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English Devil Wave
Kanji 魔波動
Technique Statistics
Type Reiatsu, Reiseī
Used By Souls


Mahadō is a basic Reiseī technique that is taught as the first real beam attack that a Reiseī practitioner can use in battle. As a result, it is one of the weakest beam attacks. Mahadō is performed by the user holding both hands above the head with the palms facing the target with their right hand overlapping the left. Their fingers are spread out as far as they can go with the right thumb touching the underside of the left arm and the left thumb touching the left side of the right arm. The user thrusts their hands forward, calling out "Mahadō" at the top of their lungs. The beam color of the attack varies between yellow, white, or orange energy despite the usual color of the user's reiatsu.


  • Hadō Tejina-ma (波動手品魔, Demon Trick Wave): This particular variation incorporates the user firing a first wave to distract the opponent following up with a second attack far more powerful than the inital attack.
  • Gekido no Mahadō (激怒の魔波動, Demon Wave of Rage): This is a highly powered version of the Mahadō influenced by the user's rage at something. This has been nicknamed the "Shukai Mahadō" (主解魔波動, Mastered Release Demon Wave) due to it's roots in emotionally based power.

Known Users

Every user of Reiseī knows this attack to some extent, but the primary user is Zetchō Kaenōra, the one who invented the variants of the technique.

Behind the Scenes

Mahadō finds its influence in the Masenko technique from Dragon Ball.