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Race Yōkai
Age 1800+
Gender Neutral
Height 188 cm (6'2")
Weight 50 kg (110 lb.)
Professional Status
Circle Fifth Circle of Hell
Class Elite
Partner Jurō Henkō
Special Ability Ink Manipulation
First Appearance
Story Debut Black Sun: Dusk
Roleplay Debut The Sound of Silence

Makkuro (真っ黒, Pitch Black) is an elite Yōkai and a surbodinate to Kōken'nin. It has also signed a contract with the summoner mage Jurō Henkō of the Coven.


Makkuro is an odd, streamlined and genderless humanoid entity with immaculate, pitch-black skin with navy blue highlights and white featureless face. Nevertheless, it boasts a gaping maw that normally remains invisible when closed. Its limbs are elongate and supple, as much resembling tentacles as they do human appendages.


As an inhuman and utterly silent being, Makkuro displays little in terms of personality. What is known is that it is a competent and unwavering fighter that cooperates well with others during battle. More than that, there is a distinct "flow" to its behaviour as it swiftly transitions from one manoeuvre to another, apparently undisturbed by unfavourable turns of events and utterly ignorant of attempts at intimidation.


Powers and Abilities


  • Similarly to other Yōkai, Makkuro embodies a negative aspect of humanity. In its case, it is the evil done with the use of letters, insencere treaties and other documents.



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