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May profile
Name May
Romaji Tsuki
Professional Status
Affiliation Kori clan
Occupation Manager of Lisa's book store
Team Grat cell, Kagamino cell
Partner Shinji Hirako
Signature Skill First-aid

May (月, Tsuki) was a young woman living in Grat. She was a founding member of the Grat cell of Onmitsu under the leadership of Hawke Kori and later Garrett Sheppard, where she served as the cell's support. Sometime following the Second Battle of Grat May, after recovering from the injuries she suffered against Ichiro, returned to supporting her friends. She temporarily moved to Kagamino City at the request of Lisa Yadōmaru to help run her bookstore and to keep Shinji Hirako from running the business into the ground, but this remained only a temporary relocation. She subsequently became affiliated with the Kagamino cell of Onmitsu after the founding of the Shinsengumi.





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Part IV

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Investigating Grat arc

Peri-Collapse Events

Meian's Legacy mini-arc

Rising arc

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Behind the Scenes

  • May's appearance is that of Kasuga Tamaki from the visual novel Hiiro no Kakera.

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