dislike of Shinigami.
  • Currently, all of the original MisQ members are dead.