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Mikoto Koumori (lit. Prince Bat) is the head of the Kido Corps of the Official Bleach Fan Fiction Gotei 13.


Mikoto wears a standard black shingami uniform, with a white jacket with a black rose on the back. He also wears metal under shirt that has chain mail straps. He carries a long staff with a gold ball on it. He has black messy hair with dark green eyes.


Mikoto is calm and very caring. He is well like throughout the whole Soul Society. He is very easy going, not even trying to stop a good Ryoka from entering the Soul Society.


Kido Practioner- As Captain of the Kido Corps, he is extremly skilled at Kido. He can use high leveled Kido without any incantation.

Flash Step- Mikoto is highly skilled at using Flash Step, being able to move without the enemy seeing his muscles moving.

Strength'- Mikoto is extremly strong, as shown when he asked Ekaki Pandoru and part of his division to try and lit his staff. He proved that his staff weighed over 90 Tons.

High Spiritual Pressure- He has high spiritual pressure, this being proved since he is at Captain.


As a child, Mikoto grew up into a lower Noble Family. He spent his time in his families garden and even went on to discover a herb that could raise spiritual pressure. His teenage years are unknown as, before his time as Captain, Sousuke Aizen erased his memory and all records for an unknown reason. He soon mastered everything he could and became highly skilled at Kido, and eventually Kido Corps captain.



Koumori's Zanpakuto's name is Go-ruden Reiki (lit. Golden Aura) and is kept in a constant sealed state as a Gold Staff. It is trimmed with a golden ring that dangles from the top.

Shikai Abilities

  • In Shikai, Go-ruden Reiki can concentrate any Kido and extend its intended power. He uses this signature ability to cascade mutliple shots of red fire from the staff. He can also emulate an gold colored light that will surrond the area in a protective barrier.


Koumori's Bankai is Unknown at the time.