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Tropes for Midoriko


Action Girl: Early on. However, her lack of many appearances have led to:

Girliness Upgrade: Rarely fights anymore, and is much more content to spend her time fawning over Kibō. However, she does possess sufficient enough power to pose a threat to most people.

Bi The Way: Eventually came to like Kibō Injiki.

Black Eyes Of Crazy: When she uses her Hollow powers. Can be doubled with Red Eyes Take Warning when angry.

Character Development: Quite a bit. Started out as a very cold, distant girl (her first words as a child were "kill you"), but continued association with and desire for Kyashi changed Midoriko, and she became looser and much more friendly. Taiki and Kyashi both mentioned this on separate occasions.

Clingy Jealous Girl: With Kyashi. It stopped later.

Daddy's Girl: Midoriko enjoys getting her father to do what she wants. Midoriko's own advice to her little sister on dealing with their father is "If all else fails, look cute."

Defrosting Ice Queen: Through her encounters with Kyashi. See Character Development above.

Emotionless Girl: In many of her early appearances.

Even Evil Has Standards: Midoriko has never killed...large groups.


I'm A Humanitarian: Mentioned she'd eat Ryūka's arm if she lost a bet. Seems like it was a joke, odds are she was serious.

May-December Romance: Has been watching over Kibō since he was a child. She is now his girlfriend.

Murder the Hypotenuse: Thought about it, never went through with it. See Yandere entry below.

Names The Same: Her middle name is Megami's forename.

No Sense Of Personal Space: When Midoriko was younger and around Kyashi, you could practically hear personal space bubbles being popped.

Living With The Villain: Temporarily, when she became Lujuria's (willing no less) servant.

Pale Skinned Brunette: Runs in the family.

Psycho Lesbian: Showed signs of it. Later simply revealed to be a Depraved Bisexual.


Really 700 Years Old: Like everyone else in her family, but has a better method for it. See Younger Than They Look entry below.

Red Eyes Take Warning: When she is angry, her eyes will glow red.

The Empath

Tall, Dark and Bishoujo


Yandere: Very much so. She once contemplated killing Ryuka so she could have Kyashi. Like her clingyness, it dies down.

Younger Than They Look: Midoriko is a worse offender of this than her family, staying young to be with Kibō. She frequently hints that the methods she uses involve harm to other people.

Wave Motion Gun: A golden beam no less.

Whip It Good: A Cero Whip.