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Maev Celádora is a female Fukkatsu . She was also once a shinigami, but her name as a shinigami is still unknown. She as of now holds the rank of Segunda (2nd) in the Escudo.

Maev Celádora
Maev Celádora
Age Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Gender Female
Species Fukkatsu
Affiliation Escudo
Previous Affiliation Shinigami
Team Escudo

"Vengeance is sweet... "
— Maev

"She has become vengeance itself, bound forever to the hunt. I only pray that in her zeal, she doesn’t cause even more havoc than him... "
— The First Escudo to Maev


Character Outline[]

Powers and Abilities[]

Maev is the 2nd strongest in the group, she can do most things that a shinigami and an arrancar does, aside of that she can control elements, her specialty specifically is ice.

Elemental Control[]

She could control shades and other shadow elemental that could fight for her.

Element Control[]

She could control different elements in many ways, but in a very low level, but her specialty, the element of darkness, she could use them to blend in the surroundings or cripple enemies with the power of darkness.



Maev's Released Zanpakuto

Her Zanpakutō, in its sealed form, takes the form of a regular katana, with a light blue color scheme.

  • Desenmascarar: The name of her Zanpakuto is named Ghiaccio (Italian for black ice) it is released by triggering the command "infrangere" (Shatter).
Desenmascarar Special Ability: In her released form, she gets to have a whole body armor and a circular blade.

Zanpakuto (Gen 2)[]

Her zanpakuto is a regular katana. It is known that she could release Segunda Etapa.


Maev 1


It's command is " enslave ".

Tiro de gracia ( Stroke of grace )

In this form her body produces more chains and a mask covers most of her face, she grows horns and her zanpakuto becomes an axe. She also has an iron ball in her feet and she nows wears a cloak.

Ressurecion Special Ability

coup de grâce (blow of mercy)

Her axe glows black then strikes her opponent, dealing major damage, it also produces devastating shockwaves. The full extent is not yet seen. She also uses this as the final blow for her opponents. This is her most powerful move, so far.

condena ( prison sentence )

She stomps the groung then it produces chains which forms a cells around an enemy, the space inside it is getting smaller and smaller, the cell will soon crush the opponent. This move is simillar to Hitsugaya's Sennen Hyōrō, except that she uses metal and not ice.

esqueleto esclavo ( skeleton slave )

She can summond skeleton warriors by striking her axe in the earth which creates small craters and from it rises her slaves.