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Marie-Louise Durand
Name Marie-Louise Durand
Kanji マリー-ルイ デュラン
Race Human
Birthday August 20th
Age 14
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Weight 94
Blood Type B-
Professional Status
Affiliation Yūi
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Member of Yūi
Previous Occupation Student
Team Yūi
Previous Team None
Partner Kiyohime
Previous Partner Unknown
Base of Operations Unknown
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Unnamed Father
Education Middle School-level
Status Alive
Main Skill Fullbring

Marie-Louise Durand (マリー-ルイ デュラン, Marī-Rui De Yuran) is a French girl with the ability known as Fullbring. Aligning herself with Tarō she would become the only human in Yūi, gaining her much respect and hate. As a member of the Yūi, Marie-Louise gained the moniker The Witch (魔女, majo).


Small in build, Marie-Louise has long white hair worn in two pigtails tied by red ribbons and black eyes. She wears high quality clothes and do to her acting as a defender of the Yūi's base, she rarely gets into battle. She wears a light plum colored sweater with a black ascot. She wears a blue skirt that reaches her knees and a pair of beige colored twin-faced sheepskin boots.


Very gentle, Marie-Louis always has a smile on her face. She acts clueless normally, hiding any feeling besides peppy within her subconscious. She is extremely helpful and goes to great lengths to assist her fellow Yūi members, making them tea and snacks when not working or training. She holds all of her allies in high regard and will go to great lengths to protect them. The reasoning behind Marie-Louis joining Yūi is unknown, but it does hint that there is more to her then a gentle touch and smile.


Other then her use of Fullbring, Marie-Louis has not displayed any unique abilities.




Named Halloween (ハロウィーン, Harouiin; Literally "All Hallows Eve"), Marie-Louis' Fullbring takes form in a new outfit and enhanced abilities. Gaining a long black leather top that reaches her mid-thigh and a pair of boots that go just above the knee, Marie-Louis resembles a witch from pop culture. She gains a pair of black-colored metal gauntlets and a black witch hat, along with a long black cape.

  • Beheading Jack (首切り ジャック, Kubikiri Jakku): Her main weapon and "true" Fullbring, Beheading Jack takes the form of a large Axe that is black in color. Beheading Jack has a powerful destructive force, shattering through several layers of rock in one strike.
  • Trick or Treat (悪戯 オア 饗応, Itazura o Kyōō): Each time she strikes a foe down with Beheading Jack, her Fullbring's abilities activate. This includes her gaining the defeated foe's most most used ability. From the on, Marie-Louis has access to said ability till she dies. If the foe is weaker then her, the attack will scale to her own strength and if she somehow manages to defeat a stronger opponent the attack will grow weaker then the original.


"Is there... somebody precious to you?"
—Marie-Louis asking Kiyohime a question


  • Her Fullbring takes all inspiration from the idea of Halloween, including her abilities and the name of her weapon stemming from Jack o'Lantern.