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Michi Shotaro
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Weight 110 lbs.
Professional Status
Personal Status
Signature Ability
Shikai Mizuirorei
Bankai Not Yet Revealed
First Appearance


Michi has the apperance of a strong youthful woman with long blue hair and green eyes. She wears the traditional shinigami captain uniform with a blue sash instead of a white one.


Michi has a warm personality that is very open to love, however she is also fierce when angered. She rarely uses honorifics but is polite regardless. She shows that she can sometimes be suprised by her opponents but recovers quickly.


She and Shigekazu both joined the Gotei 13 around the same time Setsuna Uematsu was an unseated officer in the 11th Company. The trio became distant friends and the older Setsuna helped the pair with their training, proving a nack as an instructor. She later became a lieutenant. She was later promoted to captain after the previous captain was promoted.

Power and Abilities[]

Master Swordswomanship-Michi is a master swordswoman capable of fending off many lower level arrancar at once. As a swordswoman she prefers strong sweeping strikes downward.

Massive Spiritual Pressure- Michi has at least captain-class spiritual pressure. Her spiritual pressure is light blue.

Flash Steps User-Michi is proffecient enough with Flash Steps to be average speed for a captain.


Mizuirorei (Blue Light) takes the form of a wazikashi with a blue-on-light blue flame pattern hilt and a golden guard shaped like a stylized fireball.

Shikai: Mizuirorei's release command is "Burn Bright." When released its blade turns to flame and burns away, revealing a much wider blade with a cleaver-like tip, and the hilt curves forward near the pommel, giving the whole blade the resemblence of a machete.

Shikai Special Ability: Mizuirorei can release a large blue fireball with the command "Light." This fireball can hit an opponent and explode into fire, lighting the opponent on fire. By stabbing her zanpakuto into the ground with the command "Erupt" Mizuirorei can erupt a large pillar of fire from the ground. When swung its leaves a fire trail behind its blade, increasing its cutting power.

Bankai: Not Yet Revealed