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Matayoshi Kobudō is a style of Okinawan Kobudo that was developed by Matayoshi Shinpo. The main dojo for Matayoshi Kobudo can be found in Naha, Okinawa. This style uses all of the weapons of Okinawan Kobudo. This style of Okinawan Kobudo is only known by descendants of Matayoshi Clan. No one outside of the family knows about this style and how to perform them, with the exception of the direct students of Matayoshi Shinpo; whom he taught basics to. Most of his students have enhanced their basics and created their own styles. The most proficient person who performs this style is the direct descendant and student of Matayoshi Shinpo, Matayoshi Shuuji.


Known Users & Their Weapons[]

  • Matayoshi Shinpo ~ Creator of the Matayoshi Kobudō Style and Master to Many. He uses all the weapons and brings them according to each day.
  • Matayoshi Shuuji ~ 1st Grandson, Direct Descendant & Student Of Matayoshi Shinpo. He currently uses the Nunchaku and the Sai.
  • Matayoshi Seishi ~ 2nd Grandson & Direct Descendant Of Matayoshi Shinpo. He possesses the rare Tinbe-rochin.