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The looming shadows[]

It has been about a days march, since then Ciel had been captured by Ankoku and The Kuishinbou Brothers Gouyoku and Kokuzuko. Locked in a cart with heavy seals placed on it. The army of Setsuhiro, was marching to a neer by city. A massive army marching along, carrying banners, most of the elite warriors. Marching along side the cart that ciel was in. "Come men, we must show him what happens when a fool. Goes up against lord setsuhiro. Ankoku shouted.

Hayashi had been out and about, looking for clues on what drove his Godfather insane. While is was awalking around, he heard people marching closer. Running to the entrance of the city, he saw three men and a cart walking into the city. Why do I have a bad feeling about this? he asked himself. However, his Zanpakto decided to answer him. I can sense someONE is in that cart. It feels Demonic. Then again, those are all Demons, equal to the 72 Princes. Be careful. Hayashi, now sure that something was amiss, calmly walked out to meet the strangers. "Hello. Welcome to this little slice of heaven I like to call my hometown. Do you need any assistance with your cargo?" he asked kindly.

The horse stopping and all of the army, coming to a stop. Ankoku looked at the boy.

"You boy please get out of the way, we are but simple monks. Trying to get this demon safe from you and your town." Ankoku said looking at the boy.

"A Demon you say? How interesting, I'm a Demonologist, so I know quite a bit about them. Do you know what kind of Demon you have?" Hayashi's emotions were rising now. It took everything he had to control himself and not lunge at the cart holding some sort of Demon.

"This demon attacked our leader, we are simply. Taking him away to be killed, but if will put your mind at ease little one.'"Ankoku showed the boy a wanted poster of the demon.

"See now go run along, and go about your day. Me and my friends will take care of him." Ankoku gave an evil grin under the cloth that was covering his face.

"He's not a monster!" Hayashi reacted to the poster in a way he never thought of. "Now, I advise you leave him with me, if you don't want sent to Hell of course. He's a friend of mine, so I'm not gonna let you kill him." his eyes turned red as his blue and silver Reiatsu started going out of control. "So, do you want me to kill you and save him, or you just gonna run away?"

"Boy let me ask you something first, from your looks. Are you Shade's child?" Ankoku said looking down the boy.

"Thats shade's kid haha" Kokuzuko said from his cart, while throwing a rotten piece of meat at the cart that the demon was in.

"Kokuzuko, be quiet." Ankoku looked at the fat man and with a serious tone.

"My full name is Hayashi Kagekyo. Now how do you know of my father?" Hayashi asked, impressed that the people in front of him would even know his father.

"Well child we are allies of his, we are trying to search for him. Lord Setsuhiro, is looking for him. We heard of a child and that ciel knew this child. We are using him to get that child to come out."

"Child we know alot about your father and some of your family. By my research, he seems to have lost some kind of his power right." Ankoku said getting off his horse walking with a hunchback in his step.

Grabbing onto the childs face getting a good look at him."Yes, you are his son. There is no doubt about that, but I find it interesting that your father is not with you." Ankoku asked the child looking down at him.

"I'd rather him be dead than near me right now. He never cared about me, or my mother. So, how about you let Ciel go? As a favor to a fellow Demon, huh? Perhaps we could take you and your master to him. Sound fair? Ciel's not all that useful locked up anyway. And I'm not really that strong, but Dad can't escape me for long." Hayashi pulled away from Ankoku, his calmer side regaining control.

"He will stay locked up until he is taken to lord setsuhiro understand me! He is traitor to the empriess herself, we where sent to bring him before her. Once that is done, we are going after shade. We do all of this in the name of the Emperiss of hell. Our lord wanted to see his head on a pike and even shades." Ankoku said with a serious tone, while getting back on his horse.

"You are welcome to come with us child. But I warn, it better that you don't go after any thoughts of trying to break him free. I have forsee, something like this may come about. But I can offer you this child, if you do come with us you can meet lord Setsuhiro and he can give you a purpose in this world and he can get your mother and father back." Ankoku said, having a big evil grin on his face. Offering his hand out to the child to get onto the horse.

"Now you worms, let us go." Kokuzuko said yelling and giving the order to got.

"Well are you going to come with us child?" ankoku said still having his hand out.

Hayashi hopped up, However, he was lost in his own thoughts, thankful no Demon could break into his mind. Hey Kara, do you think Ciel'd ever betray Fuki? I mean, really. The way he thinks of her, could he have done it? Again his Zanpakto spirit's voice rang in his head. I don't think so, but for now, act like you are perfectly happy with the situation.

"Child! Are you coming with me or not?" Ankoku yelled to break the train of thought in hayashi.

"Ankoku is that kid coming with us or not?" The brothers yelled at him, looking at the child.

"Child, you should come with us. We are going after shade, next. I am giving your chance to see him and give him a piece of your mind? Soon my friends, we will have both of their heads on pikes." after ankoku said that most of the army yelled and cheered at the thought. Starting to walk off, starting to pull his back.

"I'll only help you if you promise not to harm Ciel. Agreed?" Hayashi ran beside Ankoku, waiting for his answer.

"I will not promise that, then you are coming with then. How sad, I guess I can drop my little act." Ankoku said, giving off his demonic aura taking the form a smoke like fog. Starting to go about the town.

"My demonic can cause all these people to die. Now if you don't want that you will come with me."ankoku told the boy with a serious looking his eyes as he gave off more of his aura. Starting to take effect on the people of the town.

Kara chose that moment to warn Hayashi. Master, accept his terms for now. You'll save Ciel soon. Your father may be a useless jerk, but maybe he'll do something right for once. Hayashi agreed with her, and looked at Ankoku. "Fine. Now, will you please stop hurting innocent people?"

"Good child." Ankoku gave a small laugh and grabbed onto the boy's hand and pulled onto his horse and went away. As the demonic aura would fade, as if it wasn't there. They giving the order, the army went off in a procession. Much like before, Ankoku in the boy at the front of the procession. Followed byt he brothers being pulled in carts. With ciel's cart behind theirs and most guarded. As the army made its way to an edge of a cliff.

"So, I was thinking. How about I meet your leader before we go after my father? Perhaps he can answer my questions that I think I have the right to know the answers to." Hayashi said, feeling that small amount of fear he always did around other Demons.

"That was the plan along child." As ankoku said it they reached the edge of the cliff and began to go through some kind of a barrier that only ankoku and the others could have gone through. Putting his hand onto the child's head and leaving a mark. it would allow the child to pass through the barrier as well.

Then coming to a dark and gray place. The army stopped before the main gates of the castle and then went in.

Koshi Castle

Koshi castle

'Welcome to Koshi Castle kid haha." Ankoku said staring to feel stronger, along with the other army. While ciel on the other hand would begin to hear screams from the cart. Because the chains that are clashing with his aura, has a greater amount within the castle. Making him feel more pain.

Hayashi tried to drown out Ciel's screams. Just a bit longer my friend. Just a bit longer and I'll save you. I swear it. he started thinking of songs to hum to calm the urge to jump down and kill everone. Once I meet this 'leader' of theirs, I'll have a bit of levereage to use, I hope.

The Final Choice[]

Comming out of main gates was a man in a white turban, with a golden key around his next.

"Ankoku, take ciel away and you that boy and the brothers are to come with me." Setsuhiro said, with a serious tone looking down at the boy. As if he has seen something within him.

"Come boy." Ankoku said walk to setsuhiro with the brother and child. While ciel was being taken to a different place within the castle.

No! Alright Hayashi, remain calm, be polite, you know how this works. Hayashi looked Setsuhrio dead in the eye, and let his anger flare enough to cause his eyes to glow red for a moment.

Looking at the child with not emotions, he seemed to know that he would have done it.

"Tell me, what is that you want out of this world boy. Is it that you want your fathers love and want to be with him? Or is it that you want ciel free." as setsuhiro said this his key around his neck began to glow.

"Tch, I'd perfer Ciel goes free. Do you want to risk the Queen of Hell coming to wipe the floor with all of us? In fact, I can name a group of Demon's who'd kill for her. You should know who they are. Does the term Hell-Hunter ring a bell? To prevent uneeded bloodshed, let Ciel go free. That, sir, is my wish." Hayashi's knees were knocking in terror, but didn't let his fear show on his face.

"Thats not what you truly want child. i can see it you want your father back, you want love and to have a hero or something. Through me i can give you anything you want, but ciel is a different suitation all together. The Hell-Hunters. I heard that your father is some where close by my castle. He is being controled by someone, if he comes to my castle i can remove that curse that was casted onto him. I can release it and you can have your happiness back. I suggest you tell me your true wants."Setsuhiro began to walk to the child holding out his key and put it to the boy's forehead.

Hayashi felt the key touch his head, and a shiver flew down his spine. Focus on the one I'm here to save. Focus on Ciel. Not Dad...Ciel. However, his mind slipped and an image of Shade popped into his thoughts. No! I don't want him, or maybe I do...Why can't I decide? God help me... "I want what I could never have from my father. Ciel's more of my father than Shade Kagekyo ever thought of being. He planned on using me to destroy the world and recreate it as he saw fit, going so far as to destroy those who he held close to his heart. How can I love such a monster? In fact, why can I love at all?"

"You see it now boy, a bond that a father son share is nothing. but a heart break, it makes me sick. But I tell you this child. You want to see your father again." Setsuhiro then turned, his key opening up the boy's mind. Then letting all of his thoughts come out as setsuhiro asked.

"Now that your under my control." as it was said a yin and yang mark of appear on the back of the hcild.

"Now tell me, you truly want your father and ciel is nothing more but a shell of what he onces was. I warn you child with that mark of you now, it will keep you under my control. In theroy I am trying to get shade to come out and play with us. I want you to yell his name yelle it to the skies and hell for all to hear. Call him to us, bring here to me." Setsihiro said as the yin and yang mark on the child's back started to cause him to feel a burning on his back.

At the same time, ankoku finished saying his chant. then pointing his staff at the boy, a long set of prayer beads came of the orb in his staff and warped around the child's body. Keeping him from going into a demonic state or such.

"Call his name." ankoku said.

All of our power is useless, my master. Just shout his name. Call our father. Shout for him. He'll be able to help us. Kara cooed from within Hayashi's mind. Before he could stop his lips, he screamed "DAD! I need you!" he blinked a few times. "Lookie here, your spell didn't work."

But of course, anyone who cared enough to sense for him, Shade was there. "Ah, my son. I feared the worst not long ago. I heard you were dead. Thank God I was wrong to even think such a thing. Now then, who are all you Demons? I count about five here right now, not counting my son of course, Start explaining before I start showing off what my new power can do." Although something was amiss. His spiritual energy had changed since his last 'death', but Hayashi wasn't sure how.

"Yes shade you are here." setsuhiro said starting to walking with ankoku behind him.

"I wish to discuss something with you, I seen the only way to get you out is by using your son."setsuhiro said looking into his eyes

"And what would that be?" Shade asked, rather unfazed at the fact a few Demons in the room were on par with Bael.

"Tell me shade, what do you want in this world?" setsuhiro went over to shade holding his key to his forehead.

"Let hear your wants and through me i can give them to you shade."

"My wants? How about this. I want whatever my son wants. I want him to be happy. If I'm not the one who can do that, then give him the one who can. Now, any further questions?" Shade grinned, treating this as a press confrence.


"Let him...go.." With same red-eyes that Shade had once saw, came a girl bursting with hatred and anger. "Give him back.." Says the girl with the darkest aura even among the demons. "If you will not... I will not forgive you... I will not forgive you... I will not forgive you.." The look on her eyes was different than ever before. As if the the intent to kill exceeded even those part of her family .

"My who is the woman." Kokuzoku said while looking at her.

"She can be part of my court when I am the new king of hell."kokuzoku gave out a luagh at the thought.

"hmmm that women, are you an ally of shade or of ciel? but it doesn't matter my business is with the boy and shade. Not you woman." Setsuhiro in a bit of suprise that someone like her would even get through the barrier.

"oh well I still have business with the boy so, you two can stay put." Setsuhiro said turning to the boy, then with his key glowing. The boy's mark would begin to take effect, causing him to feel a burning on his back. Then the brothers grabbing onto the boy. Crushing him within their grip, along with setsuhiro and ankoku. Then faded away to another location of Koshi Castle. While soldiers and hell bugs alike started to come out of the gates charging at the two. From one of the roof tops of the castle an young red haired child watched what was going on. With a bit of sadness of what is about to happen.

"Those poor people"The child said watching and knowing of what reachs that setsuhiro will go to for his plans.

Shade's body began glowing black. "Where is he?! Where did you take my son?! Answer me, you worthless Demon!" He tried to fight the urge to activate Fullbring, but he transformed regardless. His jacket looked like it was made of black fire. After a moment, he noticed a Spiritual Pressure that he hadn't felt in a while. "Long time no see. How're your parents doing?" he asked, passing along like nothing had happend.

Osanago looked up at shade. In a bit of fear.

"You just took out all of setsuhiro's soldiers like they where nothing. No one could have done that, not even ciel could have. What are you and how do you know about my mom and dad?" Osanago grabbed onto shade's jacket wanting an answer.

"Asuka's here... Why did she come... That child, really..." Ciel's thoughts were randomly mixing up while he senses the situation being so tense. "What the heck is this... Never did become so helpless..." Ciel, also known by his devil name as Eligos, one of the true devils ever born now imprisoned. Now he is given but two choices, choices that not one did he ever wanted to do but left with no other options. One, do nothing and let Asuka do what she has in mind. Two, unleash everything he has and destroy the whole place with minimum chance of survival for either Shade or Hayashi. "I don't care anymore... I hope you understand, Shade Kagekyo... I am still a devil, I am ...a selfish devil.."


CIel had decided, that is destruction of everything. His whole body shook, tremors felt, the whole place crumbling down. The resulting pain was almost becoming unbearable, even to the likes of Ciel. As the cage he was in broke apart, every seal, every barrier, every spell broke.

Asuka felt Ciel's presence and smiled with her worry fading away. "I should have guessed, no one could truly hold him forever."

The red-eyed demon appeared before Asuka, his body evident of weakness. He grabbed her while he stared at Shade. With an eye-contact, he said his apology. "Wish your survival, old-friend.." But as soon as he touched Asuka, his body had grown so weak that he fainted. "No...way..." He collapsed on Asuka's arms while the place is starting to become ruins. "I"

"Ciel!!!" Cried Asuka, the stress the event was giving her was also too much. She spurted the monstrous reiatsu she had and added to the chaos.

The Last Resort[]

"Ahhhh this place is falling apart!" Many of the soldiers said as they where runing for their lives. At the same time setsuhiro and the others senced that ciel had escaped.

"You know ankoku,what degree of sealing did you give ciel?" setsuhiro asked him.

"I only uses a low level demonic kido, for sealing him."ankoku said, with a surpise that a demon could escape his low level kidos.

"Then ankoku I will take the boy, I think I can still have the upperhand. If ciel escaped then I don't care you can recapture him when his friends are weakend to. Then when all of them is weakend, use a high level demonic kido to seal them up where they can be used for our plans. But as for the boy, just by his look I think you can tell what curse I placed on him." Setsuhrio said, while having a hold on the boy's neck. With the boy in an acoma state.

"Ahhh yes I see, lord setsuhiro with him like that we still can be able to use shade and the others in what we want. But I suggesst, you spirit away that boy's soul and zanpakuto. Then keep his body, then we they come looking for you. He will be already half dead hah. Then if they follow your orders, then you can give them his soul and zanpakuto bacl right?" Ankoku said with a grin under mask. While then he pulled out 4 Noh masks.

"Come, I now breath life in to you my creatures. Come alive and then do as I say." As he finished his chant, he through the masks onto the ground. Then a black looking mass started to form out of the mask. Then when all was formed. The took the form of animal looking masses.

"Now my creatures you will go with lord setsuhiro and protect him."ankoku said with a bit of joy at what he created.

Then when the creatures went with setsuhrio and the boy, faded away.

"You are incharge ankoku don't fail me"the last words of setsuhiro, while he faded.

"Yes lord setsuhiro." ankoku then turned, looking over of what is happening.

Taking his staff he pointed it at ciel and the others. "I guess I can just use those shinigami kido on ciel now haha.

"Hadō #63. Raikōhō!" ankoku shouted as dark energy started to surround his staff and form an orb. Then shoting out in a big beam heading for asuka and shade.

"Now Oni Sajo Sabaku" ankoku shouted with his hand out in front of him. In the confusion of set of black chains that held down ciel ealery, came around his body. Giving off the opposite energy clashing with his, just to make sure he doesn't get any idea. Then the chains tighting and then pulling ciel's body in all the smoke to ankoku. Then the brothers appeared grabbing onto ciel's body.

"This time no cart will be holding you haha."Ankoku said while he hit ciel in the face with the bottom of his staff.

"Now one of my finest Kidos. Come opening the viod, causing a place with nothing." after he finished the chant, a purple looking wormhole opened up.

"Now you two throw him in there and we have to go back the heart family house. Our little ceremony is going to take place there." ankoku said, while the brothers through ciel's body into the viod then it closed up.

noticing osanago, "Hmmm, I can get to him later." ankoku said while he started to fade away to the heart family house, along with the brothers.

"Oh no are they are gone, and the castle is starting to fall apart." osanago said grabbing onto shade's jacket.

"Hurry come with me, I can show you a way to escape the castle. More of the hell bugs will be coming." Osanago said trying to get the two people to move.

Shade followed the child carefully. "I'm God. There's nothing I don't know. Well, I no longer have all of my powers, but the information I had, I retained. Now, they're using my son and Ciel to start something right? You and I need to fight back. Kill everyone who wants to fight me. I failed my son twice now. Saving Ciel is kinda my way of saying sorry. Please, will you help me?"

"I'll help you shade, but can you promise me something, can you help me escape from setsuhiro please." Osanago looked up at shade, as if he was his only hope to get out of setsuhiro's army.

"There is a small escape portal, that can let us to a small city in the world of the living. But after that I don't know anymore escaped routes. I am sorry that I can't help you much." Osanago said as he turned lowering his head and made his way to Setsuhrio's throne room, he gave a sealing tag to Shade.

"Here shade this can let you pass through setsuhiro's was portal he created. Then we can go from there." Osanago said as he started to call out the protal.

Else where at the heart family house, still burning from ankoku's spell. By now it being just a few pieces of ash, setsuhiro stepped out of the portal with ankoku's creatures and the boy.

"Now, child your going to help me. By using your zanpakuto to create any creature you think of I can have an infinte number of soldier in my army. By this ability, I have control over you now child. I will tell you what to create for me then I can invade hell, then place Kokuzoku as the ruler of hell. Then the first part of my plan come together. Then it will be onto the human world, you can't really hear me child but. I should let you hear what I want out of this world. It is something, that I am not going to reveale it."setuhiro said while throwing the boy's body onto the ground.

"Now all of my pieces are coming together, ankoku has arrived at his location and osanago is about now leading shade to his place. It will take a few minutes to perpare all of the seals. But through the boy's zanpakuto power. I will be able to to create unlimited number of anything I wish, then by using ciel. Ankoku will use a spell of absordation to take ciel's demonic powers and put them into what I make that child to create. Then with shade, Osanago will lead him into a trap. Then Mahoutsukai, will use a spell of the viod. Which case shade's true mind to go away. Then he can come under my control, all of my pawns coming together. With the finishing results, an unlimited number of soldiers even stronger than the ruler of hell now. Then by taking over hell I will place Kokuzoku incharge, then hell will be under my thumb. Then I will go after the Ryu order and many other little groups that want to have peace and order." setsuhiro thought to himself as he,ankoku and Mahoutsukai started to draw the seals within the seals within the ground. The placing Ciel's and the boy body within the seals. Ankoku and setsuhiro then sat down, saying the chants and waiting for shade to walk into the seal himself and then the connection will become compelete.

"Now with all three of them forming a triangle within the seals, they will all act as a machine for us. The first two are in play, we just need osanago to lead shade into his seal. Osanago do as we planned and then will free


The ceremony coming to together

you." Ankoku said after as he started the ceremony.

With the ceremony, the boy and ciel sat in the middle of the seals. With a purple light coming for the seals. Then from the sky the seal can be seen starting to take form. Which at the same time osanago should have lead shade into the seal outside the city that the escape route would have taken him.

"Now my followers bring glory to me, show them what truly happens when they have bonds! Teach them and show them what I can truly do, then all of hell will be under my thumb" Setsuhiro shouted, starting to put the final touchs onto the seal. "What shall be shown unto you is failure..." Ciel uttered, before his body bursted with a black substance. With this, whatever it is Setsuhiro is trying to do was postponed.

A trick, have they gone mad enough for them to not notice the fake body Asuka had put in place of Ciel who was right now, under her care? "Don't worry... I'm here.. I'm here.." She said to the unconscious Ciel.

Ciel's physical body was starting to fade away... After using that much energy, he can't go much further.

"No! No!... Ciel! Don't leave me.." Asuka had lost enough love ones, losing Ciel will make her fall apart. Tears would fall from her eyes, and as it did, Ciel reached for Asuka's forehead with his hand that was breaking. "I'm a devil... Don't worry.. Now.. GO!"

With that last word spoken, Asuka was sent at her former home, turning into ashes. There was so much memory there at the house, either good ones or bad ones... But those who had done this had no permission to do this, setting Asuka's anger to burn even hotter than the house itself. She wiped her tears as she gazed upon the demons.

'The Warriors of The Past'[]

"No, hurry we must get to lord setsuhiro. We can still use the boy. We have to get him,lord setsuhiro and my creatures to another location. Then a small change in plan then. We use shade's body as the what ciel would have done to him. Lord setsuhiro will still, get what he wants. Brothers, Call every member you have. Even our secret weapons to? Kokuzoku shouted, with a look of happiness on his face. Yes you must call them as well, we are going to invade the worlds. While all of the shinigami, and such are defeating the worlds. Osanago will lead shade into the trap. Both father son will be together, but under our control. Hah, lord setsuhiro said the boy wanted his father so he will give him his father. But we must hurry the seal is already connected up, I think shade has come out of the escape portal. Now hopefully osanago and Mahoutsukai will, get shade into the seal and then Mahoutsukai can perpare it." Ankoku said as he began to run back to lord setsuhiro.

"You two get your members and serect weapons ready and go wild kill everyone in this area. Be it women, men or children. Make them all come to see Lord Setsuhiro's glory. With ciel out of the way, we have the upper-hand again. He maybe gone but he would have been dead weight!' Ankoku said while blue flame like wigs came out of his back and began to take off the ground. Then flying away to the heart family house.

Else where, by now shade and osanago would have made their way to the seal. "Hahaha,Finally he is coming. Come soldiers of setsuhiro and the Kuishinbou Gang make sure that nothing will go wrong and we will have the greatest power." An old man with long hair up in a bun. Shouted, being pleased that it is coming together and shade has no idea as what is about to happen.

"hmm it seems that my sealing plans have one less man to worry about.' Setsuhiro said, notice that ciel is gone.

'It doesn't matter, it will make it easier now. We will use father and son, hah this is the only good thing that fathers and sons are good for. being killed off together, but if somehow shade gets winds of what we are doing. I can still use the child to create my army for me. Then I can use a different power to fuse with them." Setsuhiro said as he grabbed the child's body and began to walk away. Waiting for ankoku to arrive.

'Now come on you stupid lesser demons, we are going to attack the world of the living. Now bring me my three secert weapons.' Kokuzoku said shouting. As it was said, three carts giving off a great demonic aura where pulled by some other demons. Then holding up three sealing tags that ankoku gave to kokuzoku. he through them into the air and they grabbed onto the bodies of the three warriors and gave them new life. Then giving them more demonic power. Which most of the people could have felt, causing a great storm start to form.

Kokuzoku's demons

The first two have awaken

The first to carts then broke with a big bang of energy. The third cart would have been left as a last resort. Then two giant figures, one in chinese armor and the other in japanese armor. Holding a great halbird and the other a great spear. Looking more demonic looking than they did when they where humans.

"So this is what its like to become a demon huh?" Lu Bu asked kokuzoku when he came back. Lu Bu having a agressive attidue.

"I take it, your my new lord." Tadakastu said bowing to his lord.

"You two go out and kill any human you see understand me!" Kokuzoku shouted as his hit his club into the ground to create a shock wave.

"You all have your order's, Invade the humans and kill everyone last of them"The last words of kokuzoku getting on his horse and then all departed. The two warriors Lu Bu and tadakastu went to a neer by city where shade son was form and attacked everything.

All in chaos and running everywhere as demons started to cut down every last one of them."For the glory of Lord Setsuhiro and Lord Ankoku." many of the soldiers and demons shouting for their battle crys beuing heared. With many things happening at once, what is going to happen?

Shade picked up Osanago and ordered him to hold on to his shoulders. "Do not worry, my flames will not harm you. I figure, I'll be able to move faster than you, and well, I don't have time to follow a kid around all day. Focusing the tainted Reishi he'd been gathering, he used a modified Kogeru to warp to the town. "Don't let go, unless I create a sword out of the fires around us, ok?"

Holding on tightly, osanago didn't let go of shade. Within a few seconds, osnago started to putone of his hands over his forehead in a pain. "It feels like a burning in my head, ahhhhh" Osanago screaming in pain, as he heard setsuhiro's voice in his mind.

"Now listen to me osanago lead shade to the spot and hurry. We don't have much more time, tell him to stop or do what you can to make him stop. Even if you have to get off of his shoulders."

"STOP!!!" Osanago shouted to shade, then pointed to a small side portal, where the trap had been waiting for him.

'Thats where setsuhiro is shade." Osanago said to shade as he still held his forehead in pain.

During the time, at the heart family house where setsuhiro and the boy was. ThenSetsuhiro sat down on the ground. 4 different pillars, with prayer beads connecting them all together.

"Now child begin to create my soldiers." Setsuhiro shouted as he foucesed his own energy to start to the ceremony. With the boy in the middle of the sealing spell, his curse began to act up again. Causing a burning feeling.

"Now boy create my army, do it for your own sake. Then you and your father will both die side by side." Setsuhiro said. While ankoku's masked creatures started to keep guard around the area where no one will interfere.

"Haha this is getting to easy Tadakastu, why are all these humans so easy to cut down." Lu Bu asked Tadakastu, after they got into the middle of the attack onto the neer by city.

Ankoku then started come down and land neer the last cart, that was giving off the demonic energy.

'So Orochi are you ready to come out." Ankoku asked the creature within the cart.

'Yes humidity, has seen nothing like me before." A dark and demonix voice said coming from the cart.

"Then orochi you are going to be free once I finish the final touchs on you haha."Ankoku then sat in front of the

The third breaks free

The Third is released

cart, beging to say his chants. Taking a piece of metal from a spear of a dead soldier. He then cast a demonic kido on it, then the metal started to take the form a great scythe. Then, putting the base of his staff on the cart that orochi was in. He then broke orochi out of the cart, with a great expoldation of energy. A great big being, with gray skin and white hair was seen standing.

"Is this my new body?" orochi ask ankoku.

"Well yes, I casted a kido over you that will give you the same amount of power as the ruler herself of hell. That and with those chains they had two purposes one to clash with ciel's energy and then take it and add it to your own body." Ankoku said then giving a laugh and a grin. To what he has just released into the world, orochi then grabbed his scythe and began to walk out into the world.

"Demon!" Asuka called out, pointing her blade towards Orochi. "Whoever you are... Fight me!" A challenge was issued, though as one-sided it may be, Asuka showed no fear nor lack of confidence. "What? Are you going to me a coward? Can't take a little girl? Trust me, if you're not going to kill me, I'll going to be standing between you and this world you want to take... " With dark-matter, she created a wall as big as that of the Great Wall of China to trap the demons in. "So.. Are you going to fight me or not? Don't tell me you're being a scaredy-cat..."

Orochi, The Serpent King[]

"I must say this girl, you are a brave one to issue such words. But my purpose is to kill off the humans. But I have heared of you from Lord Ankoku, you are a stupid one. Girl you should stand down or you can join Setsuhrio, humidity is nothing more but like a simple fly. Those who wish to protect it are being blind by the bonds of people, the bonds that people have are an illusion. In the end all will fall, by our hands or by someone's else hands. If you wish to fight, I must say no. My orders are to attack the humans nothing more nothing less. You are not human, your loved ones are gone and even that demon is gone. You have nothing left, and by now Ankoku and Setsuhiro are starting to the ceremony. You have one of three opinions, you give upo. Two you fight me and let those people be killed. Or the third is you go off and help them which you will be killed along with them, while I go with the others and kill off the humans." Orochi said looking onto the girl's words as if they where nothing but empty threats.

"Haha so she returns." Ankoku said from out behind Orochi.

"Like he said you have a choice, go up against us and die, go help out those two and die, Or you give up." Ankoku said as he gave out a laugh as more soldiers started to surround asuka.

"The ceremony is starting right about now." as ankoku predicted it started purple lights can be seen throughout the area starting to use the boy's power to create anything he wants.

"Boy hear my words use your zanpakuto to create the most feard and strongest demons!" Setsuhiro shouted as he grabbed the key around his neck and began to take control of the boy.

While that was happening, the brothers gouyoku and kokuzoku. Where attacking the neer by town to draw attention from others to them. Where no one would interfere with the ceremony.

'Come on you shinigami any one come out and play with us hahaha." Lu Bu said as he started to go out on a rampage.

Shade didn't even think, and walked into to portal. "Are you sure he's this way? Hold on just a bit longer Hayashi. Don't give in just yet. For the sake of everybody we care about, don't let go of yourself.

The Army Appears[]

"yes it is shade." Osanago jumped down from shade's shoulders and grabbed onto his jacket and lead him to a certian spot with a sealing drawn in the dirt. Then a gaint wave of water appeared out of no where and went over to shade. The turning into ice, held him down, Then an old man with white hair in a larger bun placed a sealing tag onto shade to knock him out.

"I am sorry shade"Osanago said as he turned his head looking away at what is about to happen to shade.

"Lord Setsuhiro the seal is compeleted."Mahoutsukai shouted loud enough that setsuhito could have heared it. As the seals of The Boys and Shades started to glow purple.

"Now boy create my army, then by the power of the other man. I take his energy and fuse it with my new army. Do as I command all of you. As an offer to my new soldiers to come and serve me. I give to you, this father and son. Then by using them, come become a reality and then come unto me. Then let all of the humans, demons, hollows and shinigami hear my name. Then my first part of my plans will come true!" Setsuhrio shout putting out of all of his energy that can be felt by many others, then making its way to asuka.

Then massive portal opening, through the areas many different types of demons come and gather around Setsurhiro. "Yes yes my army, come to me. Then we shall go to hell and take over. Show them, why they shouldn't have underestimated me or my followers." Setsuhiro said then giving his famous laugh.

Then out of one of the portal four different pillers of energy started to come down from the sky. Then with the

The four generals

They appear

energy fading, appear four figures of different sizes. Two of the biggest one to look like a pig. Then next to look more like a hollow suit of armor. Then two other figures standing before them and before setsuhiro. A female wearing chinese imperial armor and one of the most demonic creatures that could come out of the boys minds.

The most demonic looking figure said." My lord, where are finally here. What do you wish for us to do."

It would take a few hours to create all of the numbers that setsuhiro would need, to invade hell. Though to him it seemed that no one could come up against his army and followers.

"I want you to wait until all of my soldiers are ready understand me. It will be soon that I can invade hell, then place Kokuzoku in as ruler of hell. But what your purpose is to much lik Lu Bu and the other two. You are to draw out a few certian groups. I can then, have I truly want in this world."Setsuhiro said, giving off his famous laugh again.

'Lets see it now, I can open hell up soon. I just Osanago to do it. Creatures, come here." Setushiro called for the figures that Ankoku created.

'Go to and bring me osagano. Its time that he did what I wanted him to do." Setsuhiro said, as the creatures bowed and then grow wigs. Then flying off, to Osanago's location.


Blood drenched the very land they set their feet on, demons killed with no remorse...either stabbed, engulfed, sliced by the very essence of hell itself. The lashing fury out of the so-called Jigoku shōjo only proves the title given to her but there she is standing still, simply glaring at the Serpent King. "You failed to say the 4th option... I'll kill you and the rest then I'll go home with something to smile about... End of story.." Waving her hand, she sent her dark-matter towards the snake she sees... No spell.. No power.. Nothing could virtually destroy a substance like that filled with much agony.

Orochi simly smiled at what they girl is about to do. He then put his hand out and charged up an energy blast breaking through the wall of dark matter.

'I can also do this girl." Orochi said as he lifted his scythe into the air and then appeared behind the girl. Swinging his scythe at the girl, coming close to her neck.

'Haha, I see it now go ahead orochi you can kill her." ankoku said watching the fight, while putting up a barrier around the two. Where she wouldn't escape of what orochi can truly can become

Shade felt the confusion of battle, a sweet feeling. No Bael to bail me out this time, no Margin or Sadow to cover my ass long enough...Hayashi, I'm sorry. But you have to trust me, awaken! Use Bankai! I can't feel you, but I know you feel me. I know you hear me. Do whatever it takes to protect everyone.

Hayashi's body was numb from the effort of summoning the Demons, but he still held Karasu's blade in his hand. How it got there, he didn't understand. Kid, wake up. No time for games. Time to fix everything. As he heard Kara speaking to him, he slowly returned to his senses. The next thing he heard was his father's advice. But Kara never taught me how. She's only given me a Demonic release. But I got a plan, so long as no one knows we can talk to each other like this. he replied to Shade's words, before slumping over in exhaustion.

"I gave you what you wanted to be with your father, in death you will be with eachother. Now that all my pawns are going as planned now. You four, I want two of you to go and help Ankoku. The other two, go out to Lu Bu and Tadakastu. Do as the brothers order you to do, then the other two do as ankoku says."Setsuhiro said while the two bigger demons went off to Ankoku and the other male and female demon went off to Kokuzoku.

Meanwhile, with the fight between Orochi and Asuka. Ankoku watched as they clashed with eachother. "Lord Ankoku we have been sent by lord setsuhiro to aid you." The two bigger demon general's said as other soldiers followed behind them.

"Ahhhh yes then, Orochi you will handel this girl understand she is the only one left. From my point of view. Both Shade and his son will be gone soon. I can feel their auras fading away, so I take it from by the demons that are here you came from the boy's creatation and here you will stay." Ankoku told the other demons that appeared.

Fires, running people and flames everywhere. Many of the houses of the humans destroyed and bodies laying lifeless. "Good men now keep doing it, bring me all of the women. Then I can add them to my court haha." Kokuzoku shouted from his horse while drinking a cup of sake.

"Now boy, your almost done. I will have enough demons, then I will let you and your father die side by side. That should be the least I can do. Both father and son will be used to take out Beal and even that woman sealed under that tower or whatever it is. I have see a way to take care of Bael, with his fear that that woman being unsealed. Sadly I will have to have a period of time to be loyal to her, but then I can take her out with my creatures. I will tell you this boy, I have often seen you and your father from afar. You seem to have an off and on relationship. Which seems to be your weakness, so I will use that against you and I did. Now I wish to know one last thing before you and your father will fade away." Setsuhiro said, while putting his key onto the boy's forehead then turning it as if he was entering into the mind of the child.

Hayashi began laughing. "You did all this to kill Bael? He's already dead. My father saw to that. Shortly there after, the Hell-Hunters were offically unneeded, but kept their power. Fukienzeru walks this land again. Soon, the end of humans will come. The Devil's never die. Their Queen is alive. Hell is now our Heaven. Now, let us go!"

"Hmm then it seems that I have to focus my attention, on her. I have seen somewhat of what she is capable of, but I am finished with you boy. The last I must do, is cast my final curse onto you and your father. Then soon you will become something like a human. But even if you somehow escape, I will simply keep attacking the humans and draw out who I want. But child I say this to you, you shouldn't try to escape I have ankoku's creatures, the demons that were created, I have the Kuishinbou Gang and many others on my side. Even within the princes so. I say die along side your father and you will get what you want out of this world. To be with your father, though you wouldn't get much more time with him." Setsuhiro explianed while he had enough demons from the child's mind. The seals when dark and the setsuhiro faded along with Mahoutsukaiwith Shade. Leaving the two to pass away.

Shade awoke next to his son. "Hayashi? Can you hear me? I don't have much power left. Take it, awaken your Bankai. It will fix everything."

Hayashi groaned as he felt his will return. "Ban..kai? Kara never taught me that." But if I can summon anything I want, then perhaps I can use the inverse of that power. Destroy the demons. Sound like an idea?" he smiled as he held Shade close to himself. "I already know what you must do. I'll wait for you to come home, ok? Promise me you'll return to me and Mom."

Shade's heart melted. "I cannot. I don't even know if I'll live through whatever it is I gotta do. If you think I'm dead, call Van and have him contact Shiro Kujo. He'll get it. Van always got everything easy. Now, promise me something. Do not die. I've never seen a half-breed in Hell. Fuki may get pissed when she finds out who sired you." he smiled, transfering his power to the younger.

"My my what a thrilling speech." Ankoku said while claping his hands together. Looking at the two, then making his way over to shade's body. Then kicking him in the face, then he turned his attention to the boy.

'So you think by reverse the creation process it will work huh? Boy you don't see how much had to go into perparing this ceremony for lord setsuhiro. As I see it there is two ways to do this, one die with your dad or two you die by yourself and I take shade away. I see your plan, brave it is. But boy the things you created where mostly like illusion. Before I go into battle I make sure to see all the possible outcomes. Good or bad, you see boy. With the demons just by yourself they would only be like illusion, but since they where given part of Ciel's power and your fathers power. They are now real demons, while Ciel and your father start to grow weaker and weaker. As for baeling being dead, I have already come up with a plan with his remains and something special will be in place for that woman. If she can be sealed away once she can do it again. But this time with mine, Baels and Lord Setsuhiro's magic acting as one she will standed sealed away for good. Then we can have a hold onto bael and use his as a puppet." Ankoku explianed to the two, while he then put the end of his staff ontot he boy's forehead.

Shade laughed. "Bael is dead! There's not even a trace of him. Now, would you kindly step away from my son? I'm sure myself, as God, would suffice for you? But as for your plan of sealing Fuki-sama. Forget it. Sadow and I already set up defenses, just in case. Stepped up her guard, and she's my Queen anyway. So, if you want to hurt her, get passed me." Shit, bad choice of words there self.

The Light and The darkness[]

From afar a man with gray hair and a beard, sat watching Ankoku and the others. "It seems that this old man is needed hahah. Then let see if Ankoku will remeber me." The man said grabbing his staff and used Flashstep to appear in front of ankoku.

"So whats the little party that is happening here ankoku? The man with the gray hair asked.

"Hey son are you and your kid alright, don't worry I am here to help you." The man with the hair said to shade and Hayashi.

Shade smiled. "I'm fine. But my son...he's not. Those Demons are using him like a supernatural battery. He's surprisingly almost out of juice. I made him to be almost limitless. But that's neither here nor there. Just protect him. Unlike me, he can't recover by using the Reishi in the air." he said, dangling his Quincy cross off his wrist.

".......A quincy and yokomoji. haha you can't stop me and lord setsuhiro's army." ankoku said laughing at the two actions. Then point his staff, some of the demon soldiers charged the two men.

Then putting his hands to the ground, four pillars appeared inclosing the demons. Then, put the first two of his fingers together, he began to move them in a cirle motation. Then charging up a lighting type energy, then pointing his fingers at one of the pillars. He then released the energy and it connected with the pillars. Then the lighiting went to all four pillars and began to destory the demons. With the demons turning nothing but pieces of ash.

"Come on we have to get out of here, those demons will just reform everytime you try to fire at them." Yokomoji said while holding the tip of his staff pointed to the ground. Then letting it go, starting to spin wildly. Then starting to create a whirl wind.

"Hadō #58.Tenran " Yokomoji shouted as the whirl wind, started to blow dust and dirty everywhere. While he grabbed hayashi and Shade. Then using flashstep, to escape from ankoku and the other demons.

When they left, the whirlwind stopped and yokomoji's staff faded.

'Damn it, Yokomoji. Stupid old fool, I will show you what happens. It doesn't matter we have what we wanted." Ankoku said while giving the order to pull back.

Shade started breathing heavy. "Thanks for saving me and my son. I'm Shade Kagekyo, ex-Demon, ex-God, now a really overpowered Quincy. My son's name is Hayashi, which he would say if he wasn't out cold."

Hayashi barely sturred as Shade mentioned his name. Exhaustion held him firmly in it's grasp.

"Please you two must rest, even the strongest of men need their rest. My name is Yokomoji Taiho, you can call me grandpa yoko for short hahaha." Yokomoji gave out a small joke trying to lighten things up. While he set the boy down.

"Well there is good news and bad news, I must tell you Shade. The good news is that Ankoku or setsuhiro will not be attacking while I am with you guys. The bad news, I can heal the boy. But him having demonic, powers I can only heal enough where he can get back on his feet. I only use the light way of Kido, while those sick freaks use demonic kido."Yokomoji said giving a serious tone and face. While he started to heal the boy, a great green aura, started to go around the boy's body.

"There is another thing I can do. I can remove the curses Setsuhiro put on you two, but that will take atleast a few hours. But first we must take care of the boy." Yokomoji said.

'Now tell me shade do you like tea?" Yokomoji asked Shade.

"Yeah. I could go for a cup right about now. Thanks Gramps." Shade said kindly. "I don't think Ankoku or Setsuhiro know what my wrath is like." he smiled grimly for a moment. "I truely thank you for everything. Please don't let my cursed ramblings irk you."

"Well then, Shade. May I ask you something. Your a demon right, where you one of the 72 princes or something like Ankoku and Setsuhiro where. You see, I have been traveling looking for them. Then I felt there energies going and seeing what they have done. I wanted to help and it is no probelm. I hate to see innocent people be hurt by them. Even if you are a demon, you seem different hahaha. To me your more of a softy than much of a demon. But I did see some of what you said back at Koshi castle. You seem to care alot, about your son. I know, my stundents they are all like kids to me."Yokomoji said laughing, while he handed Shade a cup of tea.

"No. I wasn't one of the 72. I worked for one though. Bael was my master for a time. Me and a few others who shared my fate, we did the impossible. We won against him, and freed Fukienzeru. However, we technically lost our rights to be called Demons. As for me being a softy, don't think too much of it. Now, when I next find those two, I'll Fullbring their damned souls, if they have any. Yeah, I've got a unique means of Fullbring. Demonic taint fueled it, my Quincy powers sustained it, and my jacket completes it." He took a sip of tea. "I know, I don't make much sense. Never really could."

'Shade, you must remember I am around 1300 years old. I have seen many things in my days. I have often, put theroies together of fullbrings can be put into effect. With others such as Quincies, even with shinigami. In theroy they where human once, they just need to unlock that seal that blocks the fullbring from coming. As for those people you spoke of, tell me. I have heared of something, but the ruler of hell. The last time I even heard a name of the ruler of hell was years and years ago. Though what surpises me, is that I have often study many different types of demons. Most demons I have come across are bloodthirsty and love to fight." Yokoimoji explianed to shade.

"Then there is something like you,hayashi and that Ciel character. You seem to be different, that is showing that even in hell. There is something good, within those worlds. But Shade, do you need any help with healing or anything. I can tell yout his about both of them. Both together are unstopable, but apart then will fall apart. Thought both men have ways of coming back Setsuhiro has his demonic puppets. Ankoku is famed for his Phoenix Rebirth, which he is able to come back. Thought, they are full of surpises, I should know from other incounter over the years." Yokomoji said, while pulling his sleeves up. Showing a curse made by setsuhiro and his arms burned up.

"I'm sorry that Demon-kind isn't more like me, Ciel or the rest of the Hunters. Until Bael's uprising eons ago, mostly, they all stayed in Hell, minding their own business. Now, our first move should be destroying the puppets. What they don't know is Hayashi, if he summoned it, he could control it. I'd know that personally. I made Karasu after all. There's nothing that Tainted Zanpakto cannot do." Shade said proudly. "Now, about your arms. Is there a way to heal them?"

"Sadly not, Setsuhiro's curse makes my body rot away slow and painfully. But I have learned to live with it, there something I must tell you. From what I am feeling most, of the warriors and everything is gone. Maybe it is the best time to look for that Ciel charatcer. I am feeling a small bit of something and its not Ankoku or Setsuhiro. I must tell you I am truly sorry for what they put you, ciel and all the others through." Yokomoji said while looking around for something.