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Michelle Change
GoddessofHell zps379af366
Race Obscure
Birthday Unknown
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 5"3'
Weight 98 Pounds
Blood Type 0 negative
Professional Status
Affiliation Sanity
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Lieutenant of Sanity
Previous Occupation None
Team Neutral
Previous Team None
Partner None
Base of Operations Revolution Realm
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Parent's(Deceased)
Education high school
Primary Skill
Signature Skill ???
First Appearance
Debut First Relic Arc
Japanese Voice something here

Character Outline

She is a young girl with pink hair with white tips. She wears a gothic lilith-style outfit as well, and a black fabric around her neck, with a rose pin on her right head that haves multiple fabric stitched onto it. She haves the same kind of pin above her left chest and another on her right arm, just below the shoulder. She wears black gloves as well. Her left eye is sky blue and her right eye is brown.


First Relic Arc

coming later after Invasion Arc :D

Powers & Abilities

Her abilities are unknown but Justin comments that without her, all Obscure's would crumble away.


  • Unlike the other Obscure's, she doesn't harbor a obvious hate towards Shinigami and Hollows.
  • Justin claims she is the reincarnation of someone very important. Who, however, remains unknown.


None yet



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