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Mira Pérdida
Mira Pérdida
Birthplace Hueco Mundo
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Gender Male
Height 164 cm
Weight 63 Kg
Professional Status
Personal Status
Signature Ability
First Appearance

Mira Pérdida is an Espada in Kamui's army and is the Novena (9th) Espada.


He has short brown hair that is swept behind his neck. His eyes aren't visible due to his fractured Hollow mask fragment being the shape of a visor over them. He has a short stubble beard and often takes to wearing a straw hat, similarly to former Squad 8 Captain Shunsui Kyōraku. The whereabouts of his Hollow hole location are unknown. His garments include the typical Arrancar apparrel; A long white cloak, a black obi, and a white hakama. He keeps his Zanpakuto swords sheathed in his Obi at all times.


He shares similar characteristics to former Squad 8 Captain Shunsui Kyōraku, in that he is extremely lazy and lethargic most times and shows disdain for combat. He is also shown to have a tendency to flirt with women, as shown by his actions toward his lone Fracción Aves Canto. When forced to fight, he will either attempt to resolve the conflict peacefully or end it as quickly as possible.


As a Gillian class Menos Grande, he devoured other Menos in his hunger. After devouring a sufficient amount, he became an Adjuchas. After consuming many other Menos of his class, he was found and brought to Las Noches and turned into an Arrancar. Immediately he was granted much attention due to his skill and was placed in the position of Novena Espada.


Master Swordsman: He is able to use both of his blades with extreme speed and agility.

Perceptiveness: Despite being seemingly blinded by his Hollow mask fragment, his hearing and smelling senses have heightened due to this, so much so that he is able to detect when someone has entered his room due to the change of smell.

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