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Race Yōkai
Age 3300+
Gender Male
Height 1.93 metres (6'4")
Weight 151 kg (332 lb.)
Professional Status
Circle Fifth Circle of Hell
Class Elite
Special Ability Ouranokinesis
First Appearance
Story Debut Black Sun: Dusk

Memai (めまい, Vertigo) is a Yōkai and a surbodinate to Kōken'nin.


Memai is a tall and rotund being with orange skin and a crest of spikes on the top of his head. He has bright yellow eyes.



Powers and Abilities

Ouranokinesis: Memai boasts the ability to manipulate space. He may readily create considerable distortions by bending the fabric of reality, thus being able to redirect not only the impending attacks, but the enemies themselves.

Keen Tactician: The Yōkai is a skilled team fighter who is capable of making good use of his special ability to support his comrades and throw the adversary off-balance.

Great Spiritual Power: As one of the stronger Daemons, Memai boasts a very large quantity of spiritual energy.

Super Mode

Like other elite Yōkai, Memai may activate a so-called "Super Mode" that considerably increases his muscle mass and body size[1].

  • Power Augmentation: The form significantly improves its user's physical prowess.
  • Enhanced Reiatsu: In addition, the spiritual pressure of the Yōkai is boosted as well.



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