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Magien (滅却師の魔法 (マギエン), Magien; German for "the magics," Japanese for "Quincy's Magic") is the lost Quincy art of elementalism, today mostly only practiced religiously by the Bergmonch. However, certain prodigious Quincies in varied factions have rediscovered in their own ways how to reproduce the elements with their powers.


Magien are separated into two main categories:

  • Allgemein Magien (大規模な滅却師の魔法 (アーイェルガマイン・マギエン), Āyerugamain Magien; German for "Broad/General Magics," Japanese for "Large-Scale Quincy Magic"): This system involves large-scale, broad, crude manipulations of Reishi. 
    • Steinkampf (地乱 (シュタインカンプフ), Shutainkanpufu; German for "Stone Battle," Japanese for "Earth Riot")
    • Weltozean (界流 (ベルトオツィアン), Berutootsian; German for "World Ocean," Japanese for "World Current")
    • Himmeltanz (天舞 (ヒメルタンズ), Himeurtanzu; German for "Sky Dance," Japanese for "Heaven Dance")
  • Fein Magien (小規模な滅却師の魔法 (ファイン・マギエン), Fain Magien; German for "Fine Magics," Japanese for "Small-Scale Quincy Magic"): This system involves finer more delicate, molecular level manipulation of Reishi. 
    • Heiliges Feuer (神聖炎 (ハイリッヒ・フォイアー), Hairihhi Foiā; German for "Holy Fire," Japanese for "Sacred Flames")
    • Höllenfrost (聖冬死 (ヘーレンフロスト), Hērenfurosuto; German for "Hell Frost," Japanese for "Sacred Winter of Death")
    • Blitzsankt (雷電願 (ブリツサンクト), Buritsusankuto; German for "Lightning Saint" Japanese for "Vow of Thunder and Lightning") 
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