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Mamori Sutansu (lit. Defense Stance) is the 1st Division's 8th Seat.

Mamori Sutansu
Age 134
Birthdate March 9th
Height 6ft 2 in
Weight 154 lbs
Gender Male
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Soul Society
Team 1st Division
Occupation 1st Division Seated Officer
Previous Occupation(s) none


Mamori wears a standard hakama with a purple under shirt. He has bown hair with piercing black eyes. He carries a large bone necklace around his neck. He carries his Zanpakuto on his waist.


Mamori rarely talks, and when he does he uses simple words and tends to avoid conversation. He has a hobby of collecting birds, and taking care of them and is usually followed by his pet bird Takamaru.


Hand to Hand Combat- He is skilled in fighting, as he trained since he was a child.

Zanjutsu- The art of sword play in which he is skilled at, mastering his Shikai many years ago.,

Vast Spiritual Pressure- He has high amounts of stoerd spiritual pressure.


Mamori's Zanpakuto is named Tadaitetsu Irigichu (lit. Heavy Iron Gate). It is a Defensive Type Zanpakuto. It is sealed as a Uchigatana with a metallic colored handle. From the handle, there is a small 2 in chain that hangs off. The release phrase is Kaihou (lit. Open).

Shikai- In Shikia, Tadaitetsu Irigichu becomes a large mmetal shield with multiple decorations and designs. Around the rim, multiple iron spikes protrude. It levitates above the ground and is controlled by Mamori's thoughts. It has multiple defensive capabilities.