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Metaru Fukku
Age Unknown
Birthdate August 10th
Height 5ft 5in
Weight Unknown
Gender Male
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Soul Society
Team 13th Division
Occupation Unseated Officer of the 13th Division



Metaru in Gigai

He wears a straw hat, has dark hair, dark eyes the regulare shinigami uniform and carries his Zanpakuto by hand. In his Gigai, he wears blue jeans, a black belt, a dark shirt, a green jacket and black shoes.


Metaru has two nicknames The first is "Taru", which he isn't too happy about. The second, which he uses is "Metaru The Traveller". He is pretty much an easy going guy and doesn't overdo his tasks, only doing the necessary. With all the peace he has, he has become more or less a regulare citizen in the town he is in charge with. He was given a Gigai by the Research and Developement Institute, which he uses daily. When in a Gigai, he works at a local Music Shop.



A little peaceful town called Kanmuro Town was protected by an unknown ranked Shinigami. One day, the Shinigami fought a strong Hollow and lost. After his death, Metaru was sent to be in charge of the little town. It didi not take long before the Hollow attacked him as well. However, this time the Shinigami won. After the Hollow was killed there haven't much activity in the Kanmuro Town.

Powers and Abilities[]

Flash Steps User: He is able to perform it, but on a highly skilled level.

Great Swordsmanship: From the few times he's used his Zanpakuto, it can be said that he has a great relationship with it and can therefor fight better than some others in his Division.

Kido User: He can use Kido, but prefers to use his Zanpakuto.


Metaru's zanpakuto is named Ryoushi(Fisherman). It's release command is "Hook up"

Shikai: Ryoushi is an constant released Zanpakuto. It has the form of a black staff with a hook-like end.

Shikai Special Abilities: The Shikai abilities of Ryoushi is currently unknown.

Bankai: Not yet achieved


  • He was first randomly made