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Masoto Osaraji
Birthplace Tokyo
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Gender Male
Height 5'9"
Weight 119 lbs
Professional Status
Personal Status
Signature Ability
Shikai Bunkatsu
Bankai N/A
First Appearance

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Masoto Osaraji (Osaraji Masoto) is a Human with Shinigami and Visored powers hailing from Tokyo. While he is a Visored, he is associated with the group, and the Soul Society, very loosely, mainly acting on his own whims. Despite his usual renegade status, he is an ally of the Shinigami against their foes, the Hollows and Arrancar.


Masoto is a fairly average looking individual. He is slim in figure and not too tall. His hair is black in coloration and usually unkepmt or messy. His eyes, brown, are usually left in a sleepy look. The clothes he wears varies but it appars he is fond of slightly dressy clothes; he usually wears slacks, a blazer, some shirt and sneakers. He often wears a loose tie or scarf as an accessory. A wristband with a red star can be seen around his left wrist and his tongue is pierced with a silver hoop at the tip. Often, a skateboard can be seen tucked under his arm.


Masoto is a laidback, carefree and whimsical person. He maintains an air of calm about him that borders on indifference and is usually very sluggish in his activites, such as speech or action. He is particularly lacking any trace of ambition, loyalty or motivation and so rarely acts on anything other than his own whim. While usually aloof, he does experience emotion and cares for others and he has a humorous and gregarious streak about him. The one thing he is very passionate about is his skateboarding, which he does in the majority of his free time. Unusually, unlike other Visoreds, who have been implied to be on poor terms with their inner Hollows, Masoto has shown to be on good terms with his, going so far as to listen to it's advice and enable to it temporarily possess his body.


Powers and Abilities[]