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Mana Akune
Name Mana Akune
Kanji ここで、阿久根
Romaji Koto De Akune
Race Shinigami
Birthday June 12
Age 23
Gender Female
Height 5'9"
Weight 122 lbs
Blood Type Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Makiko Futayo
Previous Affiliation Gotei 13
Occupation Guard
Previous Occupation 5th Seat
Team Unknown
Previous Team Squad 5
Partner Cana Albarn
Previous Partner N/A
Base of Operations Soul Society
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Unknown
Education Shino Academy
Status Alive
Shikai Kairaiseifu
Bankai Not Yet Reveealed



Mana's General Appearance


Mana blending in with society



Mana's Fake Tears...


...Just before making a man submit to her



Powers And Abilities

High Spiritual Energy:


Mana's Swordplay in use

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist:


Kairaiseifu (傀儡政府, Puppet Government) is the name of Mana's zanpakuto. It takes the form of a nodachi with a notched blade.

Shikai: To release her zanpakuto, Mana chants "Dance Through Blood". Once chanted, the blade of the nodachi unfurl and peel as though it were a banana, revealing that the blade was actually made up of several wires. The strings of the zanpakuto's former blade shoot outwards into the ground, where they pierce the soil and begin to rip out five brown dolls each the size of a small child. Each doll can be seen wielding a handheld axe giving each a more deadly appearance. Each one is capable of either acting independently or succumbing to the mental commands of the user. The wires of the Zanpakuto can extend indefinitely and are razor sharp, allowing Mana to continue to contend with opponents, even after the dolls have been destroyed

Baibai (バイバイ, Bye Bye): Should a particularly strong enemy cut the wire of one of the dolls, its eyes immediately fall off and it grabs onto the nearest object before it can be seen screaming and exploding, blowing anything it held onto into hundreds of pieces. This technique can be activated by Mana, as well. At any point, she can detach a wire and cause the appropriate doll to explode. This technique is usually reserved for a large group of enemies that the user would rather deal with quickly, or as a means to bring out a more defensive opponent. This technique gets its name because of the first and last words the dolls manage to squeeze out before violently exploding.
Atarashī Omocha (新しいオモチャ, New Toy): After a doll is destroyed, either by intercepting a powerful attack of exploding from the previous technique, the razor wire that had been linked to it is free to move on its own. Should this wire pierce the flesh of a dead enemy, a change in the corpse can immediately be seen as it begins to turn into one of the dolls. This gruesome and sickening technique is the only way that replacement dolls can be made without releasing the sword and activating it again. It's also the reason why Mana excels at crowd control. As long as there are more bodies to transform, Mana's supply of dolls is essentially endless. Meanwhile, one-on-one fights against powerful opponents prove very difficult, as there are no bodies to regenerate the lost dolls. Some say that this ability permanently damages the soul of the pierced individual.

Bankai: Not Yet Revealed

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