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Megan Summer
Race Obscure
Birthday Unknown
Age 29
Gender Female
Height 5"10'
Weight 145 Pounds
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Sanity
Previous Affiliation Baby Sitter
Occupation Lieutenant of Sanity
Previous Occupation Formerly, a Baby Sitter
Team Evil
Previous Team None
Partner None
Base of Operations Revolution Realm
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed older sister(deceased)
Education Unknown
Primary Skill
Signature Skill ???
First Appearance
Debut Invasion Arc
Japanese Voice Kaya Matsutani((Bleach's own Matsumoto!))

Character Outline

Megan is a woman with long white hair and wears the common gothic lilith-like outfit similar to many of the other women of Sanity. She wears black, fingerless gloves and a black beats. She haves green eyes and pale skin complexion.


Invasion Arc

Soon. Soon my pets, soon...


Sword: She carries a all white Odachi with her, which is capable of cutting multiple trees apart with apparent ease.

Powers & Abilities

Enhanced Agility: Megan is seen jumping from multiple trees and "ricocheting" off safely to the ground.

Swordsmanship: Her level of Swordsmanship is questionable but she is good enough to cut multiple trees in seconds.


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None yet

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