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A wiki dedicated to Tite Kubo's manga Bleach. Founded in 2008 and currently editing over 11,949 articles, Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki is a wiki of fan-invention based in the Bleach universe. Users can create their own fan fiction stories, characters, Zanpakutō, etc., as well as collaborate together in what is known as a roleplay! The goal of the Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki is constant improvement in quality to become the best Bleach fansite on the internet!
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Kurogawa Yamasawa is a Fullbringer and Gemischt Quincy born and raised in Aizuwakamatsu. Her mother, an Echt Quincy of considerable power, often attracted hollows during her daily activities. And such there were numerous situations in which both she and her husband, a high-spec human, found themselves fighting to protect their family. Ultimately, Kurogawa Yamasawa was imbued with considerable hollow Reiryoku as a fetus within her mothers womb. Sadly, even as a halfling, the hollow energy which existed at the center of her soul created an internal conflict due to her lacking the "anti-bodies" needed to resist the poisonous nature of hollow reiryoku. And such she spent nearly a decade confined to a bed slowly deteriorating, the process lessened by her being only half Quincy...

Main article: Kurogawa Yamasawa

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