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Kanji 豆黒腔
English Miniature Black Cavity
Technique Statistics
Type Shinigami Technique
Users Advanced Spear Unit

Mamegarganta (豆黒腔 (まめガルガンタ) Mamegaruganta; Spanish for "Miniature Throat", Japanese for "Miniature Black Cavity"), is a technique created by the Twelfth Division for use by the Advanced Spear Unit.


The technique creates a spiritual pathway connecting Hueco Mundo to other realms, and vice versa, with little more than a flick of the finger upon the air and the uttering of the name. Besides the Human World, the Soul Society, and Heisekai, it can also open the gates of the Dangai, though this isn't required. A turbulence of reishi blows within the space. To move through it, travelers must create footholds using this reishi.


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