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Meiyaku (lit. Covenant) is the Zanpakuto of Koumori Hinpatsu, Captain of the Second Division. It seems to take the form of a young male.

English Translation Covenant
User Koumori Hinpatsu
Shikai Abilities 3 Abilities
  • Akanami
  • Ooinaru Akanami
  • Fukusuu Akanami
Shikai meaning
Bankai Abilities 2 known abilities
  • Rachisuru
  • Hakobune Jinsoku
Bankai Jinmeikyuujo Meiyaku
Bankai meaning Lifesaving Covenant


Meiyaku is a young looking man with nice dark hair and red eyes. He wears an opened jacket with no shirt and black pants. The jacket has multiple straps, one on the neck that is open and the two on the wrist, that are closed. On his back, he carries a large golden box, that doesn't seem to hinder his movements.


Meiyaku is the dark type of person and seems to always speak netgative often saying "I'm going to loose" or "Its going to end bad...". It seems to stem from Koumori's angry attitude. He has shown to envy Koumori for having such a prestigous job while he is stuck as a sword.


Master Swordsman- He has shown to call Koumori's Shikai in battle and use it in a fairly odd manner. He seems to stab and gouge instead of cut. He has also shown to call out the Arc and wield a blade that has yet to be seen used by Koumori hinting her Shikai or Bankai's true abilities.

Shunpo Practioner- He often uses Shunpo to move around, especially since he has to carry a large golden box. He has moved at the same speed of Koumori who is Head of the Omnitsukido.


  • The Golden Box he carries is an obvious homage of the Arc of the Covenant.