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"The tounge can be the greatest weapon to even the weakest warrior."
— Manuel

Age Unknown
Birthdate Uknown
Height 6ft
Weight Unknown
Gender Male
Species Arrancar
Affiliation Arrancar, Espada
Team Arrancar, Espada
Occupation Top 4 Espada, Ángeles
  • Isabella (sister), Emidio (son), Mateo (brother),Unknown Mother, Espada Leader (father), Angel King (uncle), Vampiro (uncle)

Manuel is one of the Top 4 Espada and is one of the Ángeles (lit Angels)


He appears in a black and blue robe and always seems to have a smile on.


From what is seen so far he is rather analytical and long winded


Second Coming of Aizen Arc[]

He appears in the 16th chapter with the other Top 4 Espada also known as the Ángeles explaining the threat of the intruders to their master. Manuel explains the difference in the power between the intruders, and was able to distinguish which person had enough power to defeat certain Espada.

A few chapters later he has a confrintation with the Espada leader resulting in Manuel being attacked.

Manuel reappears in the chapter with his brothers and Emidio and Mateo to aid the Espada Leader in bringing Aizen's body to the throne room.

Powers and Abilities[]

Vast Spiritual Power: Since he is one of the top 4 Espada its safe to say she posses a large ammount of spiritual energy.

Cero: Like all arrancar he can use Cero.

Bala: Like all arrancar he can use Bala.

Hiero: Since he is an arrancar he has Hiero

Sonido: Since he is an arrancar he can use Sonido

Able to distinguish power levels: He was able to judge the power of each of the shinigami that invaded Hueco Mundo and dtermine which of the Espada they were able to defeat.



Resurrección: Unknown

Resurrección Special Ability: Unknown


  • Don't worry


  • Again I wasn't too creative with his name.
  • His outfit comes from the Inari's Beads collection on Gaia Online just like Keiji.