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Mikazuki Anamaru
Name Mikazuki Anamaru
Kanji Cresent Moon
Romaji Anamaru Mikazuki
Race Unknown
Birthday {{{birthday}}}
Age 16
Gender Female
Height unknown
Weight unknown
Eyes Blue
Hair orange
Blood Type Unknown
Unusual Features has one missing eye due to a vasto lord
Professional Status
Affiliation soul society
Previous Affiliation unknown
Occupation unknown
Previous Occupation unkown
Team none
Previous Team none
Partner Comrade: Akira Yamada
Previous Partner none
Base of Operations none
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Mikazuki Anamaru
Education Unknown
Status Active
Shikai unknown
Bankai unkown
Resurrección unkown

Mikazuki was young when she was murdered in her home. She was beaten and her face burned on a stove. She was then stabbed to death and died slowly.

Arriving in the Soul Society she was found half dead by Rangiku Motsumoto and was rushed to get medical attention. After getting used to things Mika got into lots of fights leading her into trouble and being scolded by Toshiro.

She was abandoned by Toshiro after she beat a girl who would often verbally abuse her...After her Abandonment she roamed the Soul Society and found a small girl training. The girl turned out to be a powerful Captain named Akira Yamada. After sparring Mika turned Hollow and nearly killed Akira. Mika begged for her help in contolling her Hollow and her and Akira have been comrades since.

She later met Uryuu Ishida a Quincy who helped her threw her daily struggles in life. She has a small crush but gives him space with his girlfriend.

She Later meets her Brother Ketsueki Nakazora...

Mika gets a Solo mission to Hueco Mundo to kill a Vasto Lordes who turns out to be the man her originally murdered her. She barely escapes alive with her eye ripped out and is saved by her Uncle Ryuuken Ishida.


Mika is often found with her arms crossed in a "I don't care manner" often followed by her trademarked sigh.She may seem like she does not care,but she really does. She can often be found in her grove of cherry blossoms or at the hotspring next to it meditating,crying,or relaxing in the hot spring.